Alma Rubens

Alma Rubens


Alma Rubens
Film: South side of the 6400 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born Feb. 19, 1897 in San Francisco, CA
Died Jan. 22, 1931 of pneumonia in Los Angeles, CA

Alma Rubens was one of the most prominent actresses during her reign of 12 years in silent pictures.

In 1917 the stage beckoned the beautiful dark-eyed girl when she took the place of a musical comedy actress who had become ill.

Her meteoric career on the stage and screen elevated her to new heights in the entertainment world, her name sweeping across the film firmament only to fade suddenly when she fell into the grip of narcotics.

The last motion picture Rubens appeared in was "Show Boat." She had a minor part in it and in "She Goes to War." Both pictures were produced after she had been treated and pronounced cured of the drug habit in the State Narcotic Hospital at Spadra and the State Hospital at Patton.

Her last stage appearance was about a year ago in a one-act play produced at the Writer's Club in Hollywood. She then appeared on the stage in New York.

Rubens returned to Hollywood in December 1930 and had been here less than two weeks when she once more found herself in the public eye as a result of her arrest in San Diego for possession of narcotics.

The name of Alma Rubens burst dazzlingly into the list of great actresses when she starred in her first major production, "The Half-Breed," with Douglas Fairbanks. Then came "The World and His Wife." Other successes were "Humoresque," "Find the Woman," "The Valley of Silent Men," "Enemies of Women," "Under the Red Robe," "The Gilded Butterfly" and "Siberia."

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