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A guide to the thousands of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Herb Jeffries
Los Angeles Times

Featured Herb Jeffries

Herb Jeffries, a actor-singer, was stuck with dual images. One was a sophisticated chap who wears a tuxedo and sings in front of jazz bands. The other sported boots and a cowboy hat and sang western songs from atop a horse.

Jeffries' legendary career began in Detroit, where he sang with the bands of Erskine Tate and Earl "Fatha" Hines before he was 20. In 1934, Jeffries left Hines' group to pursue an entirely different career, that of movie cowboy.

He starred in a number of films from 1935 to 1939, including "Harlem on the Prairie," "Two Gun Man From Harlem" and "The Bronze Buckaroo." They were among the first to... Read more


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