Jack Mulhall

Jack Mulhall
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Jack Mulhall
Film: East side of the 1700 block of Vine Street
Born Oct. 7, 1887 in Wappingers Falls, NY
Died June 1, 1979 of congestive heart failure in Motion Picture and Television Country House, CA

Jack Mulhall made and lost $1 million as a hero of the silent screen but kept making comebacks — in talkies, radio, stage and TV.

Mulhall came to Hollywood in 1914 with the old Biograph Company and made his share of pie-in-the-face reels before progressing to leading man roles. He claimed to be the first film actor to make a salary in three figures, $100, for one week's work in 1917.

He was a living example in his belief that film stars "just don't retire."

"I'm back in the harness again, in my fourth comeback after piling up and losing several sizable fortunes," he wrote in a 1936 piece for the Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine.

In his fourth comeback, Mulhall appeared with Merle Oberon and Brian Ahern in "Beloved Enemy" (1936).

The actor's fates carried him into radio roles in the late '30s, onto the stage in the '40s and into a number of TV roles in the '50s.

His movie credits included "Sirens of the Sea," "Friendly Enemies," "Just Another Blonde" and "Hollywood Blvd."

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