Lloyd Hamilton

Lloyd Hamilton


Lloyd Hamilton
Film: North side of the 6100 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born Aug. 19, 1891
Died Jan. 18, 1935 of ruptured ulcer

Pioneer film comedian Lloyd Hamilton appeared in more than 200 films.

From a humble beginning on the stage in Oakland in 1909 when he played a part in "Strongheart" at the Broadway Theater, Hamilton climbed the heights of fame and at one time was the screen's outstanding comedian.

He was always identified by his sober face and a checkered cap that he wore. An accident in later years brought about a peculiarity to his walk that strangely enough added to his funniness in films.

After five years on the stage, Hamilton made his debut on the screen with the old Lubin company. Later he played in comedies for Fox, then with the Hamilton and White company; next with Universal, then with the old Santa Paul Company in Santa Paula and for First National Pictures.

For five years he produced Lloyd Hamilton Comedies for Educational Pictures, appeared in Ham and Bud (Bud Duncan) comedies and on and off got good roles in feature productions. He made numerous talking comedies, most of them recently with independent concerns.

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