Hollywood Star Walk

A guide to the thousands of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Renee Zellweger
Stephen Chernin / Associated Press

Featured Renee Zellweger

After various parts in films shot in her native Texas and a move to Los Angeles, Renee Zellweger became a Hollywood leading lady playing the endearing Dorothy opposite Tom Cruise in the hit “Jerry Maguire.”

When Cameron Crowe cast Zellweger, a virtual unknown, to play Cruise's romantic counterpart, he knew he was casting the heart and soul of his movie.

"She walked into the room for her audition," Crowe recalled in 1996, the year the film was released, "and the room just kind of tilted her way."

At the time, Zellweger's previous on-screen work had been roles in independent films such as Richard... Read more


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Read more about the stars in a database that uses more than a century of the archives of the Los Angeles Times to go deeper into the lives of hundreds of fan favorites, as well as those whose names are no longer well-known.

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