Frank Selvy


1957-58 (#11) 12 6.3 2.9
1959-60 (#70) 43 10.7 3
1960-61 (#11) 77 10.8 3.9
1961-62 79 14.7 5.2
1962-63 80 10.3 3.6
1963-64 73 5.5 1.9

Guard, #11 (also wore #70 )


Though Selvy had an exceptional NBA career — he was a two-time All-Star — and had been proficient college scorer — he scored 100 points in a game while playing for Furman — he is best remembered by Lakers fans for a single shot he took in 1962.

That shot came during Game 7 of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics with the scored tied at 100. Popular wisdom says that Selvy missed a wide-open 10-footer as time ran out. The Celtics went on to win the game, and championship, in overtime and Selvy’s miss is often cited as beginning the Lakers down the sad path that saw them lose to Boston in six straight finals.

But cut Selvy some slack. First, as this clip clearly shows (Selvy’s shot occurs at
1:32 mark), the shot was probably closer to a 15-footer and Selvy was not wide open but had Bob Cousy flying at him. What’s more, Cousy appears to foul Selvy when he comes across his right, shooting, wrist.

And there’s this: The Lakers would not have been in any position to win the game if Frank Selvy had not grabbed two rebounds and scored two baskets in the last minute of regulation to tie the score at 100.

Unfortunately, most people remember only that last shot. Selvy himself later told “I would trade all my points for that last basket.”

— Steve Lowery
Feb. 12, 2011