Constance Binney

Constance Binney


Constance Binney
Film: North side of the 6300 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born June 28, 1896 in New York, NY
Died Nov. 15, 1989 in Queens, NY

Actress Constance Binney's Hollywood career was relatively short. She started in film in the mid-1910s and retired in 1923. Highlights included starring opposite John Barrymore in 1919's "The Test of Honor." She also performed alongside her older sister, Faire Binney, in the silent film "Sporting Life."

In 1941, Binney married British World War II pilot Geoffrey Leonard Cheshire. She was about to turn 45 and he was just 23. She had already been married and divorced twice by that time, and the marriage to the young war hero was short-lived and childless.

Binney died at 93 in Queens, N.Y.

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