A week before the 2008 presidential election, we went to Union Station and asked commuters what they wanted the next president to do in his first 100 days. Here are their initial thoughts and their follow-up analysis.



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Reporting from Times staff writers.

He closes in on 100 days as president, having handled the highs and lows with a sense of urgency and his characteristic calmness.
Peeks into the first family's life are anything but spontaneous. They are part of a White House political strategy.
Rhetoric and cocktail parties can't undo decades of increasing animosity between Democrats and Republicans overnight -- or in 100 days.
If the first 100 days mean anything, the president is looking a lot like Franklin Roosevelt. But recent history shows a lot can change after the early days of a presidency.

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Commentary from latimes.com readers.


posted 7:50 AM on 10/18/09

Obama's past relationships:
1. Reverend Jeremiah Wright - black racist pastor from Chicago
2. Bill Ayers - Member of radical 60's homegrown terrorist group - Weather Underground.
3. His wife Michelle - ashamed of being an American until Barrack was elected.
Obama's goals;
1. Socialism for America.
2. President Obama agreeing to the stipulations in the G-20 summits (Apr 2009) document entitled "Declarations on strengthing the Financial Systems". The U.S. has only one vote in the newly constituted Financial Stability Board, a group that is largely controlled by European Central Bankers. The G-20 has stripping more away from the U.S. and Obama is ok with that.
3. Elimination of our borders - the NAFTA superhighway Mexico, through Texas and up through Minnesota and N. Dakota and into Canada - 4000 plus miles - 12 lanes wide.
4. The continuing build up of the Kansas City Smart Port, the Trans-Texas Corridor, support for NAFTA (North American Free Trade), support for CAFTA (Central American Free Trade)
5. Going to Russia and trying to talk nuclear disarmament with Russia.
6. 80,000 troops training in Ft Benning for coming social chaos in America - Consequence Management Task Force (Army Times)
7. Amnesty to illegal aliens.
8. Apr 4, 2009 (Prague) Obama speaking in Europe, "All nations must come together to build a stronger Global Regime."

posted 8:15 AM on 08/11/09

Open your eyes America! President Obama is spending us right into the poor house. At the end of his term we will be a third world country. I sure hope all his supporters like the change they asked for.

Concerned American in PA
posted 8:43 PM on 06/30/09

hes a joke and has spent more than all the other presidents combined within his first 100 days in office... in my opinion impeach him before the s*** really hits the fan

posted 3:32 PM on 06/20/09

Swine flu goes public? And he goes along with it? That's mind raping. And pathetic.

He set up justices that will allow potentially anything to go through, and while that means good things it also means bad things.

So, our nation has to spend money to get more back? It'd better be worth the end result, because it seems too contradicting to me.

Anonymous Andy
posted 12:12 PM on 06/11/09

Thumbs up!!! To all you people who is trying to down the President, I have a word for you, first of all the economy has been out of control for years. Why didn't you complain then when Bush had it all messed up? You wait until we receive a President who is trying to fix the problem that has been out of control for years. Take a WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE. Bush daddy try to start a war back in 1990 with Saddam Hussein didn't work out very well, then come his son doing what his daddy started off and pick up where his daddy left off. A lot of people lost their lives over nothing the WORLD TRADE CENTER came tumbling down while Bush was in office, GAS PRICES ROAR TO EXTREME HIGH, JOBS LOST, STOCK MARKET, all of this happening and you knew about this, but now you won't to complain when President Obama is trying to make it right. You foolish people wake up EVERYBODY no more sleeping in bed and smell the coffee. I don't care if you are republican, democratic, independent, black ,white, hispanic, or others doesn't matter your race or denomination. You're a fool and you've seen all this before President Obama came in office. Therefore, he will have to spend MONEY in order to make it RIGHT. No weapon form against him will proper because he was sent by GOD. You can hate and talk about him all the days of your life, but when it comes down to it, you will eat those words and will congratulate him before it's all over. See you need to be thanksful that someone is working on the situation to resolve the problem. He stated it would not be done in 6 mos or 1 year. He said, "It will not be done in 1 year or this term but it will be done." That right there alone is enough because if something doesn't work out he has another plan, so stop downing and think about the problem that was before. Gas has gone down since he's been in office and lot of thing are taking place. He can only do a little bit at a time, and all of us including the HATER should be thankful about the credit card industry. I know myself was tired of them changing and charging all of those hidden fees all the time. Be grateful and stop complaining believe me your day will come. Everyone of us our days are sometimes good and bad, with that being said just take a look back the pass 8 years. All you rich folks stop complaining you have problems too. Everyone is going through something right now. So, you need to thank The Good Lord above that it's not worse because it really could be worse than it is right now.

Patty S
posted 3:57 PM on 05/26/09

So far so good. At least the world has a President who works damn hard to fix all that's gone wrong before. Slowly but sure, the American economy will be strong again and the world economy too. Whatever is being said about this President, at the very least he is trying his best to fix all the wrongs of the past. And that in itself is a success. God Bless You Mr.President.

Patrick Gerrard, Indonesia
posted 6:42 PM on 05/20/09

Obama is a socialist. His policies are socialist and dangerous. His first 100 days are more of a disaster than I feared initially. We are now in the deepest trouble this country has ever seen. We were framed as a Republic, not a democracy, and certainly not a Socialist state for very good reasons. We must impeach this dangerous threat to our sovereignty and our American freedoms.

posted 6:15 AM on 05/19/09


posted 3:00 PM on 05/12/09

Sorry but just makes me think that the real name of Mr Obama is Barack "Obla bla".

posted 3:49 AM on 05/12/09

If you didn't smile or tear-up after watching the excellent photo journalism of the president's first 100 days, then you are a cold-hearted, emotionally-void tool and nothing will make you happy. Well done to the editors and photographers at the Times.

Thumbs up to the prez and the eds. Both honor the first ammendment of the constitution.

Bubba Trucker in TN
posted 7:07 AM on 05/02/09

Well, President Bush really was never able to get the economy to fully recover from the disasterous bubble crash that he inherited. The housing bubble created by the outgoing Clinton administration, and strengthed by Fed policy, only served to delay the ultimate day of reckoning, to the present. All of this was predicted over and over again - by economists on both sides of the isle. We are all to blame. Obama's doing nothing to fix the economy. Just $trillions in make believe bandaids.

for parity
posted 4:09 PM on 04/30/09

Administrations come and go. But look close at the Politicians in Washington. These are people that have been in these offices for more than some of the 18 year old voters. WE NEED TO CHANGE WASHINGTON. DO THE COUNTRY JUSTICE......VOTE...GET...RID....OF....THE...POLITICIANS THAT KEEP GIVING AWAY AMERICA. Whether it be by letting AMERICAN COMPANIES go overseas, to make products cheaper (Cheap Labor/Sweat Factories)or giving TAX DOLLARS for bail-outs. SPEND THE MONEY IN THE USA...BUILD HOMES FOR HOMELESS...FEED THE HUNGRY WALKING OUR STREETS. TAKE CARE OF AMERICANS FIRST AND FOREMOST.

Larry M
posted 3:11 PM on 04/30/09

I think that Obama is starting to clear up the economy. At least the gas prices have gone down. ☺☺☺☺☻☻☻☻♥♥♥♥‼

tater lover
posted 1:35 PM on 04/30/09

We are very fortunate to have a leader now. President Obama is very capable. If he sees a decision is not working he has the wisdom to recognize that a new direction must be charted. He is doing a very fine job. Is he doing to much to fast. I'd rather have this question asked than---Did this man get in over his head?

Barry Warren
posted 9:58 AM on 04/30/09

Un-American activities never deserve accolades.
Remember what 'thumbs-down' meant in Rome.
End this travesty and let's have a real election without biased media and shady funding.

posted 9:55 AM on 04/30/09

Thumbs down. He's increased the federal debt more in these 100 days than Bush's 8 years combined, and gotten the govt intimately involved in the private free market where it doesn't belong and will only create more problems later. It's called Capitalism, mister President, NOT Socialism: the only thing the latter has done has increased the number of tinpot dictators and risen the collective misery of their nations in the name of "equality" (of outcome, vs. equality of opportunity that is at the core of Capitalism).

John D.
posted 11:30 PM on 04/29/09


posted 11:16 PM on 04/29/09

THUMBS DOWN! I believe that much of what he is doing is going to make things worse down the road.

Linda O
posted 10:40 PM on 04/29/09

A First Hundred Days that will change America....


Where's the objectivity in the MSM?

James Raider
posted 8:10 PM on 04/29/09

Give him a break... at least let him have some time to fix this mess!

posted 7:59 PM on 04/29/09

As Melia gave Her Father, Presidenty Obama a thumbs - I also give Him a thumbs up and 2 thumbs !! I just want to know how I can help Him and America more.

Beverlyn Tidwell
posted 5:59 PM on 04/29/09

Wow, you know I worry about the overall intelligence of the poeple in this country..I mean you walk around and think that most people have some some some common sense..and then you read these posts..now if you don't like Obama, don't like his views etc...then give clear, truthful facts and details why..but when I read that " The LA Times and other newspapers are going under becasue of the way Obama is leading the country..then you just have to shake your head...praying would not even help these folks..

posted 4:44 PM on 04/29/09

Thumbs UP!!! Obama replaces the Darth Vader mentality of politics...He represents a vision much more successful than the old, tired Republicanism of Ronald Regan...the rich will just have to finally pay their fair share of the American dream...onward for the middle class and the backbone of our integrity.

posted 3:15 PM on 04/29/09

Hummm... Seems like a lot of invigorated Republicans are commenting today.

I think Obama is doing a great job! More environmental protection. Abolition of torture. Speaking with Cuba and Venezuela again. I guess this makes the Right cringe. I love it!

posted 2:23 PM on 04/29/09

Correct me if I'm wrong but were not these first 100 days just a sequel to the new movie - "The destruction of an American economy, the Autobiography of barack hussein obama"? (co-written by the reverand jeramiah wright)

Please tell me this isn't real. If so, this swine virus needs to hurry up and finish all of us off to put us out of our misery.

posted 1:28 PM on 04/29/09

I give thumbs down,and democrats, they all sound the same.No differance in talk

james clark
posted 1:17 PM on 04/29/09

I thought Bush was pretty bad - so my wife and i voted for change. Only now the change is going so far left that this is starting to not look like America any more. Our great Nation will need to correct the foolishness after this - so I suppose I will have to give Obama a tentative thumbs down.

Ron S,
posted 12:46 PM on 04/29/09

I'm a democrat and use to think Jimmy Carter was the worst democratic president, I was wrong. How can a president be great when he spends more of the tax payers money in two months that all the other forty three presidents did in our history? How can so many people be so misguided. If he does not fail, the US will.

posted 12:44 PM on 04/29/09

Kaz Furuya,

We are in the middle of a babyboom. Every baby born today owes $168,000 at birth. Obama's proposals will, according to the CBO, triple the National Debt over the next 10 years.

Obama has no opposition to his spending proposals. The country we will leave our children makes it vital that we have a serious debate about the future direction of our country.

The massive spending under Obama's leadership is no different than taking out a sub-prime loan in all our names knowing that it can NEVER be paid back. Obama often points to Bush's irresponsible management of the economy. Yet, he is putting Bush to shame and the price we pay will be dire.

So I disagree with you that wishing the President fails is the same as wishing that the country fails. To the contrary, I don't want the country to fail because of the recklessness of Obama's agenda.

