Al Lohman & Roger Barkley

Al Lohman & Roger Barkley


Al Lohman & Roger Barkley
Radio: East side of the 1500 block of Vine Street
Radio Team
Formed 1968

For 25 years, morning listeners in Southern California could count on starting their day with the comedy radio show “Lohman and Barkley.” The production’s mix of music, news, commercials, banter and improvised comedy won fans with its off-the-wall and wacky humor. Al Lohman’s zany silliness and Roger Barkley’s dry wit and common sense were the key ingredients.

The Iowa natives met in Los Angeles, where they began their show at KLAC-AM (570) in 1968. The show also ran on KFWB-AM (980) before moving to its long-standing home, KFI-AM (640). There, its popularity grew in the late 1960s and early ’70s. For a time, Lohman and Barkley expanded their reach with a weekly television show and live comedy performances.

The show was a hit through 1985, when the team received its Walk of Fame star. A year later, Barkley abruptly quit the show, shocking Lohman and disappointing fans. KFI's program director described the show's termination as "the end of an era." Lohman and Barkley continued to work in radio, but never again together.

Barkley died December 21, 1997, in Duarte of pancreatic cancer.

Lohman died Oct. 14, 2002, in Rancho Mirage of complications from bladder cancer.

Daina Solomon for the Los Angeles Times

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