David Brian

David Brian
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David Brian
TV: North side of the 7000 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born Aug. 5, 1910 in New York, NY
Died July 15, 1993 of cancer and heart failure in Sherman Oaks, CA

David Brian was a handsome, suave actor perhaps best remembered for his early television series, "Mr. District Attorney," and as the leading man in several Joan Crawford films.

As crime-busting New York Dist. Atty. Paul Garrett, Brian starred in his own series in 1954 and 1955. Switching to a black hat, he later played smooth villains in such popular television series as "Police Story" and in westerns and crime films.

Crawford discovered Brian on the New York stage and brought him to Hollywood to make his film debut opposite her in "Flamingo Road" in 1949. He also starred with her in "The Damned Don't Cry" and "This Woman Is Dangerous."

Despite success as a leading man, Brian was unconvinced that making love to a great actress on screen would make him a star.

"Don't get the idea that I'm against pretty dolls," he told The Times in 1955. "It's just that an actor doesn't have a chance emoting while the Lana Turners, Marilyn Monroes, Jane Russells or Joan Crawfords are in camera view. Nobody in his right mind is going to watch a mere man."

Brian began his career on Broadway as a doorman and chorus boy and drifted into vaudeville and nightclubs as a song and dance man.

In Hollywood, Brian had important roles in the critically acclaimed "Intruder in the Dust" in 1949, which was based on a William Faulkner novel, and in several quality westerns including "Ft. Worth," "Springfield Rifle," "Ambush at Tomahawk Gap" and "Dawn at Socorro."

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