For Obama to succeed is for America to be something less. None of us should support an American future that is not brighter than the present.

posted 11:59 AM on 04/29/09

As an avid Obama supporter we need to carefully examine some of Barack Obama's spending proposals and measure their success. Even though I didn't care a lot for Goerge W. some of his policies made since and were a step in ther right direction. In particular immigration and homeland security. But whoooa don't label me a racist because I feel that immigration policies are what is causing a lot of problems with our economy. To date what has Obama done to stop out sourcing good jobs over seas? What also needs to be acknowledged is the potential for success of his policies down the road. Some of Obama's policies in particular with health care energy and the economy need to not only bee carefully scruitenized but measured for effectiveness as well. At one point FOX NEWS actually made since with there careful assement of the president. But now it seems that with thier belligerent attitude an inability to recognize national goals and direction is working against them

posted 11:46 AM on 04/29/09

Mr. Obama,
Best Wishes to you for the future.
But you inadvertently took a large amount of campaign money 'donations' the organization Tamils for Obama, a front organization for the terrorist group, the LTTE of Sri Lanka. (By the way, Ms. Clinton took money from them also, but when she got to know that they were backing terrorism, she promptly returned it).
I hope this will not prompt you to help the terrorists in Sri Lanka who have been cornered by the Army, to escape.

Wouldn't the American people be proud and happy if Osama Bin Laden was surrounded by the US army in an 8 sq. km. area, and was near defeat? Would you listen to other terror-backing countries to let Bin Laden flee? This is what the international community is doing to Sri Lanka presently. Please let the Sri Lankan government finish off terrorism once-and-for-all and may that be a great lesson to ALL countries fighting terrorism.
Thank You.

posted 11:36 AM on 04/29/09

I give President Obama a thumbs up. He is trying. Change takes TIME.

The problems that the US is facing now are the remnants of the problems that all our past leaders have left us with. We shouldn't solely blame Bush, Clinton, or Nixon... heck not even Washington! Look what the late President Ronald Reagan left us with...a messed up economy. He did do a fair job with international affairs...but they really didn't start taking effect until AFTER his time in office. And that goes for A LOT of different Presidents.

The blame goes to EVERYONE. Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, whites, blacks, you name it...every single one of us AMERICANS. We are the ones screwing up our own credit, making bad financial moves, voting for bad propositions, and not backing our fellow Americans.

Sadly, our country, The United States of America is not united. If you don't like the way things are here...then why don't you just leave and find something better elswhere...if you can. We Americans are so spoiled of what we are able to receive that we take everything for granted.

Whether it be Obama or McCain, or our President after that. Noone will be able to "perfect" our US of A in 100 days.

posted 10:49 AM on 04/29/09

Aw, seems like people are still angry about Obama being president... Heads up guys, it takes a little longer than 100 days to clean up a mess that took 8 years. :-)

posted 10:21 AM on 04/29/09

Obama has done more for the country in 100 days than Bush did in 8 years.

posted 10:12 AM on 04/29/09

Obama has exceeded my expectations beyond all my fears. He is an idealogue who is rapidly changing the identity of a Nation built upon the rights of the individual and personal property.

In 100 days, we have watched the financial system and auto industry essentially seized by the federal government. We have our healthcare system seizure well underway and a "Cap and Trade" system that will destroy our energy industry.

The "Let Me Tell How Much America Sucks" world tour is a disgrace to our wonderful nation and an abomination to all those who, through sacrifice, helped make us the envy of the world.

As a small business owner, I do not see a bright future. I see the potential end to a once prosperous business and the ever-increasing role of my silent partner: big government.

There is no incentive to grow if all my hard work benefits those who do not contribute.

What do we have left? Rationing of healthcare and energy, downgrading personal expectations, a mountain of debt, and a nation that once was the envy of the world in steep decline.

CHANGE we can believe in, right?

posted 10:06 AM on 04/29/09

Ummm...it's only been 100 days. Quite frankly he really can't get settled into his position until he's cleaned up the mess left by Bush. Give him some more time...I'm sure we will all see that his administration will pull through. Go Obama!

Ray M, Ohio
posted 9:47 AM on 04/29/09

100 days is a random milestone, created because Americans love to quantify everything.

posted 8:54 AM on 04/29/09

Obama took money from the world's most coldblooded terror group, the Tamil Tiger terrorists. Then he lobbied on their behalf to cover up their mass murders and force a democracy to halt military operations against these barbaric terrorists. What a disgrace.

Obama has illegally been taking donations from Tamil Tiger leader

John MacKinnon
posted 8:38 AM on 04/29/09

After exposing financial dealings between Tamil Tiger Terrorists and Obama-Clinton administration, we have been very suspicious of the actions of the current US diplomatic efforts regarding global terrorists. These suspicions were proven true when the current administration went out of its way to assist the survival of the LTTE terrorists by unreasonably using hard tactics to criticize Sri Lanka for its efforts to save the trapped civilians, care for them and eradicate the world's most ruthless terror group. This double standard is going to ruin America's credibility in the world as we inform the world about these disturbing connections and the politicians gaining for terror.

Obama took money from the world's most coldblooded terror group, the Tamil Tiger terrorists. Then he lobbied on their behalf to cover up their mass murders and force a democracy to halt military operations against these barbaric terrorists. What a disgrace.

Obama illegally took donations from Tamil Tigers

The TRO was banned by the US Treasury Department recently for funding terrorists after almost 25 years that killed thousands of civilians. The same TRO operates with impunity in the EU to fund terror while we Americans consider Europe to be partners in the war against terror! The TRO member and Tamil terrorist Ram Ranjan is connected to the present US administration. Please Google "Hillary Clinton LTTE terrorist TRO member".

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wants a ceasefire for the LTTE terrorists that will enable the Tamil terrorists to recruit more civilians from their hostages, rearm and return with more terror attacks on civilians.

Read all about the terrorists:
Link: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/apr/26/tigers-at-bay/

Alastair Reynard
posted 8:36 AM on 04/29/09

Whether you like it or not, President Obama is our president. He needs to be supported. When we wish for he and his policies to fail, we are asking for the United States to fail. Think about that!

Kaz Furuya
posted 8:33 AM on 04/29/09

A nice cold bottle of Dom Obama would be very refreshing right about now.

Celebrate good times…

Purge the NINOs
posted 8:26 AM on 04/29/09

I would like to see some change instead of promises of change. So far, I've heard so many promises to things like changing CC Companies, Bailouts to the Finance Markets and Auto Makers, pulling troops out and closing Gitmo, but haven't seen anything materialize. Let's start to see something happen instead of hearing promises of what will happen. If we spend most of our time making promises, when will the promises become reality?

With all these very large sums of monies being tossed around, lets start tossing it into the infrastructure or back to the people. Let's stop accepting a minor stimulus check of $1000 (because really, what can $1000 get today?) and start demanding maybe $10,000. If lower and middle class people were to receive a stimulus of $10,000 major items could be purchased or CC's could be paid off. That will "stimulate" the economy.

I think the masses saw Obama as a savior. He said what everyone wanted to hear in a fashion that people fell in love with. The truth behind the smoke screen is that Obama is a politician, just like any other politician. Sounds a lot like good ol' Billy of a few years ago. Which, by the way, according to non biased news forums, that's where this economic problem started with the deregulation during Billy's term. Because after all, 70 years of regulation after the crash of '29 wasn't all that important I guess.

Joe, Lakewood
posted 8:13 AM on 04/29/09

Thumbs UP, way UP! He is a leader. He attracts the most talented people to help guide our great country forward. I am proud to be an American and even prouder that this great country elected Obama.

Richard Glassman
posted 8:03 AM on 04/29/09

I love my intelligent, hard working and handsome black President. I am proud to have a born leader who is smart enough to reach out to other countries with acts of respect instead of contempt. We are proud to have a President who got good grades in school and sets a good example in the world.

Most of all I love this President because he brings the bigots out of the woodwork and i love hearing them make themselves sound even more stupid!

posted 7:32 AM on 04/29/09

UP UP UP! After 8 years of rapacious capitalism that almost brought the world to it's knees, I'm ready for a little relaxing capitalism and a cold beer.

Besides, to Bo Obama, it's been 700 days.

Looking Good!
posted 7:30 AM on 04/29/09

The "Big Tent" of the Reagan era has grown so small that now all it holds are the freaks and the carnies.

Whoo-whoo!!! Thank you Arlen Specter!!


Jules in Pedro
posted 7:24 AM on 04/29/09

People like M. Turner should be careful on the words they use to trash our President. If you are going to call him a "moron", spell check your comment.

Thumbs up to Obama! Help rid the world of nukes.

posted 6:55 AM on 04/29/09

Has anybody every heard the phrase "Politics is the art of lying"? Or, to put it into words that 21st century America can understand, our President is a great B.S. artist. Hitler was a great speaker and apparently so is Obama. I hope the comparison ends there? They both seem to have (had) a great sway over the people.

Our current financial crisis has it's background in Democrat Presidents past who decided it was a good idea to force loan offices to give loans to people who couldn't possibly ever pay them back. It has snowballed to the point of the downfall of our housing industry.

Thanks to the great housing boom of the Clinton era and the unregulated skyrocketing of the cost of housing in California I'll never be able to buy a home in my native state. Thanks democrats for that one!

I am not a Republican nor affiliated with any political party at all. I despise politics and all the lies they bring to this country. I really couldn't tell you if there's been one president in my lifetime that I'd give a thumbs up to, whether it be after 100 days or 1460!

Greg S, California
posted 11:27 PM on 04/28/09

I am proud to have Barack Obama as my President. On the MSNBC poll I gave him an A. Youth, education, knowledge, personality, manners, and grace. It has been many a year since we were so blessed.

posted 9:40 PM on 04/28/09

I will have to give the president thumbs down for the time. Reason being is that he is actually considering giving approximately 12 million illegal aliens amnesty during this great recession. This goes to show he is refusing to protect the American workers and will support illegal aliens. Remember I said illegal, this amnesty in itself is criminal on the grounds that he is willing to aid and abed fugitives of the law. Yes crossing the boarder without without the proper documentations and other than a place specified by I.N.S. IS ILLEGAL acording to 8 U.S.C. 1325(a) clearly outlaws it and defines its monetary and penal consequences.

The aforementioned section of penal code clearly states: "Any alien who (1) enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers, or (2) eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers, or (3) attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact, shall, for the first commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both, and, for a subsequent commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18, or imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both." What part of this does some of our polititions not understand? The laws need to be enforced before they are rewriten and amended.

posted 7:52 PM on 04/28/09

Thumbs down.Another lying politician.

brad b.
posted 7:31 PM on 04/28/09

Saying that Bush was bad does not make Obama look good. Most of the presidents in America's history have done a better job than Bush.

