Ruth Roland

Ruth Roland


Ruth Roland
Film: South side of the 6200 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born Aug. 26, 1892 in San Francisco, CA
Died Sept. 22, 1937 in Hollywood, CA

Ruth Roland was queen of the serials in the days of silent films.

In 1912 she made her debut in motion pictures after brief stage experience in her hometown of San Francisco. Soon afterward she became a star, filming the chapter-a-week pictures that were replete with thrills, each episode ending with her in danger and a "continued next week" caption.

At the time she vied with such pioneer stars as Grace Cunard, Pearl White, Helen Holmes and Marie Walcamp.

As a child actress Roland was known as "Baby Ruth." Her first professional experience was with the Ed Holden company in "Cinderalla."

She starred in the "Ruth Roland Serials." In these movies, Roland refused to use a double in the hazardous feats she performed, more dangerous in the early days because tricks of the camera were then almost unknown.

She was compelled to let others do her stunts after she was thrown from a horse.

Her first serial was "Ruth of the Rockies" (1920) and in succession followed "The Avenging Arrow," "The Timber Queen," "Red Circle," "Who Pays?," "Haunted Valley," "White Eagle," "What Would You Do?" and "Ruth of the Range."

Between 1909 and 1927, Roland appeared in more than 200 films.

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