June Lockhart

June Lockhart


June Lockhart
TV: South side of the 6300 block of Hollywood Boulevard
June Lockhart
Film: North side of the 6300 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born June 25, 1925 in New York, NY

June Lockhart made her Hollywood debut in MGM's 1938 version of "A Christmas Carol." She played Belinda Cratchit and her parents, Gene and Kathleen Lockhart, starred as Bob and Mrs. Cratchit.

A motion picture and television actress, Lockhart is best remembered as Ruth Martin, the mother of Timmy. Lockhart first played Ruth in the "Son of Lassie" (1945) and then took on the role in the long-running television series "Lassie."

The initial "Lassie" series, based on a 1940 novel that also spawned a series of motion pictures, ran on television from 1954 to 1971. During that time, the dog answered to two families, the Millers and then the Martins, and three forest rangers, and ultimately wound up wandering on her own.

She became known to another generation of television viewers for her role as Maureen Robinson, the unflappable wife and mother in "Lost in Space."

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