David Torrence

David Torrence


David Torrence
Film: South side of the 6500 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born Jan. 17, 1864 in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Died Dec. 26, 1951 in Woodland Hills, CA

David Torrence and his younger brother Ernest were Scotsmen who made names for themselves as character actors in the United States.

Torrence told The Times that he left Edinburgh family life to seek fame and fortune as a cow puncher in the Midwest. He went broke and decided to try the stage. He made good and persuaded his brother to break loose and join him.

Torrence told The Times, “You know, Ernest has not followed our Scotch custom in the least. He was an immediate success. While I, in all accordance with precedence, have climbed slowly.”

On stage, Torrence played with well-known names such as Ethel Barrymore in "Disraeli." In film, he played characters such as Mary Pickford's father in the 1922 film "Tess of Storm Country."

Torrence said his motto was, "Take your work seriously, but not yourself."

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