Regis Toomey

Regis Toomey
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Regis Toomey
Film: North side of the 7000 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born Aug. 13, 1898 in Pittsburgh, PA
Died Oct. 12, 1991 in Motion Picture and Television Country House, CA

Regis Toomey appeared in more than 200 movies during his long career, including such films as "Northwest Mounted Police," "Dive Bomber" and "The Big Sleep."

He was best known for his man-of-action roles and for taking part in what was billed as the longest on-screen kiss in Hollywood history, a 185-second embrace with Jane Wyman in "You're in the Army Now" (1941).

With his Irish grin and tough-guy demeanor, Toomey often played the victim of screen violence. In fact, early in his career, he was "killed" so often that he moodily wondered if he shouldn't be voted the "morticians' man of the year."

"I was Danny McGann, an undercover homicide cop who had gotten friendly with the crooks," Toomey recalled, describing one of his screen personas during a 1963 interview. "It was a good part — until the crooks shot me. This was the first of a long series of death scenes. The trouble was that in each succeeding picture I got knocked off sooner, so the roles were growing smaller."

In 1928, Toomey appeared with Chester Morris in "Alibi," the first all-talking gangster melodrama. Three years later, he appeared opposite Clara Bow in "Kick In," which was Bow's first sound movie.

Among Toomey's later credits were "Spellbound," "The Bishop's Wife," "Show Boat," "Warlock," "The Mighty Joe Young," "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," "Peter Gunn" and "The Carey Treatment."

Toomey also appeared in many television series, including "Dante's Inferno," "Hey, Mulligan," "Shannon" and "Petticoat Junction."

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