Mason B
posted 7:27 PM on 04/28/09

President Obama is the right leader for this time in history. Our economy collapsed because of the gigantic disparity of wealth. We need a return to fair day's wage for a fair day's work. The middle class has to have fair compensation because they make up the majority of the population and the basis for the economy. If most of the nation's wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few people, the economy will collapse -- and it has. When the economy collapsed, President Obama took bold and unpopular measures to keep the country afloat and to create jobs for the middle class. He supports health care for everybody, which sounds like common sense to me. He supports the environment without which we could not survive -- again, a no-brainer. He supports the US Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, which made the USA the great nation that it is. I can't argue with that either.

posted 5:35 PM on 04/28/09

Sarah Palin on her worst day is 100 times better than BHO on his best day!
And, as far as the comment on late night about bowling like he was in the special Olympics? Just about everything he does qualifies for that. Sorry special Olympians, didn't mean to dis you guys and gals.

posted 5:33 PM on 04/28/09


posted 1:55 PM on 04/28/09



posted 12:45 PM on 04/28/09

WOW!! like no lie people are retarded...
first off its only been 100 days, no one has ever dramatically changed the US in their first hundered days, Hell George Bush couldn't keep America safe in his first year. For any process to succefully be fullfilled; many stages in a process have to be completed. This is the problem with society everyone is reactionary and not thinking and giving time for any situation to become better
second were does this assumption of Barack Obama is a terrorist or dictator is crazyness, if he was either by now he would have given up with the economic plan and given up on environmental plan and said, it will be done my way and no other opinions matter.
what bothers me the most is the idea that he is a muslim and hates American views. for one there is video tape of him attending church for 20 years of his life, and he isn't a christian?!!? thats more footage of him being at church than both Bush and Clinton, yet alone the amount of hours off camera spent in church.
As the world veiws us, the muslim world will never like the US. You cannot change the mindset of people, even after WWII china america's allies went into communist ways because it suits them better. the reasons for the war has changed so many times first started off attacking afganastan and iraq for 911 (which attacking afgahn was ok but not the other countriesnot, for they weren't part of the attacks), then it changed to justed being that they had weapons of mass destruction and search for Saddam Hussein (then we discvoered there was no weapons and we became the controlling power over iraq), then it was to spread democracy and we put up our own politician in running to be ruler(while in US this same person i forgot his name lost to a dead guy in a us govern election and lost election in iraq) and now it is cause they will attack us with some magical armed forces while they are being occupied with the war and with no real leader.
In conclusion i hope people remember that america was not built in a day, that the civil war lasted years before anything was resolved, civil rights for blacks was not settled for over 100's of years and women's the same, and America did not get out the great depression without the help of everyone working during WWII. the changes that are to be made will not be made for another year or two, with the troops i root for thier victory and return home but can not see any happieness for this is a war with no real goal, and for the environment and economics is such a disaster that it will be years (unfortunatly not enough time) to solve and cannot fix.

hopefully others will think and not react

Chad Adams
posted 12:07 PM on 04/28/09

Thumbs down. We have Joe Stalin Light in the White House. Central government control doesn't work. We have de-facto state control of major sectors of our economy. One party has taken control and is pushing a progressive left agenda that would make Norman Thomas look like an altar boy. Free speech is anathema to the democrat party which is not at all democratic! We could solve the nation's energy crisis by building an air duct from Washington, D.C. to northern states to use all the congressional hot air to lower heating costs. Obama suffers from narcisissm and loggorhea.

Charles S
posted 11:20 AM on 04/28/09

i give pbo a thumbs up, if he had enough courage and a new insight to take on the task of at lesat trying to clear up the bull---- we've been left with for the last (8) years.In reference to his inexperience, which president when into to office with a presidential degree

posted 11:03 AM on 04/28/09

Every day I pray that God protects him. Unfortunately, for him, he is learning a truth. I bet he never thought of himself as naive or sheltered before now. Reality is harsh sometimes, most of the time. Sadly the first one hundred are nothing compared to the next one thousand plus. Thank God he has Michelle.

He has done more in one hundred than any other president in all their terms. Yet, only because of the opposition to what he is, he will never get any credit for anything good or positive because of the opposition to what he is. This is America, the land of equal. . .

angi coleman
posted 10:37 AM on 04/28/09

It's a mixed bag, some good, some not as good. The concept of getting GOP to work together is a pipe dream and he should extend a hand but not too close that they could bite it off.

Health care isn't something he can do half way like it appears it will be done so far.

Economy is going to go through the same 7-year itch it seems to go through no matter what happens. Greed will win out every time. Yet there still needs to be more regulation of the markets. Then they need to review the regulations once the greed factor has found work-arounds to the sitting regulation. A weird but needed game.

Foreign policy seems to be more of the same without the fear factor. Clinton will do a good job of putting the USA back on a platform for talking things out before resorting to military force.

All in all anybody would have been better than Bush. I wish that President Obama would have a Democratic congress to support his policies for the remaining time he is in office. Or it will be two years of nothing getting done in DC.

posted 10:17 AM on 04/28/09

If I had ten thumbs, they'd be all down. There are no words anymore to explain what this man is doing to our country. The people on this video are the reasons why California and Los Angeles are in the mess they're in and then you can expand that out to the whole country. The reason why the LA Times and all the other newspapers are going out of business is quite clear. God help us that the damage that this man will do is not permanent. Obama is the worst thing to happen to the USA.

Jennie, Los Angeles, CA
posted 7:46 AM on 04/28/09

obama is the devil and too much trust was put into him, and mccain is ready to die and go to hell for being apart of a party that would set up their own country to pass the patriot act which would go behind their own peoples back, its one step closer to them taking over our freedom and rights one day people, how do you guys not see it?

huey freeman
posted 7:33 AM on 04/28/09

Dear Republicans,

Please keep doing exactly what you are doing now. It's working great for you. Soon you will be changing the name of the party to the Whigs v2.

Your lack of understanding of how the world has changed and made you irrelevant will continue to be a source of anger for you. Please do not keep this anger to yourself. Every time you express it you help destroy the Conservative movement. Thank you for your help. Bush achieved what none of the Liberals ever could have, he made the Republicans the Permanent Minority.

Thank you George W Bush!!!

posted 2:34 AM on 04/28/09

Obama is doing a fantastic job considering what he inherited from the previous republican regime. He is a man who thinks before speaking and thinks before taking action. Obama will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents of all time. I am sorry for those haters on the right because they must be most miserable listening to all of the right wing talking head fanatics.

posted 12:09 AM on 04/28/09

Obama and the government - your new Gods. Now bow and obey.

Sabastian Curry
posted 11:07 PM on 04/27/09

It might take a while for Obama's changes to take effect in a negative way, but when it does I hope the dummys who voted for him are smart enough to realize what happened. Or maybe they could just blame it on Bush.

posted 9:40 PM on 04/27/09

wow, there are apparently a lot of uninformed people out there. there is no question that the country is in significantly better hands. We needed a brave, honest and intelligent administration to pull us out of the last 30 plus years of greed and ignorance. If you cant see that, then you are clearly a product of the worst quarter century in our nations history. Tragic.

posted 9:22 PM on 04/27/09

A bit more time in his presidency will reveal the unmasked agenda that will negatively affect everyone nationally and internationally. I hope that I am wrong but talk to the millions of people out of work, homeless and angry, along with the millions that lost all of their 401K's and stock in bogus ponzi investment schemes. It is then you will get a more accurate assessment of what has happened and continues to be a social disaster in the U.S.

Forget the swine flu we have been hog tied for years by both parties. Again hope springs eternal, lets wait and see what the future has in store for us, hopefully better then it is now.


Jim Haynes
posted 7:03 PM on 04/27/09

A huge thumbs down!! I totally agree with you Maaad Mike! I am thankful I did not vote for him. He states how he thinks human life is worth protecting, yet overturns a ban on stem cell research (which comes from aborted babies).
All you anti-Bush people, did you know that during his term, the Senate/Congress was a majority of Democrats--which even though the Pres is the Commander-in-cheif, they (Senate/Congress) have more sway over our Government. Look what they (Democratic majority Senate/Congress)did to us.
Can only hope and pray that we are not overrun by terrorists and forced into muslum religion by the end of the 4yrs! What a mess Obama and the Senate/Congress is getting us into! It will take a Superhero to get us out of it--and we all know that they are fictional!

posted 6:49 PM on 04/27/09

Its not either or in this situation. We have multiple crises on hand. If you blame Obama, blame yourself, you too were responsible before Obama came on board. Give the guy a break and let him do his job. This guy is Not on vacation like the last one we had! Anyone remember Goat on a Rope?

posted 5:29 PM on 04/27/09

Course: Cabinet Appointments. Grade: D-
Would have been an "F", except for the appointments of Robert Gates and Hillary Clinton. The only qualifications to be nominated seem to be: 1. Must have cheated on your Income Taxes. 2. Must be a socialist.

Course: Foreign Policy. Grade F. In just 100 days, you have weakened, not strengthened U.S. Foreign Policy. Our enemies as well as our "friends" now know that you are weak and probably incapable or unwilling to negotiate from a position of strength. Noted: You're late, but otherwise effective rescue of American merchant seaman.

Course: Domestic Policy: F. You need to go back and study the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and understand the relationship that MOST Americans have with these documents and the Federal Government. It's "We the People", not "We the Federal Government"!

Course: Crisis Management. Grade F
In just 100 days you have tripled the U.S. Debt and made the U.S. Dollar almost worthless. The U.S. Stock Market has lost nearly 4,000 points and Unemployment is nearly 9%. Rule 1: You can't spend your way out of a Recession. Rule 2. You cannot increase taxes during a Recession.

Overall Grade: D-

posted 4:57 PM on 04/27/09

Your president said some words for so called armenian genocide(the biggest lie on the earth) to take votes of armenians and now he knows he can't say that there was an armenian genocide but he had said that i am going to use the word of genocide and he couldn't on 24th april.He said some words in armenian -meds yeghern- "great calamity." He can't can't CAN'T say genocide.All world knows obama of course knows there wasn't genocide but for some votes...My american friends think of it.Please for a moment.Only for a vote you will victimize a nation.You decide.Thanks for all your patience

posted 3:49 PM on 04/27/09

I'm shocked at the amount of bitter hatred against both our current and former presidents. It's only been 100 days, folks. If you're this quick to judge Barack Obama, I question your credibility.

Bryan T
posted 2:34 PM on 04/27/09

Hello people espically all you oboma fans. You all voted for him (THANK GOD I DID NOT). You got what you voted for.And for all you oboma fans that say he's so SMART, GOOD LOOKING and WELL SPOKEN.The same things were said about HITLER,MARX,LENNIN,STALIN,CASTRO,CHAIRMAN MAO and CHAVEZ. Thart they were all SMART,GOOD LOOKING and WELL SPOKEN.Look what THEY DID to THEIR COUNTRY'S.Do WE want THE SAME for OURS. I THINK NOT. Lets keep AMERICA, AMERICA LAND of the FREE,HOME of the BRAVE.Not AMREIKA the OBOMANATION.Thats right thats how the REST of the WORLD SEE US A WEAK OBOMANOTION IN THEIR EYES.He KEEPS GIVING the BANKS BAILOUTS.Puts CROOKS in OFFICE managing OUR MONEY and TAXES but THEY did NOT even PAY THEIR OWN.But he wont even help our AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY without having them do MAJOR CHANGES in the way THEY do BUSINNES.So does this mean that the AMERICAN CAR will be put on the ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST,or GO the way of the DINOSAUR. Should have done that to WALL STREET also.So well LOOSE JOBS in AUTO giving us more problems. Even now we find out BANK of AMERICA wes PRESSURED by OBOMANATIONS government in to their deal. What A CROKC.Times are BAD when government TELLS US what WE can BUY and MANAGES OUR MONEY.Looks like WELL ALL be GOOSE STEPPING by CHRISTMASS or PRAYING to MECCA. And rember people FREEDOM is not FREE. SOMEONE DIED DEFENDING IT.Thats why our TROOPS are DOING their JOB. So we can be FREE over HERE. If they were not they would be BLOWING US UP in OUR MALLS, BUSSES and SCHOOLS just LIKE THEY DO in THEIR COUNTRY.I LOVE AMERICA LAND of the FREE, HOME of the BRAVE. Lets keep AMERICA AMERICAN. I do NOT want an OBOMANATION.

posted 10:59 AM on 04/27/09

thumbs up for making the effort to clean up the mess George Bush left after 8 years. If you think the US is a 3rd world country, give thumbs up to Bush.

