Emmy Winners

No statuette is more democratic than Emmy. Ingenues, comedians, singers, dancers and tough guys, movie stars, stage stars, and masters of stand-up have all done some of their best work on television and reaped the winged rewards.

From Ingrid Bergman (for “Turn of the Screw” and, posthumously, “Golda”) and Bette Davis (“Strangers: the Story of a Mother and a Daughter”) to Whoopi Goldberg (“The View” and “Beyond Tara: the Extraordinary Life of Hattie McDaniel”) and Carol Burnett (six, including three for “The Carol Burnett Show) from Milton Berle (two special awards including “Mr. Television”) and Bill Cosby (six, including three for “I Spy”) to Lawrence Olivier (five, for dramas including “King Lear” and “Brideshead Revisited”) and Paul Newman (just five years ago for “Empire Falls,” the walk’s Emmy winners represent every area of entertainment and every sort of star.

On what other list would Jack Lemmon precede Shari Lewis or Claire Trevor follow Alex Trebeck?

More than any other grouping, Emmy winners represent the wide and varied history of Hollywood.

— Mary McNamara, who has been The Times television critic since 2007

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