Robert Edeson

Robert Edeson


Robert Edeson
Film: East side of the 1600 block of Vine Street
Born June 3, 1868 in New Orleans, LA
Died March 24, 1931 in Hollywood, CA

Robert Edeson was a beloved veteran of stage and screen.

A character actor, he was born in New Orleans into a family of actors. His father was George E. Edeson, who was prominent on the speaking stage. Edeson's first stage appearance was in 1887 at the old Park Theater in Brooklyn, when he appeared in "Fascination."

For 30 years his name was in the lights on Broadway, his stage successes include such plays as "The Little Minister," "Strongheart," "Soldier of Fortune" and "The Call of the North." The latter was made into a motion picture, which was one of Edeson's earliest silent drama triumphs. He was among the first of the stage actors to refuse to frown on motion pictures and to venture to Hollywood.

His success in motion pictures came quickly. Edeson was long associated with Cecil B. DeMille and the DeMille family.

Among his outstanding film roles was the father of two sons in "The Ten Commandments" and appearances in "The King of Kings" and "The Volga Boatman" — all DeMille productions.

He co-starred with Richard Barthelmess in 1930's "The Lash." He also appeared in in "Dynamite," "Don't Call It Love," "Feet of Clay," "The Golden Bed," "Hell's Highroad" and 1925's "Braveheart."

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