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Special: South side of the 7000 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Formed 1930

The Hollywood Reporter is one of Tinseltown's leading trade publications, battling for scoops with Variety for decades.

Founded in 1930, the Reporter for years was known for its irreverent — some say racy — reporting on movie studios and their galaxy of stars.

In recent decades, the Reporter struggled, first in competition with the larger Variety and then with the rise of Internet Hollywood websites.

In 2010, the Reporter's owners announced a radical change. They hired for US magazine publisher Janice Min to transform the Reporter from a weekday trade paper into a slick weekly magazine aimed at high-end readers.

"The Hollywood Reporter is never going to tell you about Paris Hilton making a left turn on La Cienega [Boulevard]," Min told The Times. "It will cater to the influencers of Los Angeles and the small consumer group that has a fascination with how the sausage is made in Hollywood. The opportunity is to put all of that in a larger context and elevate the discussion of the entertainment industry."

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