Lett, DC
posted 10:50 AM on 04/27/09

Seriously, is this even up for debate? No thumbs up or down! The 10 thumbs down from a previous poster doesn't even rate the issues properly. Regardless of party, the President should first and foremost ALWAYS represent the PEOPLE of this great country -- he hasn't. Religion and political parties aside -- but they aren't. In order to represent the people effectively, the President and this nation should neither be represented as above nor below any other sovereign nation and for as much as we as a nation have done for the freedom of peoples around the world - WE SHOULD NEVER APOLOGIZE! Far too many of our fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters have paid that price already and fought with conviction of duty to US ALL and as a gesture to our allies and their citizens, so who are we to say it was in vain? I may stand alone and disappointed at all the parties because each has its own angle and spin. And I too could quote fact-to-cause just as much as the rest above, but to what end? Let's just hope that the next president is reading this and preparing him/herself because a serious house cleaning is due -- we don't or shouldn't expect miracles -- we should expect results that don't completely polarize this great country into the threat of another civil war! This goes for the current administration and our wannabe leaders in washington, d.c. BTW, out of respect, I'll capitalize that word again -- when it means something -- again! What a real and tragic shame.

posted 10:13 AM on 04/27/09

Thumbs up, here is a word to the republican, the election over be carefull your party end up seatless next election stop hating.

posted 9:59 AM on 04/27/09

two thumbs down.

Creating a DHS that spends time calling abortion opponents, conservatives and constitutionalists terrorists, the continuing apology for America's success and freedoms, his comfort and deference to communist dictators and other tyrants, his attempts to hijack the private sector, more deficit spending in 100 days than ALL previous presidents combined, offending our allies, and threatening to increase the cost of living drastically (besides the inflation from the trillions) with a massive cap-and-trade tax, (Yes this will cost dearly with our coal-based economy), and his blind fear mongering on both Global warming (despite 1 volcano putting off more greenhouse gas than all mankind in history) and the economic crises to pass his pork "stimulus" bill.

Election 2010 will be a referendum on these and other terrible policies (if his radicalized Department of homeland security hasn't classified every last one of his opponents as a domestic terrorist)...

posted 9:34 AM on 04/27/09

Anything is better than 4 more years of the Republicans. Obama keep doing what you need to do to get this country back to where we can all hold are heads up high.

Sad Dad
posted 9:16 AM on 04/27/09

Obama is a great speaker. He has a great smile. He is doing an adequate job on foreign policy.

Unfortunately, his economic plans will bankrupt the country and reduce the standard of living for a generation. But, as long as it is "fair" we should not speak out out about the largest deficits ever in this country or higher taxes on all businesses and all tax-paying citizens.

Do the math - his plans are wonderful, they simply are not affordable and will not work. If wealth redistribution, government control of the economy and soft socialism was so effective, East Germany, North Korea, and old China would be world leaders. Notice how they are not?

posted 9:10 AM on 04/27/09

I think it's a little early to be determining how well his Presidency is going. He simply hasn't been in office long enough. And anyone declaring his Presidency a complete success or utter failure, at this early stage, should probably seek a career in something other than political punditry. Maybe driving trucks?

posted 8:58 AM on 04/27/09

A big thumbs down. He said one thing during the campaign and does the exact opposite now.

And please remember all of you Bush Bashers. the economy was doing well until the 2006 Election where the Democrats took control of the government.

Who actually runs the country, the President or Congress. ??? Stop and think about that and you can see why we are in deep Do-Do right now.

posted 8:56 AM on 04/27/09

Obama has had to make some un-ordthodox moves due to the situation he has inherited. And it has made people scared. But he has a sound economic team behind him - Bill Clinton's. As Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman stated - the danger in this situation will be to be too cautious.

I don't like abortion or in vitro fertilization or the storage of human embryos, or cloning. Embryonic stem cell research has proven to be a waste of resources while adult stem cell research has proven to be quite fruitful. Obama needs to disassociate himself from these policies. The democrat's achilles tendon is their lack of moral leadership in the area of human reproduction.

Obama inherited a situation in disarray. The economy, the lack of control of our own southern border. No energy policy by the previous administratrion. A trade deficit run amuck. That being said - I give him an enthusiastic thumbs up. Because I am a democrat and I hope for the best. And I could do a better job than George Bush, John McCain, or Sarah Palin.

Jack M, Fairfax
posted 8:45 AM on 04/27/09

Obama is a joke.
1) He passed a PORK bill that banmkrupts us for the next 50 years before we even move to item 2.
2) Socialized medicine won't work
3) Democrats (Fat Frank, Dodd) caused the housing crisis, including Barrack
4) He weakens our standing militarily in the world every day. An event will happen.
5) Dercisions are poll and partisan driven, PERIOD!

Jim H
posted 8:10 AM on 04/27/09

I've spoken with many dozens of people on this, and nearly universally, the people who like what he's doing have almost no comprehension on the issues or consequences - it's like a personality thing. Most are Europeans from a heavily socialist background who would enjoy seeing America weaker; and those who are horrified by his actions have a strong grasp on what constitutes the American Way and why we used to be a strong country.

posted 7:58 AM on 04/27/09

Seems Mr Obama has a knack for calling any difference of opinion "partisan". Should not come as a surprise as he never truly came out and said what he was or wasn't in favor of when running for election. The ultimate empty vessel ready for people to fill with their own expectations. The Americans deserve the government they elect. God help the rest of us when their "democracy" comes crashing down around them. 54% of the popular vote seems a bit thin to "reinvent" 200+ years political history. Even I understand what federalism is about and the fears Mr Jefferson held 200 years ago. Thumbs down on the first 100 days and I tremble when Mr Obama seeks to replicate the disastrous policies of FDR. He doesn't aim very high.

Juan Dominguez
posted 6:42 AM on 04/27/09

People that are complaining about president Barack Obama...where were you when Bush handed out government contracts to Cheney's company without gov bidding. where were you when Bush out in the open pulled a stunt like 9/11 and made you think that Iraq was the one to be attacked because his "friends" had money(oil) in Iraq.

Unless you are ready to go out and protest about the wrong doings by the people in power, dont sit here and think you know whats going on..

Obama is doing a great job and he is building relationships with the world cuz we dont live here by our self and we cant run a country just by our self....
Building relationships is very important...Middle East, Asia and Europe all believe and value friendships...So all of you that never had good friends, dont sit online and say stuff about who should he respect and who he should be making friends with.

Obama put THE WHOLE WORLD BACK INTO positive mood and not just the country.

posted 6:05 AM on 04/27/09

lol...i see a lot of people happy that he talks to us...YAY HE TALKS TO US!!! like i said keep watching your Liberal news where if there no good news they just say well atleast he told us the problem blah blah blah. All the "rightwingers" can pinpoint what we dont like about Obama and why we disagree with it...theres a "change." from the smae old complaining about every. the mentality that "if bush did it it was bad!"

posted 5:45 AM on 04/27/09

Way Down!

Want cap on Hollywood salaries. Want stars to stop hopping on private jets and driving through town in gas guzzling vehicles.

It's not just the Wall Street bigwigs that need to have reduced salaries it's the movie stars who get $20,000,000 a picture for their "work". What a laugh.

Stop those outrageous star salaries. Let the entire crew participate in revenue sharing and fairer distribution of salary.

posted 5:45 AM on 04/27/09

it doesnt matter whos president it just changes the way they do things, youve still got the same corrupt ******* in there obabams m ainly just a front man..

posted 5:31 AM on 04/27/09

I wish I could turn on the TV and see a president being president. When will he stop campaigning? I have seen legislation being passed and heard that no one has read the complete package---does this start to put fear into your heart of what their school teachers taught them----do we have a reading test for them to pass before becoming a senator, house of rep or do I say president? Who is typing the packages to be passed---they have to have read it. Shouldn't our Washington members take the time to proofread the material before voting on it? George Washington it is said, spent many hours in prayer before making a decision---looks like the present administration is too eager to pass things through rather than see how it will affect the main stream. I am sorry to say two thumbs down for president Obama---I am sick of him not encouraging Americans to be proud of their skills and admire the good things our country has, and tired of him saying he is sorry to the rest of the world. We are a great country, filled with outstanding people---quit putting us down!The stimulus has brought out all the bad in this country--fake names to get benefits--the money is NOT REACHING those that need it! If you would have given every person, yes even the illegal aliens, $500,00 each in a bank account--that would not even touched the waste that fraud has brought us Mr President, senators and Reps-----do YOUR homework. You are not working for the masses, as you promised.

Sue D, WI
posted 10:04 PM on 04/26/09

Can't you step outside of your ideological shell? The comments here, for the most part, are extremist blather, both on the left and on the right. Just for once, question your own beliefs. Don't just say "Obama is a socialist, hates America" or "Obama is fixing every bad thing that Bush did". Think, for once. Obama is NOT a socialist and DOESN'T hate America, and simultaneously, Bush was NOT evil incarnate, and the problems the country faces now are larger than just his making. But most importantly, stop just echoing these extremist falsehoods, and start thinking for yourself. God gave you a brain and independent thought -- use it.

Brian B, San Diego
posted 9:05 PM on 04/26/09

Barack Obama is an actor. Not a very good one at that. Wake up, people. He doesn't stand for the "change" he convinced us he would bring. Stop being deceived by the false republican-democrat/left-right paradigm of which he seeks to take advantage. You either stand for a free market where people are responsible for their mistakes (and bear the burden of those mistakes without bailouts) or you stand for military-industrial interests.

Peter W
posted 8:54 PM on 04/26/09

Thumbs way down!! I didn't believe anyone could be worse than Jimmy Carter or Al Gore(thankfully he didn't get elected). But Obama has proven me wrong! He is so bad!!!I hope our country survives this inept buffoon! Change- yeah! For the Worst.

Faye & Jimmy Bowden
posted 2:02 PM on 04/26/09

thumbs up

Sage Hope
posted 1:22 PM on 04/26/09

Considering the mess(es) he inherited when he took office, I think Obama is doing a terrific job.

And, it feels so good to have a president who can speak in complete, well constructed sentences that make sense. That alone is certainly change enough for me.

As for his initiatives on several fronts, it is far too early to know what, exactly, the results will be. Perhaps by the end of his first term we will be well on our way to recovery from all the mistakes made by the Bush administration as well as having the "economic situation" under control.

R C Kelly
posted 12:38 PM on 04/26/09

OUTSTANDING, incredible job

of preventing access to his original birth certificate!

Between Andy Martin and Orly Taitz, maybe someday we'll find out what is being hidden or why the media won't cover the eligibility issue.

posted 12:28 PM on 04/26/09

The Republicans are not his biggest threat; it is Pelosi and the left wing. How does a President with his education flip flop on "torture". That was a disgrace. The lack of journalistic impartiality is feeding the disinformation further. The responsible parties for the sub-prime disaster were Barney Frank - Ma. and Chris "pay me first" Dodd-Ct. BUSH AND GREENSPAN WENT TO THE HOUSE WITH LEGIS. THAT WOULD HAVE TEMPERED THE COLLAPSE AND PELOSI KILLED IT IN COMMITTEE!! Why is the GM CEO fired yet Freddie and Fannie May's management still intact? Why did these quasi-governmental agencies
If you thought our failure in Afghan. was due to Clinton's tearing apart the CIA, wait til the retirement's hit in 6 months as the experience vowed never to take the mistreatment again. These people are Patriots that the left can't understand.
I'd like every left wing Dem to be dropped into northeast Peshawar, Pakistan for 60 days. If they were somehow able to survive, they would return with a clear picture of the threats that are imminent.

