Warren William

Warren William
Scotty Welbourne / Warner Brothers


Warren William
Film: West side of the 1500 block of Vine Street
Born Warren Krech on Dec. 2, 1894 in Aitkin, Minn.
Died Sept. 24, 1948 of multiple myeloma in Encino, Calif.

Warren William, a well-known stage and screen actor, served in World War I and then joined a theatrical troupe touring Army camps. He soon achieved success as a suave, sinister type. His first success in the United States was in the road show company "I Love You," starring Richard Dix.

William arrived in Hollywood in 1932. His notable roles include Julius Caesar in Cecil B. DeMille's "Cleopatra," D'Artagnan in "The Man in the Iron Mask" and Michael Lanyard in the "Lone Wolf" films, and he was the first actor to play attorney Perry Mason on the big screen.

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