Raymond Griffith

Raymond Griffith
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Raymond Griffith
Film: South side of the 6100 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Actor | Comedian | Producer | Writer
Born Jan. 23, 1890 in Boston, Mass.
Died 1957 of asphyxia in Hollywood, CA

In the days of the silent films, Raymond Griffith was known as the "silk-hat comedian" and one of the writers for Mack Sennett comedies. Later, as a producer, Griffith was an assistant to writer Darryl Zanuck at Warner Bros., at 20th Century Films and 20th Century Fox.

One of his best-known films was "Hands Up!," a 1926 Civil War comedy feature directed by Clarence G. Badger and costarring Mack Swain.

Griffith lost his voice at an early age because of a case of respiratory diphtheria, leaving him unable to speak louder than a whisper for the rest of his life. Consequently, his acting career came to an end when sound began to be introduced to movies.

Aside from acting and producing, Griffith did a variety of things including joining a circus, touring France with a group of pantomimes and serving in the Navy.

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