House Peters

House Peters
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House Peters
Film: North side of the 6100 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born March 12, 1880 in Bristol, United Kingdom
Died Dec. 7, 1967 of pneumonia in Motion Picture and Television Country House, CA

House Peters was a silent film actor who was also described as an explorer, a soldier and a world traveler.

Born in England and educated in Australia, Peters won fame on three continents in his day: Europe, the Antipodes and America. He began his stage career on the West Coast upon his arrival in San Francisco.

At the height of his stage career, Peters turned to motion pictures and first appeared on the screen with Mary Pickford in "In the Bishop's Carriage."

Among other films Peters appeared in are "Love, Honor and Obey," "The Great Divide," "The Leopard Woman," and "Great Redeemer."

His most famous film success was probably "The Girl of the Golden West," in which he played the role of the bandit hero.

Throughout his career, Peters went on several acting hiatuses, including one that lasted 23 years. Upon his return to the stage, he appeared in "The Old West" with his son House Jr.

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