Reader's Choice

As The Times interactive team continues to build the Hollywood Star Walk database, readers are invited to help choose which stars to focus on next.

The project launched last week with nearly 900 complete pages, offering biographies, links to stories in the archives of the Los Angeles Times, descriptions of stars' connections to each other and to meaningful places in their lives.

But we still have some 1,200 left to complete in order to catalog all individuals, groups and organizations on the Walk of Fame. Who should be next? Keep an eye on the "This Just In" feed to see what's new and check back often to see if we've listened to your pitch.

One of the most persuasive messages so far came from Leslie Ann Jones who wrote: "Spike Jones definitely deserves a more complete page. Having 3 stars is quite something. He was an original. There is no one like Spike Jones on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Besides, he was my father."

Read more below about Leslie Ann's dad and other choices sent in by readers. If you haven't yet had the chance, be sure to check out our virtual tour of the sidewalks of Hollywood.

— Megan Garvey

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