Robert Z. Leonard

Robert Z. Leonard
Clarence Bull / MGM


Robert Z. Leonard
Film: South side of the 6300 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Actor | Director | Producer
Born Oct. 7, 1889 in Chicago, Ill.
Died Aug. 27, 1968 of aneurysm in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Robert Z. Leonard's career as an actor, producer and director spanned almost the entire history of Hollywood until he died.

Leonard began as a $7.50-per-day actor with the old Selig Polyscope Company here in 1907. He produced and directed his last film, "Beautiful But Dangerous," for 20th Century Fox in 1955.

And between those dates he served 30 years as a producer-director for MGM, beginning on the Culver City lot in 1923.

Leonard retired from MGM in 1953, but two years later was brought back to take over the reins of "The King's Thief."

Among his other films were "The Clown," "The Great Diamond Robbery," "Her Twelve Men" and "Kelly and Me," the latter produced for Universal International in 1957.

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    Academy Awards

    Year Category Work
    1929 Best Director The Divorcee Nomination
    1936 Best Director The Great Ziegfeld Nomination

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