The number of medical specialists a patient sees for every visit with a primary care doctor in the last two years of life.

Hospital Ratio
Bakersfield Heart Hospital 2.3:1
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center 2.2:1
St. John's Regional Med Ctr 2.2:1
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 2.2:1
St. Jude Medical Center 2.1:1
St. Francis Medical Center 2.0:1
St. Louise Regional Hospital 2.0:1
Scripps Memorial Hosp-La Jolla 2.0:1
Brotman Medical Center 2.0:1
Anaheim Memorial Medical Center 2.0:1
Citrus Valley Med Ctr-IC Campus 2.0:1
San Pedro Peninsula Hospital 1.9:1
Simi Valley Hosp & Health Care 1.9:1
St. John's Pleasant Valley Hosp 1.9:1
Lakewood Regional Medical Center 1.9:1
Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hosp 1.9:1
Irvine Regional Hosp & Med Ctr 1.9:1
Hoag Memorial Hosp Presbyterian 1.9:1
Eisenhower Medical Hospital 1.8:1
St. Mary Medical Center 1.8:1
Downey Regional Medical Center 1.7:1
Enloe Medical Center 1.7:1
Torrance Memorial Medical Center 1.7:1
Salinas Valley Mem Hlthcare Sys 1.7:1
Glendale Adventist Med Ctr 1.7:1
Providence Holy Cross Med Ctr 1.7:1
Providence St. Joseph Center 1.7:1
Menifee Valley Medical Center 1.6:1
St. Joseph Hospital 1.6:1
Prov-Little Company of Mary 1.6:1
Mercy Hospital 1.6:1
Citrus Valley Med Ctr-QV Campus 1.6:1
Sierra Vista Regional Med Ctr 1.6:1
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital 1.6:1
Los Alamitos Medical Center 1.6:1
Los Robles Hosp & Med Ctr 1.5:1
Methodist Hosp of Southern CA 1.5:1
Glendale Mem Hosp & Health Ctr 1.5:1
Alta Bates Summ Med Ctr-Berkeley 1.5:1
Community Memorial Hospital 1.5:1
Northridge Hosp Med Ctr 1.5:1
Scripps Green Hospital 1.5:1
Encino-Tarzana Regional Med Ctr 1.4:1
Pomerado Hospital 1.4:1
Long Beach Memorial Med Ctr 1.4:1
Bakersfield Memorial Hospital 1.4:1
Encino-Tarzana Regional Med Ctr 1.4:1
Hemet Valley Medical Center 1.4:1
Hollywood Presbyterian Med Ctr 1.4:1
St. John's Health Center 1.4:1
San Joaquin Community Hospital 1.4:1
City of Hope National Med Ctr 1.4:1
Arroyo Grande Community Hospital 1.4:1
Sharp Grossmont Hospital 1.4:1
Antelope Valley Hospital 1.4:1
Placentia-Linda Hospital 1.4:1
Good Samaritan Hospital 1.4:1
Alvarado Hospital Medical Center 1.3:1
Sutter Delta Medical Center 1.3:1
Tulare Local Health Care Dist 1.3:1
Sharp Memorial Hospital 1.3:1
Rancho Springs Medical Center 1.3:1
O'Connor Hospital 1.3:1
Comm Hosp Monterey Peninsula 1.3:1
Presbyterian Intercommunity Hosp 1.3:1
Anaheim General Hospital 1.3:1
Desert Regional Medical Center 1.3:1
Huntington Beach Hospital 1.3:1
Doctors Medical Center 1.3:1
Mercy San Juan Medical Center 1.3:1
White Memorial Medical Center 1.3:1
Pioneers Memorial Hlthcare Dist 1.3:1
West Anaheim Medical Center 1.3:1
El Centro Regional Med Ctr 1.3:1
West Hills Hosp & Med Ctr 1.3:1
St. Vincent Medical Center 1.2:1
Watsonville Community Hospital 1.2:1
St. Agnes Medical Center 1.2:1
Dominican Hospital 1.2:1
Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center 1.2:1
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital 1.2:1
Pacific Alliance Medical Center 1.2:1
Alhambra Hospital Medical Center 1.2:1
John Muir Medical Center 1.2:1
UC Irvine Med Ctr 1.2:1
Sutter Solano Medical Center 1.2:1
Valley Presbyterian Hospital 1.2:1
Coastal Communities Hospital 1.2:1
Mission Hospital 1.2:1
Saddleback Memorial Med Ctr 1.2:1
Corona Regional Medical Center 1.2:1
Good Samaritan Hospital 1.2:1
San Gabriel Valley Med Ctr 1.2:1
Huntington Memorial Hospital 1.2:1
Lancaster Community Hospital 1.2:1
Community Hospital of Los Gatos 1.2:1
California Hosp Med Ctr 1.2:1
John Muir Medical Center 1.2:1
Marin General Hospital 1.2:1
French Hospital Medical Center 1.2:1
Palomar Medical Center 1.2:1
St. Mary Medical Center 1.2:1
Mercy Medical Center Redding 1.2:1
Seton Medical Center 1.2:1
Barstow Community Hospital 1.1:1
Stanford Hospital and Clinics 1.1:1
Mercy Medical Center Merced 1.1:1
Verdugo Hills Hospital 1.1:1
Pacific Hospital of Long Beach 1.1:1
Sequoia Hospital 1.1:1
Dameron Hospital 1.1:1
Sherman Oaks Hosp & Health Ctr 1.1:1
Sutter Medical Center 1.1:1
