Mr. Tibbs

  • 5 registered dogs have this name, making it the 6,817th most common.

  • Similar names: Mr. tibbs (5) Mr. tips (1) Mr. toby (2)
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Comments about dogs named Mr. tibbs.

When I got the dog I couldn't decide for days. A friend and I were talking on the phone as I was looking at my new puppy and he just looked so manly. So I tossed around the name Mr. Tibbs. My friend will swear that she came up with the name, but I am sure it was I who came up with it. I thought it would be a cute name and my sister agreed, saying it would be conversational. So it stuck. Amazingly pretty much everyone gets a chuckle out of it because they know who Virgil Tibbs is. That's amazing.
So that's how he got his name. Now the funny thing is I call him Tiblets, Tibby Tibbs, Pookiebear, Pookaluuka, Snooky(rhymes w/Pookie), and Scooterbug. Why? I just don't know. I have so much love for the dog, one name just doesn't seem to be enough!:)

— Cheryl Williams
November 17, 2008 at 12:23 p.m.
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