Bob Hawk

Bob Hawk
Radio: North side of the 6400 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Radio Personality
Born Dec. 15, 1907 in Creston, Iowa
Died July 4, 1989 in Laguna Hills, CA

Bob Hawk got his start on the airwaves in Chicago reading poetry. He then went on to make his mark as a quizmaster.

Early programs such as "Foolish Questions," "Fun Quiz," "Quixie Doodles" and "Name Three" set the stage for his first success, "Take It or Leave It."

Hawk followed with his most successful show, "Thanks to the Yanks." With show sponsor Camel cigarettes, "Thanks to the Yanks" premiered Oct. 31, 1942. For contestants who answered Hawk's "three-carton," "five-carton" or "10-carton" questions correctly, free Camels were sent to servicemen of their choice.

"Thanks to the Yanks" was on the air throughout the war and in 1945 became the "Bob Hawk Show."

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