Obama is a Harvard liberal, better suited for arguements over Constitutional law than the brutal reality that Cheney understood from his posts at the Pentagon, Defense Sec. for Iraq 1 and VP for 9/11. And Hillary does not find him a credible source. Her arrogance is only surpassed by her detachment from reality. Her performance in Pakistan was laughable I understand why India refused her first request for a state visit. India replied there was no need as they had not yet forgotten the arrognce of Clinton 1&2. Who are the Clinton's to lecture the Indian goverment on human rights. Our enemies are working hard to kill us and we do not even know of the threat. If the Mexican mafia, who now controls the Columbian cocaine source since the collapse of the FALN, are able to ship up to 10 tons a month, how hard is it to get 3 lbs. of nuke material into Kansas City, Dallas or Denver?
And you elected the people that will be responsible for the death of our children and ourselves. UNITED WE SURVIVE. This is now impossible as the Dem's have never let go of Clinton's impeachment.

PeterJ - Fla.
posted 12:10 PM on 04/26/09

Mr. Obama has spent us into oblivion, is nationalizing our banks and insurance companies, is in the process of making our health care system into the post office, and will tax everyone to death to pay for it, and he is projecting weakness on foreign policy which will embolden our enemies and invite foreign policy disasters. On the positive side, he is a fantastic speaker.

Mike R
posted 12:09 PM on 04/26/09

You must not judge Obama's administration so hastily for it has only been 3 months into his presidency. No one in the right mind can predict how his plans would work out so any negative or positive criticism should be withhold for another 2 years. It's at that time that we'll all find out how things will turn out.

posted 8:24 AM on 04/26/09

YAY OBAMA! I'm a kid...

posted 7:35 AM on 04/26/09

TWO THUMBS UP!! The President has done an EXCELLENT job with the mess he's inherited! You just keep doing your job, Mr. President. Never Mind the Naysayers.

There are millions of us praying for you.

"No weapon formed against us shall prosper."

posted 5:55 AM on 04/26/09

Torture. What we did is far less awful than what our enemies have done. Everyone knows of the Americans who lost their LIVES to torture from the enemy. Beheadings, beating, starvation, putting our citizens in pits of filth, filled with human excriment and other dead american bodies. Waterboarding..? At least they had something to drink. Quit your whining and have compassion for your own citizens of sufferage!

posted 5:10 AM on 04/26/09

Yeah, but will you still reconize the country that we were, before the Obama administration took office, when they leave office. I think we've entered the twightlight zone.

You say 1340 days to go, I think by mid-summer, were in for a total complete economical melt down at the pace we are currently moving right now. Prapare for it, it's coming. It will be very bad, worst than 1929 but not as long, I hope.

posted 4:28 AM on 04/26/09

I am 92 year old Republican Accountant.
I miss the Republican Party of Goldwater and other thinking Conservatives. Where did they go? These new pretend Republicans don't know a thing about the truth, the economy, decency or respect. I voted for Obama and will again if I live that long. Long live American Ideals. E.Pluribus Unim
Secular and considerate. Thumbs up for Obama and family, if I leave now, I'll leave happy.

Nick LoConti
posted 2:09 AM on 04/26/09

Mr.President does not seemto be decisive and experienced enough to solve the internal and the global issues.But he is good at rhetoric.What he said about Armenian-Turkish issue is also scandalous. Armenians are the spoiled children of the Western World.If Pres. Obama wants to be the leader of all world, he must also think about the Turks and Muslims who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks by the Armanian bandits. More than 50 Turkish diplomats were assasinated in the Western capitals by those bandits in seventees and eightees.

Muhsin Karas
posted 11:31 PM on 04/25/09

Many mid-eastern cultures have adverse reactions to the thumbs up sign. Obama deserves what they relate to with thumbs up. First, he has not proven he is an American citizen. Secondly, his so-called administration is incompetent at best. Third, all the talk about all the corrupt conservative rich people from the left is complete hypocrisy. Where are all the records of his contributors? Look at how much he spent on his illicit inauguration. He authorizes millions to racist groups like ACORN and La Raza (whose very name is racist). Fourth, all the hope hype and change propaganda used in his campaign has proven to be a lie because Americans thought it meant hope and change for the better, not the worst as he is revealing. Fifth, rather than embracing American ideals and principles, Obama embraces dictators, human rights violators, socialists, communists, hatemongering Muslims, and everything that despises our freedoms and our God. Sixth, no person in the military that is truly an American and sold out to defending our Constitution and freedoms can truly respect Obama as their Commander in Chief. Seventh, his tactics are proving he is a socialist dictator and his history is parallel to that of Adolph Hitler.

Rev Daniel Shank
posted 11:23 PM on 04/25/09

Between his huge spending, bogus appointees, huge promises, and his foolish parading about the world shaking hands with our enemies and apologizing to them, he makes Bush look like a competent, effective leader. And that WITH the media in his back pocket! He will bring ruin to this nation.

Josh, MA
posted 10:21 PM on 04/25/09

Thumbs down! Anyone who says they are "impressed" with Obama is truly clueless and mesmorized by the left wing party agenda.

posted 10:02 PM on 04/25/09

President Obama have done more in 100 days than bush did in 8 years. Gooooo Bama!!!

posted 10:00 PM on 04/25/09

At least Obama is actually working and not hanging out at the ranch. Obama is dedicating himself tirelessly to creating a future for our country and our children. He inherited a mess and is working towards creating a fair and balanced government. I am proud of our new leader and excited about the future of our economy. All good things come to those who wait.

posted 8:45 PM on 04/25/09

This man is more of the same. He promised change and I've yet to see any real change.

posted 8:33 PM on 04/25/09

I was born and raised in a communist country where everything was controlled by the government. Gov-t was telling people how much money they can make (sounds familiar?), always blaming someone for problems (Bush is evil), telling you how many sq. meters of living room you should have, what car to drive, take your money and give it to others who do not necessarily pay taxes (40% in US DO NOT pay taxes), etc., etc. etc. Can't you see it's a beginning of socialism and a start of decline? I see it clearly as I saw it before...

posted 7:16 PM on 04/25/09

Two thumbs down. Reading these posts fills me with even more dread than I had before. Obama supporters believe that if you do not support his policies you are:
-a redneck
-ill informed

The reality is there are many, many people that honestly hoped there would be a positive change in government with the election of this President. Yet each day events take place that should alarm any American that delights in freedom. A few examples are:

-a DHS report that targets veterans as potential right-wing terrorists
-the Administration proposing that wounded war veterans have private insurance pay for their medical care
-covering religous symbols while speaking at a Christian college
-proposing to end the right to have legal representation while being questioned by police
-ramrodding a huge stimulus bill through that generally goes to furthering left wing agendas, not stimulating the economy
-Politicizing the census
The list goes on....get past the main stream media adulation of Obama and get to the truth.

It is insulting that Obama supporters accuse those who bring valid concerns for our freedoms of being wild-eyed hicks. And that we speak out only because of sour grapes.

I served in our military for 20 years, and would gladly do it again. The military has fought and died so Americans can have the right to choose their leaders and voice their opinions. But Obama supporters need to remember that EVERYONE has the right to a dissenting opinion....just because it does not agree with yours does not make us ignorant....to the contrary, it displays yours.

posted 7:05 PM on 04/25/09



posted 4:40 PM on 04/25/09

Thumbs Up

Those of you stating that the President haven't done / solve anything you're mistaken. The last President created a problem worth over 4.8 trillion dollars that we're now in the middle of. As the leader of the country Obama can't be the one expected to fix the problem but he can sure as hell point us all in the right direction... which he is. Please if you can't do your bit and help fix this problem stay out of the way and shut up!

posted 4:20 PM on 04/25/09

The best president you've had in a very long time !!!

Carlo, Netherlands
posted 1:06 PM on 04/25/09

10 Thumbs DOWN.
Will HE be HAPPY when HE makes us a 3rd World country.

F. Sadler
posted 12:40 PM on 04/25/09

The president is doing a very fine job considering what and who he has to work with. All the naysayers are angry for their man not winning and refuses to accept any improvement as improvement. They could not see what Bush and his co-heart while he was in office had done to this country and the harm it had done. Now that the other team is in control and are trying to correct these problems, they are screaming their hears off. Another example is Wall Street and the bankers who were standing on shaky grounds to begin with almost lost everything and ruined a lot of peoples' lives. Bush Administration allowed them to act irresponsiblely and before he left office the ground was breaking apart under them and since their greed had made it where the ground could no longer hold their weight and their business was falling down around their heads. Obama came into office and with great effort he began working try to move them onto solid ground but the naysayers and Republicans are fighting him all the way. In this day hard decisions must be made that past politicians have ignored but we can't do that any longer. He is making those tough decisions and its going to hurt but its either pay me now or really pay me later. A lot of things have been deferred and now it time to pay up. He's trying to change the feeling of self entitlement that has grow out of control for the last eight years. Reasonable compensation and salaries is one thing but what we have in high places are salaries and compensation out of control. Business and Republicans will try to say it's labor that is costing the companies money but labor doesn't bring home millions of dollars a year in salaries and compensation but CEOs and athletes do. Obama wants businesses to look at how they do a lot of things and if possible change them for the health of the company and country. That's not too much to ask.

posted 11:48 AM on 04/25/09

Luke warm thumbs up. Considering the mess he inherited, I doubt anyone else could have done better and most would have done worse. Still a long way to go and he needs all the public support he can get to do it. Project Number One? Stop wars. Number Two? Health Care and Education.

Jean Gerard
posted 9:37 AM on 04/25/09

Please,please- -it is becoming tedious listening to the Obamaites still blaming Bush for each of today's ailments.All good actions are a result of Obama while all bad developments are blamed on Bush. When will it stop? Maybe when the next President is elected. Let us all hope it is someone responsible, truthful, balanced,and not obsessed by a right or left ideology.


posted 9:25 AM on 04/25/09

He campaigned as being an agent of change. A softer gentler politician who was going to change politics as usual in Washington. What a joke. I see the same sleaze, the same tactics, the same nonsense. His nominee picks have been a disaster. So many unethical tax cheats. This whole waterboarding issue is a political witch hunt in order to appease his hard left supporters. BHO is far more polarizing than GWB. The country is divided more than ever. I hope he is a one term President. We can't afford him. I give him a thumbs down.

Linda H, San Gabriel
posted 9:06 AM on 04/25/09

If america was an airline(on which our govenment protects us great job guys thanks!) and obama was the pilot i would say we are in a pretty nasty tailspin. Every dollar that you own is going to be worthless. You cannot flood any economy with trillions and not see the devaluation of currency in the near future. Another thing that will lead us to become a smouldering pile of ashes is the government controlling banks and corperations. The govenment cannot do anything right because it acts in its own intrests and has no one to answer to exect the american people, cant wait for great depression round 2! The tourture issue is rediculous we have sighned treaties aka made the standard, then we broke it. we can go one of 2 ways from here, stay as a nation of laws and prosecute everyone involved, or we can continue this train of thought "tourture is terrible, unless its used for good". Oh yea when your govenment puts out a report to law enforcement saying to be catious of right wing extremists even though we have no "intelligence" of them doing anything against the government thats not oppressing people is it? its terrible that as americans we cannot sleep well at night because peole that bleed red,white,and blue and follow the constitution are going to harm other americans. Im pretty sure people are allowed to say and believe whatever they want and i say obama and friends are taking us down at an alarming rate. I believed he had a plan before he got into office and I VOTED FOR HIM but now all i see is an oxygen mask infront of my face and i am shocked.

posted 8:52 AM on 04/25/09

Obama is doing a great job in horrible circumstances. In addition to having a sane approach to the economy, he is also dealing with foreign policy, environment, health and hopefully we will see something on immigration.

