Don Fedderson

Don Fedderson
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Don Fedderson
TV: West side of the 1600 block of Vine Street
Born April 16, 1913 in South Dakota, United States
Died Dec. 18, 1994 of Alzheimer's disease in Los Angeles, CA

Don Fedderson was a television producer of such popular early series as "The Millionaire" and "My Three Sons."

After two years at the Kansas City School of Law, Fedderson began his career as a newspaper advertising employee. He soon moved to radio, becoming general manager of San Francisco's KYA and what became Los Angeles' KLAC, where he developed the nation's first all-disc jockey format.
Fedderson founded a television production company in 1953 and soon introduced Liberace to nationwide television audiences.

His other successful television ventures included "Life With Elizabeth" starring Betty White, "Do You Trust Your Wife?" with Edgar Bergen, "Who Do You Trust?" with Johnny Carson, the "Lawrence Welk
Show," which he later syndicated, "Family Affair" starring Brian Keith, "To Rome With Love" with John Forsythe and Walter Brennan, and "The Smith Family" with Henry Fonda.

Fedderson also delved into real estate, with ownership interest in the Hollywood Palladium and medical complexes in Burbank and the city of Orange.

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