Oscar Winners

They will tell you an Oscar is heavier than they ever imagined. That their mind went blank once their name was called. That it was a magical moment, a defining moment. And on that score they were absolutely right, for life in Hollywood, at least for Oscar winners, is divided into two parts: before and after.

After, like a birthmark, Oscar is always there: Oscar-winning actress Holly Hunter, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford. Oscar winning actor Humphrey Bogart, Tom Hanks, Charlie Chaplin. It becomes a part of their identity, a measure of their legacy, proof of artistic greatness.

To win is many things: the pure joy on Roberto Benigni’s face, radiant as he scrambled over seats on his way to collect for “Life is Beautiful.” It’s Adrian Brody planting a passionate kiss on Halle Berry as she gave him the golden statuette for “The Pianist,” because Oscar winners get to kiss the beautiful girl. It’s validation from peers after all those rejections, or as Sally Fields would famously say as she gripped her “Places in the Heart” golden boy, “You like me, you really like me.”

Of all the Oscars that have been handed out over the years, only two actors have refused the honor: George C. Scott for “Patton” and Marlon Brando for “The Godfather.”

The rest were more than happy to make room on the mantle, in the office, the bedroom, wherever Oscar could occasionally catch a ray of sunlight, bathing the room with a glow. A reminder of a night that said the work, the tears, the doubts, the jeers, the bad B movies and the good roles that no one noticed – every single minute of it was worth it.

— Betsy Sharkey, who is a Times film critic and a longtime entertainment editor and writer

What follows is a complete list of the Oscar winners on the Walk of Fame. If you do not see the person you are looking for below please search our complete list of the stars on the Walk of Fame. And, if you haven’t yet, check out The Times virtual tour of the stars.

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