Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman
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Felicity Huffman
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Born Felicity Kendall Huffman on Dec. 9, 1962 in Bedford, N.Y.

Considering all her accomplishments in theater, television and film, Felicity Huffman has been known to take self-deprecation to the extreme.

After snagging the lead in the independent film "Transamerica," about a transgender character reconnecting with the long-lost son she fathered, Huffman called the director to say how honored she was to be chosen. But…

"I don’t think you should cast me," she said, recounting the conversation to the Los Angeles Times in 2005. "It’s such a brilliant part and I’m just going to screw it up, so you should cast a man."

And during the same interview, she couldn’t resist taking a few good-natured digs at herself as an awards contender. She said she not-so-secretly felt as if she didn’t deserve to show up on red carpets, thinking "someone is going to go, 'You’re not pretty. Get out of here. Why are you wearing a fancy dress?'"

Huffman, 49, went on to score an Oscar nomination, an Independent Spirit Award and other critical and industry praise for "Transamerica."

And beyond that, she’s clocked more time in the spotlight with an Emmy for playing harried mom Lynette Scavo on ABC’s hit drama “Desperate Housewives.”

The latter role may be the one that made her a familiar face to audiences across the country, but Huffman’s big break came initially on stage. She stepped in as a replacement for Madonna in the original Broadway version of David Mamet’s "Speed-the-Plow," before appearing in a number of guest spots on TV shows like "The X-Files," "The West Wing" and "Frasier."

She starred in the critically beloved but short-lived series "Sports Night" on the way to "Desperate Housewives’" Wisteria Lane, where she quickly become a modern-day hero for multi-tasking moms.

In her off-screen life, she juggles two young daughters of her own with husband (fellow Emmy winner and Oscar nominee) William H. Macy, whose 30-plus-year relationship makes them a Hollywood rarity. She’s reportedly said it was love at first sight when she met him as a young acting student in his class at Atlantic Theater Company in New York.

With "Desperate Housewives" ending its run this year, Huffman has said she’d like to pop up on Macy’s current Showtime hit, "Shameless."

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