Grammy Winners

The Grammy Awards are pop’s Oscars. Rock and hip-hop stars trade their leather jackets and hoodies for formal finery, though country artists often bring their ten-gallon hats. When the tiny gold gramophones that signify a win are handed out each year by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, teary acceptance speeches abound; everyone remembers to thank their managers and, of course, the fans.

It’s a glitzy, corny night, befitting the biggest mainstream prize handed out for an art form whose practitioners often like to pretend they’re too cool or too rebellious for such accolades. In fact, the history of the Grammy Awards runs on a parallel track to the rock era – the first were handed out in 1958, the same year Elvis Presley was drafted into the Army.

Peruse the list of Grammy's winners on the Walk of Fame, and you’ll find a representation of pop as a big tent, where rebels like John Lennon and Miles Davis stand next to America’s sweethearts like Doris Day and Rosemary Clooney, crooner Jack Jones makes conversation with producer and ultimate hip cat Quincy Jones, and Bob Marley and Beverly Sills do the mambo as Israel “Cachao” Lopez plays.

— Ann Powers is a contributor to Pop & Hiss and pop music critic for the Los Angeles Times

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