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Film: East side of the 1700 block of Vine Street
Canine Actor
Born Etzel von Oerlingen on 1917 in Wroclaw, Poland
Died June 24, 1929 in Hollywood, CA

Strongheart, hero of many a vicious screen battle, is a gentleman dog at home.

He is one motion-picture star who has never been divorced, arrested for speeding, mentioned as a co-respondent, hailed as the screen's most perfect lover or been the object of a prohibition officer's attention.

The veteran canine actor was trained in the kennels of the Berlin police department. He had a gallant record of service in the German Red Cross in World War I.

Strongheart's first picture, "The Silent Call," met with sensational success. Among his subsequent starring vehicles were "Brawn of the North," "The Love Master," "White Fang" and "North Star."

The veteran canine actor, especially beloved of children the world over, was the first animal to obtain stardom on the screen. His sensational success was the signal for a mad rush to Hollywood by the masters of his canine brethren.

The name Strongheart was decided upon by the publicity department of the motion-picture studio where the dog first worked. Etzel Von Oeringen, it seemed was too long and complicated.

Strongheart has been so well trained in police methods that he can tear the clothing of a person to shreds, knock him about in a terrifying manner, and (for screen purposes) kill him deader than a door nail without leaving a scratch to tell the story.

It is this, together with his wonderfully understanding expression, that makes him so valuable to the movies. Just how valuable only Mrs. Murfin [his owner] knows, but it is estimated that he has earned no less than $2.5 million since entering pictures and his income tax alone in one year was said to be $38,000.

He has made some personal appearances with his pictures, but these have been conducted in a dignified manner befitting the foremost dog in Dogdom.

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