William Haines

William Haines
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William Haines
Film: South side of the 7000 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born Jan. 2, 1900 in Staunton, VA
Died Dec. 26, 1973 of cancer in St. John's Hospital, CA

William Haines was a wisecracking film comedian of the 1920s who later became a famous decorator.

One of his decorating projects was the American embassy in London in 1969, a $1-million project funded by Ambassador Walter Annenberg, a longtime client.

"Decoration is an extension of what one person only likes," Haines once said. "If you think I am a good decorator, you like what I do, then there is no one better. If you dislike what I do, anyone is better."

Haines left the movies in the early 1930s after a 10-year career. He starred in such films as "Brown of Harvard" and "Tell It to the Marines."

His decorating clients included Joan Crawford, Claudette Colbert and Henry Salvatori.

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