Frankie Lymon

Frankie Lymon
Music: North side of the 7100 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born Franklin Lymon on Sept. 30, 1942 in Harlem, NY
Died Feb. 27, 1968 of overdose in Manhattan, NY

In the mid-1950s, Frankie Lymon was one of the hottest teenage rock 'n' roll singers in the country. He was the lead singer of the teenage early rock 'n' roll group the Teenagers.

He was a millionaire before the age of 13.

His fans once bought more than a million records of his hit songs "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" and "Goody-Goody." His record sales cooled when his voice dropped from soprano to baritone. Lymon eventually fell into such disfavor his recording company dropped his contract.

Lymon was arrested on narcotics charges and in 1966, he joined the Army.

At age 26, Lymon was found dead in a friend's apartment in Manhattan, apparently from an overdose of narcotics. Police said a hypodermic needle was found near the body.

Lymon's death cut short what appeared to be a comeback. In the week after his death, he was supposed to have sung at an audition set up by his old recording company to see whether "he could handle a new kind of song."

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