Cass Daley

Cass Daley
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Cass Daley
Radio: South side of the 6700 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Cass Daley
TV: North side of the 6300 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born July 17, 1915 in Philadelphia, PA
Died March 22, 1975 of accident in Hollywood, CA

Singer and comedienne Cass Daley’s gifts to the acting community and viewers worldwide were her trademark toothy grin, goofy facial expressions and quirky mannerisms.

During the 1940s and 1950s, she starred in films including “Riding High,” “Red Garters,” “Crazy House” and “The Fleet’s In” after an earlier stage career that included the “Ziegfried Follies.” In 1945, she joined the cast of “The Fitch Bandwagon,” a popular radio show. In 1950, she starred in her own radio program, “The Cass Daley Show.”

The daughter of a street-car conductor, Daley made her name as a band vocalist after stints working as a hat-check girl and electrician. She was voted radio’s most popular personality for her work on “The Fitch Bandwagon."

Daley was found dead on March 22, 1975, having apparently fallen into a glass table in her Hollywood apartment. A shard, shaped like an arrowhead, penetrated her neck and cut her jugular vein, police said. A bottle of vodka was found on the bloodstained floor near her body, which was found by her husband, Robert Williamson.

Previously Daley was married to agent-manager Frank Kinsella, with whom she had a son.

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