I couldn't be happier!

posted 6:34 AM on 04/25/09

Two Thumbs Up! Listen, I don't expect Obama to repair what has taken the nutty neocons 8 years to destroy, or be the Messiah, BUT he is creating an environment for true progress. Yes Obama will disappoint me, and make mistakes, but he is sincerely trying. Take torture, Obama is dead wrong. We must emphatically re-estabish the rule of law--as a Nation we cannot allow ourselves to undergo these cycles of lawless leadership, carried out by government employees who know they will not be harmed, no, no, no.

Everyone must be responsible. Just because the President issues an illegal order does not provide anyone with immunity. Individuals have a choice faced by so many other brave Americans who over the years have defied the President and instead served the Constitution--they swore to defend.

Obama is going to get his first Lincoln lesson. Sometimes the issue is bigger than the President's agenda. Clearly torture and the rule of law are more important, and like Lincoln who reluctantly freed the slaves, so to will Obama investigate all parties who endangered our Republic. If we fail to do that then our Republic has failed, which is why the Republicans do not want to investigate, they just want to bide their time to regain control so they can continue their Long March into the political wilderness of ineffective government.

Marcial Albuquerque, New Mexico
posted 12:31 AM on 04/25/09

Can we recall the President? Obama is off to a horrible start. He hasn't done one thing to fix this country. He is working on several ideas though to hurt business and close down a lot of small businesses. Thanks for nothing all you numbnuts who voted for this loser. He's horrible.

posted 11:41 PM on 04/24/09

Obama is destroying Americia. Foreign governments are laughing at us. I suggest people spend time reading books on how the founding fathers intended the government should be run. A good start would be in reading The 5000 Year Leap. One just might learn something. All the problems we have now we had in the past only we forgot they existed in the past. History repeats.

posted 10:42 PM on 04/24/09

For all the people who think Obama is doing as good a job under the circumstances, i dont think youre setting the bar very high. We elected President Obama to do what he said he was going to do, and that included decisively dealing with the financial crisis. We knew what was going to happen in the financial markets before November, and Obama should recognize that his mandate was not to deal with the problem but to SOLVE the problem. Who cares what bush did. That is the past. I dont think its unreasonable to expect our elected President to deliver on what he said he would do. The selection process for this job is demanding enough to expect exceptional results.

posted 10:04 PM on 04/24/09

this is the America i came to work 40 years ago and i still have my arms to support you president Obama

Isidro E.
posted 9:10 PM on 04/24/09

Please Dr Doo Little, "bless us with wisdom in budgeting and how to cut a pie so that everyone will have a piece."
It's called hard work! You are right in praying for wisdom for our country in budgeting so not to live beyond our means but, the President is not doing that either! He is wanting to do what the next part of your quote states " cut a pie so that everyone will have a piece." Everyone will not be rich with money. If people would learn to be happy with what they have and live in that wage they can be happy. I for one do not think anyone is entitled to anything they haven't worked hard for unless it's willed to them by their family. Sorry, I work too hard for the guvment to tell me where my "higher taxes" need to go so I will vote them down MOST of the time and choose what charity I give money to.

posted 8:15 PM on 04/24/09

If you give money to the rich it is called stimulus. If you give money to the poor it is called socialism.

Sam Vitale
posted 8:09 PM on 04/24/09


posted 8:08 PM on 04/24/09

Wow! I think our new President is doing a fine job. Simple enough.
Why? Because, he leads! He states and takes an agenda, assigns a team to do the work, and holds them to a tough standard of accountability.

He bold, makes his actions plain, and he takes action.

Secondly, these inherited complexities are not fixable in a 100 days. Therefore, prematuure juddgements are reckless. The true test of our presidents will never be truly access in a 100 days.

Simply put, If you think you could do better, then you should run for and win the presidency.

Otherwise, be respectful, be balanced and most of all be reasonable.

Keep it clean & positive!

Two Thumbs up for Mr. Present Obama.

Dennis W.

Dennis W
posted 7:37 PM on 04/24/09

After reading these posts I now realize that I have been wrong President Obama is great! I was never laid off and there are so many options as to where to work. My 401K has not been cut in half since he became a senator. North Korea hasn’t launched any long range missiles. President Obama has stood up to all our enemies and strengthened ties to all our friends. He didn’t double our national dept 100 days.

posted 7:35 PM on 04/24/09

I think Obama deserves two thumbs up!!!

An articulate and thoughtful leader who is getting us slowly and methodically out of the mess we are in. Yes, he makes mistakes but they aren't the kind that will kill you like Bush before him made. His are fixable, and he's willing to fix them! What a concept!

Love, love, love Obama.

Anyone who is against Obama needs to do a lot more looking at reality and a lot less listening to right wing untruths!

Lane J
posted 5:43 PM on 04/24/09

It is a wake-up call not only for American but for the world; we can not spent what we don't have and expect the debts to go down! It is individual that builds American and the mindset of the West is "borrow-borrow-borrow". President Obama is trying so hard to bring you all into alignment and many are fighting him with negative comments. Clean up the home first then the country will have a chance to stand on her feet. it is time for each American to turn our faces to God and ask HIM to bless us with wisdom in budgeting and how to cut a pie so that everyone will have a piece.

It is a laughing matter to be the policeman of the world when American is not in order herself. You need to have our fingers pointing inward and not outward.

Doctor Doo Little
posted 1:39 PM on 04/24/09

What a disappointment and it just gets worse. At first it was shock & seemed like a bad joke. If this 'change' continues it will be the demise of America. I superimposed a photo of Obama onto a picture of Howdy Doody. It seemed so natural, now I wonder who's manipulating B. O.'s strings/feeding his teleprompter? This man is not thinking! And if he is; he is part of some horrible insidious plan to make our USA into the USSR. Every person in government, including the president, works for me & all American citizens. In the real world outside the beltway- they'd all be fired!! I want my old America back!!

Harriet E.
posted 1:05 PM on 04/24/09

Thumbs up! Obama is doing the best he can with what he was given on january 20th. We all know Bush started this and it's not Obama's fault but he is working hard everyday to bring the change he promised. Give him time people! He's only been in office 3 months!! Lets just support him and hope that in the next 3 months he's able to accomplish more!

posted 12:50 PM on 04/24/09

Obama's chief accomplishment has been bringing intelligence, sensitivity, and a long term outlook back to the executive branch. While I believe that Tim Geithner and Larry Summers are a little tone deaf to current economic realities, for the most part, Obama's appointees and policy decisions have been spot on.

Republicans and conservatives crying about so-called socialism are so weirdly uninformed, bigoted and mean-spirited that they've become a parody. They are increasingly showing how ignorant and parochial they are, in contrast to Obama's thoughtful, fair, and long-term approach.

Roberto Sanchez
posted 12:48 PM on 04/24/09

Obama's not doing great, but he's doing better than expected. Let's face it -- once Bush had burned down the proverbial house whoever took over was always going to have a hard time finding a place to plug in a TV to appease the masses.

I've yet to hear a legitimate and well-reasoned argument against Obama's actions...I only hear school-yard whining.

posted 12:10 PM on 04/24/09

Obama's actions have dragged the country onto the road towards civil war. Two polar opposite ideologies - socialism and capitalistic democracy - cannot coexist.

Obama will be the new Lincoln in dealing with a deeply divided country, but he's undoing all Lincoln fought to uphold.

posted 11:35 AM on 04/24/09

Obama is doing the best he can; the problems he is facing is too much for him to handle within this 100 days in office. He needs more encouragement from his citizens and not finger pointing. It would be a good thing if you all pray for Obama rather than speaking against his effects. Don't sweat the small things because life is full of small things.

Doctor Doo Little
posted 11:19 AM on 04/24/09

Two thumbs up. I'm surprised by how much people place blame more than anything. They are not concerned about what can and should be done but instead worry and moan about everything that was done.

Who has future looking non-character attack based presentation of facts and concerns. A large amount of conservatives are digging their parties own graves by how angry they are. No other reason. I have some conservative views and some liberal views. I have mostly considered myself conservative, however as the years have gone by and more and more of the party show attitudes of intolerance, angry, frustration, character attacks, and support of things that are wrong I cannot see myself a part of that party.

Torture is inhumane. Period. Regardless of the reasons behind, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of what you are preventing. I don't care if the enemy doesn't have the same limitations. Our country is stronger, more technologically advanced, and has a core of people greatly proud of it.

Our founding father's state that we hold certain truth's to be "self evident". That all men-------all men again are created equal. It didn't say just in the US.

Why did we let our selves become not a symbol of freedom, but instead a symbol of subjugation of free will. The exact opposite of what we say we are!

The inaction of the congress (democrats and republicans) and the president immediately following the '08 crash will go down in history as one of the most self centered actions in the interest of protecting their parties and positions in congress and beyond. An immediate correction in Sept to Nov, when it was well know that we were deepening our recession would of prevented or muted what has happened since. Basic economic theory -- which by the way Bush does know, since it was his major.

I was extremely disappointed Republicans have handled their majority in the last 8 years and find my opinion becoming less republican and more moderate. This is why republicans have lost so much ground to democrat's. They haven't stuck to their values, they haven't believed in what they know is right and done it, and they haven't grown their fellow man. They have controlled, manipulated, coerced and forced the populace of the United States of America into such a mess using expanded powers, unnecessary abuses, and world views into such a combination of horribly, unnecessary confusion that it seems almost impossible for the republican party to recover.

The party of Lincoln - the party of decency to the common man. It doesn't exist anymore. It has been replaced with a party so completely unconnected to reality of the world and the growth of both our economy and the world outside of the US, that it is unwilling to change.

The United States is and ALWAYS will be change. That is how we as a country grow. Until all Republican's understand this, how are they to recover their pride and their focus.

posted 11:13 AM on 04/24/09

Thumbs up, but we should really do something about illegal immigrants...

Edward Cullen
posted 11:06 AM on 04/24/09

What a great start! So much accomplished in so little time to address so many huge inherited problems. So many wonderful new programs in their infancy putting us in the right direction. These programs will deliver the change we were all seeking -- if only we don't get discouraged by our need for instantaneous gratification. Go Obama! I for one give you all my support. Two thumbs up!

Terry T
posted 11:02 AM on 04/24/09

Down Down Down

posted 10:39 AM on 04/24/09

I'd like to give the President two thumbs up but I am struggling to. During the elections I was a passionate supporter. I truly believed in what he offered. For the most part he is doing a great job. However, I am very upset about Tim Geithner's role in how nearly $400 billion of our money is not accounted for. The banks used it to protect their bottomline and I feel cheated. Geithner may be the smartest and the most capable, but he failed the test on trust. And now the outrage of people getting screwed on credit card APR rates by the same banks who receive the tax dollars!! Where is the outrage? I am a very upset Obama supporter. But in the end I am a taxpayer above all.

