Quinn Martin

Quinn Martin


Quinn Martin
TV: North side of the 6600 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born May 22, 1922 in New York, NY
Died Sept. 5, 1987 of heart attack in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Quinn Martin was a producer of some of Hollywood's best-known television shows, including "The Untouchables," which won six Emmys, "The Fugitive" and "Barnaby Jones."

Martin was known for pioneering fast-paced police, detective and suspense melodramas that proved enormously popular with television audiences for more than two decades. At one point in 1976, his company had four series running simultaneously on the networks: "Cannon," "Barnaby Jones," "Streets of San Francisco" and "Bert D'Angelo/Superstar."

Martin formed QM Productions in 1960 and soon had several long-running hits, among them "The FBI," starring Efram Zimbalist Jr., which ran nine years from 1965 to 1974, and "The Fugitive," starring David Janssen, which ran four years, from 1963 to 1967.

In the same way that the bullet-stitched plots of "The Untouchables" were a bellwether for future violent television adventures, "The Fugitive" was a "landmark, a prototype of other shows to come," The Times' television critic Howard Rosenberg said.

In this series, a doctor wrongly accused and convicted of killing his wife spent his time traveling the country, taking on different jobs and identities while he searched for the true killer, a one-armed man. "It created a whole genre of shows," Rosenberg said, with the hero "every week off to a different location, in flight, looking for something that will resolve the situation." The audience watching the final episode of the series in 1967 was the largest for any episode in television history up to that time, a record that remained unbroken until J.R.'s attacker was revealed on "Dallas" 13 years later.

Martin produced 16 network series, 20 prime-time movies and a feature film, "The Mephisto Walz."

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