Fountain Valley Regional Hosp 1.1:1
Beverly Hospital 1.1:1
South Coast Medical Center 1.1:1
Marian Medical Center 1.1:1
Mission Community Hospital 1.1:1
UC Davis Med Ctr 1.1:1
NorthBay Medical Center 1.1:1
St. Joseph's Medical Center 1.1:1
Hanford Community Medical Center 1.1:1
Sutter Roseville Medical Center 1.1:1
Eden Medical Center 1.1:1
Tri-City Medical Center 1.1:1
Novato Community Hospital 1.1:1
Foothill Presbyterian Hospital 1.1:1
Garden Grove Hosp & Med Ctr 1.0:1
Paradise Valley Hospital 1.0:1
UC San Diego Med Ctr 1.0:1
Methodist Hospital of Sacramento 1.0:1
Mercy General Hospital 1.0:1
Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center 1.0:1
San Leandro Hospital 1.0:1
Scripps Memorial Hosp-Encinitas 1.0:1
Queen of the Valley Hospital 1.0:1
St. Rose Hospital 1.0:1
Kaweah Delta Health Care Dist 1.0:1
El Camino Hospital 1.0:1
St. Helena Hospital 1.0:1
Alta Bates Summ Med Ctr-Oakland 1.0:1
Marshall Medical Center 1.0:1
Scripps Mercy Hospital 0.9:1
Sierra View District Hospital 0.9:1
Memorial Hospital of Gardena 0.9:1
Feather River Hospital 0.9:1
Sutter Medical Center 0.9:1
Riverside Community Hospital 0.9:1
Hi-Desert Medical Center 0.9:1
Pomona Valley Hosp Med Ctr 0.9:1
Mills-Peninsula Health Services 0.9:1
California Pacific Med Ctr 0.9:1
Regional Med Ctr of San Jose 0.9:1
Desert Valley Hospital 0.9:1
St. Mary's Medical Center 0.9:1
NorthBay VacaValley Hospital 0.9:1
UCSF Medical Center 0.8:1
St. Francis Memorial Hospital 0.8:1
Doctors Medical Center 0.8:1
Redlands Community Hospital 0.8:1
Parkview Community Hosp Med Ctr 0.8:1
ValleyCare Medical Center 0.8:1
San Antonio Community Hospital 0.8:1
St. Bernardine Medical Center 0.8:1
Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital 0.8:1
Madera Community Hospital 0.8:1
Sutter Tracy Community Hospital 0.8:1
Community Medical Center 0.7:1
San Ramon Regional Med Ctr 0.7:1
Santa Clara Valley Med Ctr 0.7:1
Memorial Hospitals Association 0.7:1
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital 0.7:1
Lodi Memorial Hospital 0.7:1
Redbud Community Hospital 0.7:1
Loma Linda University Med Ctr 0.7:1
Community Medical Center-Clovis 0.7:1
Chino Valley Medical Center 0.7:1
Sutter Lakeside Hospital 0.7:1
John F. Kennedy Memorial Hosp 0.7:1
Petaluma Valley Hospital 0.7:1
Delano Regional Medical Center 0.7:1
Alameda Hospital 0.7:1
Mercy Hospital of Folsom 0.7:1
Washington Health Care District 0.6:1
Community Hosp of San Bernardino 0.6:1
Barton Memorial Hospital 0.6:1
Rideout Memorial Hospital 0.6:1
Twin Cities Community Hospital 0.6:1
St. Elizabeth Community Hospital 0.6:1
San Francisco Gen Hosp Med Ctr 0.6:1
Sutter Amador Hospital 0.6:1
Ridgecrest Regional Hospital 0.6:1
Doctors Hospital Medical Center 0.6:1
Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital 0.6:1
Woodland Healthcare 0.6:1
Ukiah Valley Medical Center 0.6:1
Chinese Hospital 0.6:1
Emanuel Medical Center 0.6:1
Sonora Regional Medical Center 0.5:1
St. Luke's Hospital 0.5:1
Doctors Hospital of Manteca 0.5:1
Mark Twain St. Joseph's Hospital 0.5:1
Sonoma Valley Hospital 0.4:1
St. Joseph Hospital 0.4:1
Mendocino Coast District Hosp 0.4:1
Redwood Memorial Hospital 0.3:1
Oroville Hospital 0.3:1
Mad River Community Hospital 0.3:1

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Where does the money go?

At a time when the national debt is ballooning and the Obama administration is pushing a massive expansion of medical care, policymakers are searching for ways to curb the high cost of healthcare.

Care for the chronically ill in Los Angeles is among the most expensive in the nation , but why? The Times' Lisa Girion visits White Memorial Medical Center in Boyle Heights and reports on the debate.


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The data were drawn from traditional, fee-for-service Medicare claims submitted on behalf of 4.7 million Medicare patients, aged 67 to 99, who died between 2001 and 2005. (Medicare Managed Care claims were not included.)

Hospitals with a statistically insignificant number of deaths among its Medicare population were not included.
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