Majid Iqbal
posted 10:26 AM on 04/24/09

WOW!!! Carole, give me a break. I work in the field you can't give money to the banks for free and then let them lend out with a profit that would just make us tax payers take on the chin that much more.
Recap to all: Wall Street made the banking mess not Fannie and Freddie... I know so many republicans want to see him fail to make a point and that's sad. At the end of the day he fails and we all fail... Can anyone say homeless with bread lines.
Let's look at anything Bush has run and I do mean ANYTHING. It has ALWAYS FAILED.. ALWAYS>>> EVEN Owning a PRO BASEBALL TEAM -- who fails at running a pro team!!!
Were you really surprised to see our country sharply decline when the village idiot was at the helm? I'm not.. I've seen videos on the Fannie and Freddie issue BUT I've also seen videos (and remember watching on live on TV) Bush touting the american economy. The economy was home refi's and sales for most of Bushes term. He touted it and said we should do more to help minorities afford the american dream..
The man talked out of both sides of his mouth. Get he (Bush) was not a great patron to our country he was an oil man with the VP. Do you really believe a war in Iraq made us a safer country? It's cutting us deeper than most realize. They could care less about us.
Obama's been in office for about 95 days and is doing a fairly good job for what was handed to him... Stop voting for him to loose because of a party line. He's spending money because without it we go down (and I am very sorry to have to write that) We need to get the oil prices under control. The credit card companies back in check. The health care system fixed (as it's broken). There's always going to be negitives in the world and it's about time we take a look at ourselves and start focusing on the positives.
Tax cuts will NOT solve this mess. It's time to get innovative once again. It's time to come to gether and be Americans...

posted 9:48 AM on 04/24/09

We wanted change; change is what we are getting. I'm not happy with a lot of things the President has done; namely, Pakistan and Afghanistan and waffling on whether or not to hold the Bush Administration responsible for its unspeakable atrocities (wrong is wrong, no matter what the reason). The United States, from its inception, has created and maintained many atrocities here at home--many in the western hemisphere--and throughout the world. We must now begin to pay most dearly or invest in change. We can no longer bully the world. Why? Because the world has long been "on to" us; the difference now is now we know they are "on to" us and because, as with all colonizers and bullies, we have gone to far. We have no choice except to CHANGE. We have been greedy and heady, unsophisticated and condescending, war mongering and unforgiving, uneducated and uneducatable. We must, like it or not, look headlong into the mirror and make a pledge to do better, to be better--not for others--but for ourselves. We make such a to-do about our progeny and money. There are much more precious things to leave them than money.

posted 9:10 AM on 04/24/09

well i think president is doing the best job that no other president do in so short time he the best i see for a long time i know that if the gop. give him more corparation he will do much better but all they good for is to said no !no! because they done have any think to put on the table this guy will made us look around the world again from what bust did to made the world hate us .

posted 12:41 AM on 04/24/09

Two thumbs down.

Torture? Next time a terrorist is caught we should ask him nicely what they were planning to do.

Bailout? That multi trillion bailout scam was nothing more than thousands of earmarks for social programs. You spend more in a recession? I thought you should cut or reduce spending?

Change? All his staff are career politicians. Many who have not paid their taxes. DON'T PAY YOUR TAXES IF YOU WANT TO WORK FOR OBAMA. Who runs the nations money at the US Treasury? Geithner the guy who didn't pay income taxes (6 figure amount) for a few years. Now he is running the nation's money? LOL!

Obama isn't the president. It is the teleprompter that has taken over the presidency. Idiot reads everything the teleprompter says. When he misreads or forgets where he was the UMS UMS come out. A puppet had strings. Now puppets have teleprompter. The man is still in control of the half black man in the oval office.

posted 11:47 PM on 04/23/09

This is one of the best commentaries I listened to. Seeing the before and after comments is fascinating and for the 12 or so I listened to I mostly agreed. The president inherited more trouble than probably any president since Lincoln. He has been out in front talking to the American people and sharing his thoughts and ideas about our future. I am beyond impressed .... I actually feel so much hope for the future that I am considering taking on a community project to green local disadvantaged neighborhoods. I started an new buisness last year and eventhough I don't have the budget today to really branch out and start giving back to any community.... I feel like I must take up the charge of our president and get busy as a citizen of the United States..... Best of luck President Obama! Knock um dead! I know you will!

Staci Cain
posted 11:19 PM on 04/23/09

I do not approve of wasteful spending. I do not approve of any government that spends more than it takes in. I do not believe taxing the people more will help

I also like to see Obama make a sacrifice and have the government audited. Where does our money go? All I have seen is programs which must be paid for and that comes from the people.

How do people without jobs pay taxes? People on wellfare do not have any incentive to get off wellfare. It is not fair to me, the tax payer.

Bill E.
posted 9:46 PM on 04/23/09

thumbs down!!!!! lots of posturing!!!

lots of talk, with and without his


are we better of now or for the future?

sorry i do not think so

Butros T
posted 9:21 PM on 04/23/09

Big thumbs up, of course! Except for a very small group of Americans who are ideologically hostile to the President, practically all of the rest of the world loves and respects Obama. We think he is doing a great job.

posted 8:50 PM on 04/23/09

Kudos to the president! You have shown that you could answer the 3:00AM call! Within 100days in office, you have reversed the the direction the economy was heading (dippening recession) and we are begining to see the glimmers of hope, the facts are there for all to see including your opponents. God will prosper America under your tenure and you will restore the American dream! The mess created in 8yrs cannot be cleared in 100days. Americans of goodwill understand that and are with you. KUDOS!!!!!!!!

posted 7:50 PM on 04/23/09

I would like some people here to define the word "socialism." Please prove to me that you know what you're talking about. And to the person who said Obama has done "nothing" in his 1st 100 days: Read a newspaper.

R B Hayes
posted 7:17 PM on 04/23/09


posted 6:53 PM on 04/23/09

To all of you who approve of Obama, Remember this tune when you were a child, Three blind mice, Three blind mice. Look up the meaning of Narcissist. And by the way, Guess who else in this century was a Narcissist, Does the name Hitler ring a bell!!!!! Obama is nothing more than a Chicago Politcal Thug! Wake up Americans!!! We're lossing our American way of life, & he is fueling it!

Tom, Alabama
posted 5:02 PM on 04/23/09

I agree Obama has done what he campaigned on. Change. Whether you agree with his views or not, you cannot disagree that he has brought Change. Lets just hope he won't do the same thing as president that he did as senator, wait one hundred odd days before he realized he didn't like his job and start campaigning for a new one.

Question: If someone hands you an anti-american book, what do you do? I hope you wouldn't say that you would look forward to reading it...

Another question: If someone is insulting your country to your face what do you do? I hope you wouldn't just sit idlely by and smile.

Final question: Who is the best person at being lead around by their party? Simple... Barack Hussein Obama

posted 4:28 PM on 04/23/09

I think it's both hilarious and sad that the naysayers have so much pride that they refuse to give Obama any credit, even when it's clearly obvious that he has done an outstanding job thus far. I would be the first to give kudos to Bush 100 days after he took office had he done a few things right, and no I'm not just saying that. We all know most Democrats support Obama and a big chunk of Republicans don't. What I'd like to see is some unlikely supporters who can put their pride aside and give credit where credit is due.

posted 4:01 PM on 04/23/09

I give Obama two thumbs up. Don't forget, the $1.7 trillion deficit is not his doing, contrary to popular belief. By excluding certain spending Bush made it appear like the deficit was smaller than it really was. Kudos to this administration for finally giving us the complete picture and having the guts to make tough choices. To all those who do not want to invest in infrastructure, I suggest they live in India for 6 months. They will truly appreciate infrastructure then.

Uday N
posted 3:50 PM on 04/23/09

Thumbs up to President Obama. He is doing an incredible job. The rhetoric and blind followers aside, America has hope again...as a whole. Of course some jaded and fear driven Americans will drag their feet. That is only human nature and understandable. President Obama has pragmatically done his level best to address a lot of issues and this is only 100 days in. I am happy and hopeful because of his efforts for our country.

Crit Van Tuyl
posted 3:21 PM on 04/23/09

I would like to give President Obama a thumbs up! I think he is doing an outstanding job. For the first time since President Clinton, I feel hope for the future of myself and my children. Had McCain and Palin made it into office, I would have explored every option to move from this country. I would have believed hell was coming. I am impressed with Obama's foreign relations and his efforts to reachout to other countries, his efforts to remove troops from Iraq (which is not a one-step process) and mostly his efforts to improve a ailing economy. Patience people - we will prevail with this man at the helm. Stop being fearful and prejudice - he is a good man, with a strong value system, and most important - he has the intellegence, the strength, a plan and now the power to make things happen for the better - have some faith!

posted 2:45 PM on 04/23/09

I find it fascinating that when Bush left office his approval rating was approximately 26% . . . and approximately 26% of Americans currently disapprove of O'Bama . . . probably about the same number who believe TORTURE is okay when we do it but bad when it is done TO us . . . good thing 26% isn't enough to cinch an election.

Carmella V.
posted 2:23 PM on 04/23/09

Well, it seems like those who are in favor of Obama in this post are much more articulate, mature and intellectual than those who do not. I enjoyed reading the postings which used despicable grammar, excessive capitol letters and sentence fragments to slander his performance; and who accused his supporters of being dogmatic despite the fact that almost all of these accusers have latched on to the cheap attacks of labeling Obama as a 'commie' and a 'liberal'. Anyone have any legitimate disapprovals? Or are you all illiterate simpletons who assume that Obama is a neo-Marxist (or do you even know what that is)?

Obama has given us a reason to waive our flag again.

P.S. For crying out loud, it's only been 100 days. He's done more than he's supposed to have by now.

Andrew D
posted 2:04 PM on 04/23/09

I give President Obama two thumbs up. He is what America needs right now to restore our confidence in the country and its direction. He is also a mature, responsible husband and father who has lived the American Dream and who, unlike George W. Bush, knows what it is like to work hard and struggle to make it. His is a story of vision adn success. Those who voted for him should be proud; and those who did not need to show a little more respect.

posted 1:59 PM on 04/23/09

I give the President 2 thumbs down.

Everyone wants to put all the blame on the Bush Admin for this financial crisis. However, it was republicans that wanted some regulation on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Do your homework people. All you need to do is google 2004 Congressional Hearings on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Copy and paste it from this post if you liberals dare.

I fear for our children's future. We are headed toward socialism as fast as we can. No one has ever given me an example of a communist country that is better off than the US.

posted 1:40 PM on 04/23/09

Obama seems to be getting credit for any spike in our economy. Maybe because it can't dip any lower. That's not Obama's doing!! It's time to stop blaming everything on Bush. I'm not really sure that supporters of Obama really knew what they were supporting. He'll definitely bring about change....but I don't think it's the change we really need. 2 more states have legalized "homosexual" marriage..a major taboo in human societies throughout the world(watch out there goes YOUR religious freedoms), almost a $trillion dollars OF OUR TAX MONEY is being spent like there's no tomorrow(if you pay you should be worried!)(Why do the wealthy have to pay for other's misfortunes?), traits of "socialism" (you EARN what you have..I don't owe you anything!), Obama seems to be willing to "go to bed" with the enemy (Chavez, Castro...etc.),
To be honest, I don't think Obama has been fully honest about his "intentions" with the public in general....I believe most of America was so ticked at Bush that they really didn't care what he stood for. I mean here is a man that believes the Constitution is "flawed" (2001 taped radio interview....do your homework) because it didn't deal the "restitutions" of the black race, Michelle taped using the term "white racists" in an interview with the African Press International, her complaining about having to "pay back" her school loans....forget that she was provided a legal degree because of it(I had to pay back mine!!), her finally feeling "proud to be an American"(Don't know bout you but I've always been!!).
These things that were not brought out by the media(if it were anybody else...you know??) during Obama's campaigning. I find it difficult to support Obama when it's like it wasn't REAL from the beginning.

posted 12:54 PM on 04/23/09

If you don't have any money to spend but you go out and use your credit card, what happens to you? Might you be eventually forced into bankruptcy?

