Glenda Farrell

Glenda Farrell
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Glenda Farrell
Film: South side of the 6500 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born June 30, 1904 in Enid, Okla.
Died May 1, 1971 in New York, NY

Glenda Farrell starred in more than 100 movies and many television shows.

Born in Enid, Okla., Farrell appeared in such movies as "Little Caesar," "I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang" and "Middle of the Night."

She also appeared in numerous television shows, and won an Emmy award in 1963 as best supporting actress in a "Ben Casey" show.

Farrell was usually cast as a smart-cracking blond in Warner Bros. films during the 1930s. After her studio contract ended in 1939 she concentrated on the stage and television, but made occassional film appearances into the 1950s.

Looking back on her years in Hollywood, she once said: "I went through the mill here. I think I did 20 pictures in my first year at Warners. Sometimes I would be in three pictures that were shooting at the same time. It was a goof experience, but I preferred to go back to the stage. There's something more satisfying about working in a play."

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