Lanny Ross

Lanny Ross
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Lanny Ross
Radio: North side of the 6700 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Actor | Radio Personality | Singer
Born Lancelot Patrick Ross on Jan. 19, 1906 in Seattle, WA
Died April 25, 1988 of stroke in Lenox Hill Hospital, NY

Lanny Ross was an actor and singer who was one of the most popular stars of radio's golden era. From 1932, when "Show Boat" brought radio listeners some remarkable variety programs, until 1949, when "The Swift Show" was dropped from television, Ross' voice was one of the most often heard in the land.

He was featured on his own "The Lanny Ross Show," "Your Hit Parade," "The Packard Show" ("Ask the man who owns one"), and "Troubador of the Moon."

He signed a contract with Paramount in 1934 that produced several pictures, including "Melody in Spring," "College Rhythm," "The Lady Objects" and "Gulliver's Travels."

He retired from regular appearances in the early 1970s but continued doing occasional shows, including a tour with Harry James called "The Big Broadcast of 1937."

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