Irving Reis

Irving Reis
Columbia Pictures


Irving Reis
Film: South side of the 6900 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born May 7, 1906 in New York, NY
Died July 3, 1953 in Woodland Hills, CA

Irving Reis was a film director for Columbia Pictures.

Born in New York, he attended public schools there and went to Columbia University. He affiliated early with CBS and founded the famous Columbia Workshop. He received numerous awards for his pioneering work in radio drama, including honors from the National Radio Committee for "Half Pint Flask."

In 1937, he went to Paramount Pictures as a writer and director and in 1939 he became associated with RKO, producing a number of outstanding pictures, including the Damon Runyon story "Big Street."

During World War II, he was a member of a photographic unit that documented D-day on the Normandy beaches and also the shuttle bombing mission.

Returning to Hollywood, he directed "Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer," "All My Sons," "Enchantment" and others. His last significant picture was made for Columbia Studios, "The Four Poster."

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