Bernardo Bertolucci

Bernardo Bertolucci
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Bernardo Bertolucci
Film: North side of the 6900 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Director | Producer | Writer
Born March 16, 1940 in Parma, Italy
Died Nov. 26, 2018 of cancer in Rome, Italy

By his early 30s, Bernardo Bertolucci was already a director of world repute after two brilliant Italian movies — "The Spider's Stratagem" (1969) and his adaptation of Alberto Moravia's "The Conformist" (1970) — and his sensational English language debut, the erotic masterpiece "Last Tango in Paris" (1972).

After a series of missteps, the Italian director earned more acclaim for 1987's "The Last Emperor."

Bertolucci admitted in 1990 that his past had haunted him. "I felt I was looked at in Hollywood as somebody who was 50-50 risky — but someone who could possibly make a big success, like 'Last Tango.' "

"I was very happy at the first screening of 'The Last Emperor' in Hollywood, when several executives came up to me and said, 'Thank you, seeing this movie is like going back to why I'm in cinema. Not for the business, not for the money.' In everything they said, I felt a kind of sincerity."

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    Academy Awards

    Year Category Work
    1971 Best Adapted Screenplay The Conformist Nomination
    1973 Best Director Last Tango in Paris Nomination
    1987 Best Director The Last Emperor Win
    1987 Best Adapted Screenplay The Last Emperor Win*
    * A joint nomination shared with other people.

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