Chatsworth Metrolink Crash

A database of fatalities from the Sept. 12, 2008, train collision.

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Reader tributes

Yes, this is my second comment. I would like to talk a little bit more about Mr. Grace. I've known him for 2 years, but there are others who have known him for a lot. Wow. All because of texting. No wonder people can't talk on their cellphones in their cars anymore. I wish he would've missed his train. He was such a great person. He changed the lives of many students. Just yesterday, we tied blue and yellow ribbons on our school fence in honor of Mr. Grace. Why blue and yellow ribbons? Because those are the colors of the Chargers team and Mr. Grace loved the Chargers. I went to talk to him about my schedule because there was a problem. Who's going to be in charge of the schedules now? He was the only one that students would go to about problems with their schedules. Who's going to referee the basketball and football games at lunch now? Roosevelt Middle School is imcomplete without Mr. Grace. He was the last piece of the puzzle. But now, he's gone and he's in a better place right now. He was a funny and a nice man. Everyone puts their life at risk everytime they get into a car,bus,train, airplane..etc. I'm very sorry about this whole thing. God bless Mr. Grace's family. They are dealing with something difficult right now. God bless everyone and R.I.P Mr. Grace. You will be missed by many. <3

— Sona Matevosian
about Ronald G. Grace,
posted September 20, 2008, at 4:08 p.m.

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Keep in mind
  • The Times initially mispelled the name of Michael Hammersley and Beverly Mosley.
  • The coroner's office reported a 26th victim the afternoon of Sept. 15, but a few hours later said the tally was 25.

Chatsworth Metrolink Crash is the Los Angeles Times' database of fatalities from the Sept. 12, 2008, train collision.

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