Jerry Goldsmith

Jerry Goldsmith
Los Angeles Times


Born Feb. 10, 1929
Died July 21, 2004 of cancer

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    Academy Awards

    Year Category Work
    1962 Best Original Score Freud Nomination
    1965 Best Original Score A Patch of Blue Nomination
    1966 Best Original Score The Sand Pebbles Nomination
    1968 Best Original Score Planet of the Apes Nomination
    1970 Best Original Score Patton Nomination
    1973 Best Original Dramatic Score Papillon Nomination
    1974 Best Original Dramatic Score Chinatown Nomination
    1975 Best Original Score The Wind and the Lion Nomination
    1976 Best Original Song Ave Satani from The Omen Nomination
    1976 Best Original Score The Omen Win
    1978 Best Original Score The Boys from Brazil Nomination
    1979 Best Original Score Star Trek the Motion Picture Nomination
    1982 Best Original Score Poltergeist Nomination
    1983 Best Original Score Under Fire Nomination
    1986 Best Original Score Hoosiers Nomination
    1992 Best Original Score Basic Instinct Nomination
    1997 Best Original Dramatic Score L.A. Confidential Nomination
    1998 Best Original Musical or Comedy Score Mulan Nomination*
    * A joint nomination shared with other people.

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