Rod Serling

Rod Serling


Rod Serling
TV: South side of the 6800 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Playwright | Producer | Writer
Born Edward Rodman Serling on Dec. 25, 1924 in Syracuse, NY
Died June 28, 1975 of heart attack in Rochester, NY

Rod Serling known as the creator and host of the "Twilight Zone" and "Night Gallery" was one of the most honored writers in television.

He wrote both of the first two plays produced on Playhouse 90, a weekly television program that aired a complete 90-minute drama. His first play was the dramatization of Pat Frank's "Forbidden Area." The second, "Requiem for a Heavyweight," was the sympathetic study of a worn-out fighter.

In 1962, "Requiem for a Heavyweight" was made into a motion picture, starring Anthony Quinn and Jackie Gleason.

Though Serling wrote several screenplays "Seven Days in May" and "Planet of the Apes," television was his turf.

He won six Emmy awards. In 1956 Serling won—for his "Requiem for a Heavyweight" script—the first Peabody Award for television writing.

In addition to his "Twilight Zone" and "Night Gallery" programs, Serling was know for frequent appearances as host or narrator on such specials as the Jacques Cousteau series of underwater films. He appeared in many TV commercials also.

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