• 11,698 registered dogs are of this breed, making it the 12th most common.
Top ZIP Codes for this breed
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Comments about the Pomeranian

Alex is just the best dog - he's my first pet. The Pom doesn't know he's small in size. A great watch dog,very expressive and so darn smart. He knows when I'm getting dressed for work - he just sits and watches me. When I'm getting dressed any other time he expects to be taken out for a walk and runs around the house excitedly and stands next to the drawer in the kitchen where his harness and lease are stored. He's just a great pal. He is cherised and dearly loved.

— deborah
November 5, 2008 at 8:29 a.m.

My 9 wk old Pom puppy, "Teddy" is an all black tiny ball of fluff and looks like a litle bear. He's affectionate, inquisative, tremendously playful, and completely lovable! He is full of energy and runs around playing with his toys excitedly. He adores everyone and loves to be loved! He follows me from room to room and cries if I have to leave him alone for a minute or two.

He's very intelligent and has learned to do so many things in such a short time. He would make an excellent "Show Dog". I am completely captivated and madly in love with this adorable little 'bear'!!!

— Lisa Briggs
January 30, 2009 at 1:07 p.m.
Keep in mind
  • While registering your dog is required by law, only a fraction of owners do so.
  • The database covers most of L.A. county except parts of Arcadia, Downey, Sierra Madre and La Canada Flintridge.
  • The breed totals reported here do not reflect purebred status.

L.A.'s Top Dogs is the Los Angeles Times' database of dog names and breeds in Los Angeles County organized by ZIP Code.

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