Jon Peters

Jon Peters
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Jon Peters
Film: North side of the 6900 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born June 2, 1945 in Van Nuys, CA

Jon Peters, successful producer, former studio chief and noted Hollywood Lothario, got his start in the industry as a Beverly Hills hairdresser. In 1974, he was hired to design the wig Barbra Streisand was to wear in her upcoming film "For Pete's Sake." Peters and Streisand quickly struck up a relationship, and Peters' status in Hollywood improved considerably.

Peters was able to quickly parlay his status as Streisand's boyfriend into a producer credit on her 1976 remake of "A Star Is Born." That film's success and subsequent Oscar nomination allowed Peters to sell his hair salon and pursue film production full time. Soon after, he teamed up with another producer, Peter Guber, and they produced a string of hits, including "Flashdance," "The Color Purple," "Rain Man" and "Batman."

After Sony Corp. purchased Columbia Pictures in 1988, they hired Peters and Guber, then two of the most successful producers in Hollywood, to run the studio. The duo's brief reign was tumultuous and resulted in a net loss for Sony, when most of the studio's films underperformed at the box office. Peters was fired by Guber in 1991.

Peters then became an independent producer on such films as "Ali" and "Wild Wild West." Director Kevin Smith was hired to write Peters' Superman film and has recounted the tales of Peters' outlandish demands for the character and his insistence that everything be read aloud to him. Peters' "Superman Returns" was released in 2006, but without a script by Kevin Smith.

Peters made headlines when he attempted to shop his memoirs to New York publishers. The book promised to feature tell-all accounts of Peters' many Hollywood love affairs with Streisand, Lesley Ann Warren, Sharon Stone and Pamela Anderson, among others. After reaching a deal with a publisher, Peters pulled back in order to publish the book himself. It has yet to come out.

Peters was married four times, including a 10-year marriage to Warren. He has three children.

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