Verna Felton

Verna Felton


Verna Felton
Film: West side of the 1700 block of Vine Street
Actress | Voice Actor
Born July 20, 1890 in Salinas, CA
Died Dec. 14, 1966 of stroke in North Hollywood, CA

Verna Felton parlayed a role as Little Lord Fauntleroy in 1899 into a 67-year-long acting career.

The voice actress was best known for her radio roles as Red Skelton's bombastic grandmother, Dennis Day's mother and as Dean Bradley on "Meet Mr. McNutley."

In television, she portrayed the gossiping, spry grandmother, Hilda Crocker, on the "December Bride" series and had parts in "The Family" and "Pete and Gladys."

Among her movie credits were "The Gunflight," "Cinderella," "Alice in Wonderland," "The Lady and the Tramp," "Sleeping Beauty" and "Picnic."

For six years she served as honorary mayor of North Hollywood, a job that kept her running between ribbon cuttings and groundbreaking ceremonies.

Her parents, also actors, owned a traveling company for 20 years and performed across the country doing one-night stands and weekend appearances.

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