Why do we think Government spending will be different?

When Reagan took office interest rates were +20% and unemployment high. He lowered taxes and our capitalist system healed the problem. Seems to me we are now doing the exact opposite and I can't help wonder how doing the opposite will create the same result.

I fear for our children.

posted 12:28 PM on 04/23/09

Surely one of the greater motivations for voting for Barack Obama for president was to forestall the election of John McCain and Sarah Palin, a ticket that was potentially more disastrous than that of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney--if that's humanly possible.

I was one of millions who assisted in the effort to get Obama elected. I applaud his vision, and the scale of his ambitions generally; these are things the country needs desperately right now. That said, I feel he has fallen short in several areas. I share some of Paul Krugman's concerns as to whether Obama has a real grip on the banking crisis; whether he has in fact invested too little in his economic recovery plan rather than too much; and even after just 90-odd days he appears to be dragging his feet on his commitment to get U.S. troops out of Iraq.

But by far Obama's biggest blunder to this point is his stance on prosecution of Bush administration officials for authorizing torture and other possible war crimes, including knowingly deceiving Congress and the American public about the reasons for going to pre-emptive war with the Baathists in Iraq. If Obama's rationale that "we should not issue recriminations for what happened in the past, but we should look to the future instead" had any soundness to it, then no one could ever be convicted of any crime at any time! (Sometimes this president seems so obsessed with "governing from the center" that it obviously clouds his better judgment.) Hopefully the growing tide of public outrage against the crimes of the Bush era will soon force Atty. Gen. Holder's hand, and indictments of all involved, including quite likely the former president and vice president, will soon be on the way.

Lastly, when I glance at some of the responses to this poll, I'm filled with despair.

Gordon M. Brown
posted 12:12 PM on 04/23/09

Well, to those who say Obama has overspent: how would you be able to tell? The situation when he became president was so beyond our experience of terrible that I think it makes sense for him to try to see how one can start to create some value.

Let's acknowledge that the economy runs on confidence and belief which just wasn't there anymore. He wasn't saving the banks as much as trying to save America as you say you like it. I'm sure interested to hear what you think would have happened without action.

When a country has dug itself that deep - with so many vulnerabilities together with an enormous deficit, it's very likely that more deficit spending is the only way up.

It's not as if the health care system is working, and doesn't hurt the country when it doesn't. Give him some time, I say. His attempts to lift all up - which is needed - don't diminish your own efforts one jota; if you can contribute - so much better!

Soren N
posted 11:28 AM on 04/23/09

I give the President Obama two thumbs up! Many of the comments submitted by the folks giving the president a thumbs down would be pathetic if they were not so funny. Members of the GOP should keep a low profile. It's because of the greedy, misguide policies and lack of governmental oversight that we are in the current economic mess. Government oversight, and this is for you folks that ditch that particularly lecture in your high school civic class, is primarily a task assigned to the office of presidency. Do I support every policy position of President Obama, of course not, however he was a better choice that the GOP was able to offer or will offer in 2010. Bottom line, the is becoming a regional relic and you know, that's fine with me. That status will limit the amount of destruction it can imposed on the rest of the republic!

Ben Clansy
posted 10:57 AM on 04/23/09

Surprise! For the first time a president is fulfilling his campaign promises. I am proud to be an American and proud to have Mr. Obama as our President. He is doing a great job addressing all the issues that concern real people in real need. I hope we are all willing to do our part and not just wait for the apple to fall in our mouths.

posted 10:57 AM on 04/23/09

I think President Obama is doing an outstanding job. Considering what he inherited, I believe he is doing what we all attempt to do in our everyday life...try. I hope that the American people, as well as other countries, at the very least give him our support and encourage him. We have to remember, he is only human. I think because he does have faith and courage, he will begin to turn things around and bring our Country back to where it should be.

posted 10:33 AM on 04/23/09

tooooo much sociaallliissssmmmmmm

posted 10:21 AM on 04/23/09

There are many non-allergic dogs (including Portuguese Water Dogs)ready for adoption in Rescue groups and the Shelters Nationwide. It would have done wonders for rescue dogs nationwide if the Obamas would have adopted from a shelter. He failed thousands of rescue dogs that would have been saved by setting a good example. He made promises throughout his campaign about adopting "a mutt like me". He failed thousands of hard working, vote getting animal rescuers.

posted 9:14 AM on 04/23/09

I have not agreed with all of his ideas but i am glad he is President because he sees the changes coming as i do now. I wish him the very best of luck and I enjoy all the whining from the right wing because we endured eight years of a lie and more lies. Good luck America, we need it! Nice to have a President who thinks before he speaks.

Donna perry
posted 8:56 AM on 04/23/09

I will never forgive Obama the liar for breaking his promise to shelter dogs.

Over 4 million plus shelter animals are killed every year in the U.S.

How incredibly callosed and irresponsible is Obama for failing on his promise to adopt a shelter dog...and creating a new demand for portugese water dogs which puppy mills will be all too happy to churn out....causing more and more shelter animals who otherwise would get homes to die.

Shame on you Obama. You have shelter dogs' blood on your hands!

posted 8:52 AM on 04/23/09

you have made us happy
by the way you are
doing you jod.
keep it up OBAMA
you are an ANGEL
to many.my the good
lord be with you

caphas kanchepa
posted 7:47 AM on 04/23/09

Leeni, what makes you think President Obama graduated from college with better then a C average? He still hasn’t released his transcripts. If he isn’t hiding something he would have released them.
Next time you hear him speak, without a teleprompter, count how many times he says “uh”, “um”, “err”, “eh”, etc. Then tell me if he can speak grammatically correct.

posted 6:14 AM on 04/23/09

socialista o no eso no importa por que la economia esta en una recesion que nadie quiere admitir. y el es muy valiente al afrontar y dar la cara, y ademas poner plazos de los primeros 100 dias. creo que es tiempo de esforzarnos mas todos ya que el solo no va a producir que el pais se recobre. a bush le creimos y nunca lo atacamos como lo hacemos con barako .

posted 2:25 AM on 04/23/09

I don't remember a time the media started counting down a president's first 100 days from day one. Perhaps it is because Obama inherited a time like none in recent memory. The economic meltdown and the degree of destruction to America’s values and reputation under George W Bush gave this president the roughest start of all.

I must, say without hesitation, that Obama has done the most fantastic job imaginable, given the circumstances. He truly represents leadership at its best. He has brought openness and transparency to government, accepts responsibility even when it is unpleasant or politically costly, and is not afraid to admit that America can do wrong. His success in restoring a positive image of the USA around the world is evident. His stance that America must operate above board and lead by example is refreshing.

Perhaps his biggest success factor is his ability to remain sophisticated and intellectually potent yet he can explain complex problems and solutions in the simplest terms the average person understands. That's the hallmark of his articulation of the economic crises. By comparison, George W Bush could not even acknowledge there was economic recession much less do something about it until we were neck deep into the meltdown; he simply hung on to the technicality that the economic indicators had not declined so many successive quarters. And he was repeating this cliché at a time the bottom had already fallen off the barrel; either he could not comprehend the problem or knew not what to do! Obama, on the other hand, demonstrated clear and early understanding of the problem and began mapping out solution options even before he was sworn in.

About his promise to change the way Washington works, Obama set a tone of no longer business as usual from day one. The Republican opposition has not cooperated but the president is moving ahead. Perhaps they are afraid that he might succeed and get credit for doing what seemed impossible only 90 days ago, i.e. fix the economy. It’s two that must tango, and Obama cannot respond to his own call if the opposition refuses to listen.

Finally, Obama confirms his own assertion that a president must be able to talk and chew gum at the same time. Our deep economic woes have not overwhelmed him, nor been excuse to ignore previously perpetuated national problems. Hence alongside the economic challenges, he has also placed on the action table healthcare, energy policy, regulatory reform, improved education, relieving lobbyist chokehold, the environment, and other issues that were for too long convenient promise points for politicians on the campaign trail.

I say, bravo to Obama the leader. America could not ask for better at this point in our national experience.

Ken Okorie
posted 2:13 AM on 04/23/09

Mr. President Obama is of the most popular man, he want's not war to anyone & i think now all the USA satisfied with that efforts.
I like the personality of Mr. Obama & i want ot meet Mr. Obama, but i have no financial support to do this.
Inshallah i must meet with him
So thumbs up

Umair Shaikh
posted 12:56 AM on 04/23/09

As an active military individual I am appalled by the new President. He reminds me a Jimmy Carter, (another Embassy siege is in the making). Being in D.C, I have to deal with all the hoopla that goes along with him being black. I'm fine with this, I've seen better Black leaders and he is not one of them. What change has come to this country? I have bleed for it without asking for much. I still serve and want to return to Afghanistan, Iraq, or Harms way for that matter. Half of Americans that talk so much trash have no idea what it means to live in 3rd world conditions. Then this whole torture thing, man if the intelligence was not extracted in the methods we used, 1/2 of you people would be a faded memory, just like those people that jumped from the World Trade Centers. I did a year in Gitmo and those detainees are loving life because they have nothing to fear. You people who protest for their release, I'll see you on the internet with a knife to your neck. Hint here there are some really bad dudes down there that can give a rats butt about how you feel and if you think "Our moral compass" was damaged, look at the techniques used else where. These world leaders that frowned upon the U.S and the former President, how much better are their countries compared to ours? What gives France, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Venezuela, Cuba, and the list goes on, the right to talk trash about a President when he is faced with an attack or a financial crisis? Foreigners still come here to become Americans and show more patriotism than ever before. I find that when I return to this country I want to leave quicker because people born here, Americans have no clue, simply oblivious (not all) to what goes on and depend on Media to give facts about things that they fabricate to appease their left wing or right wing nuts. Being deployed is a nice break since all I have to worry about is my battle buddy. As Americans, we are faced with our hardships that do not faze anybody in D.C. As President Kennedy said, ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country? As for this bail out, more debt and more signing this country away to foreign owners.

posted 12:46 AM on 04/23/09

Listen up Bush was a crook, liar, torturer, and a total threat to our constitution. Obama is following the law, this is simply sour grapes on the part of people who knew him.

posted 11:30 PM on 04/22/09

Those people giving him a thumbs up. Wake up!! When have you ever see nationalization of banks in this county. Taking control of industry. Discredit and criminalize your opposition. These things are just fundamentally bad choices. The type of stuff you saw in the 1930s in another country that was going though a financial crisis. It led to very bad things.
Yes, Bush did some things wrong but that is over. If you think it was him that caused this housing crash you would be wrong it goes back beyond his election. This country was built on capitalism. Hard work will get you everywhere. That includes the hardest work of all and that is improving ones self. If you don't like your job get a better one. If you don't have the knowledge or skill to get a better job. Get that knowledge. It is up to you no one else. It can be done! The government is not here to take care of you. Although from the sound of this administration that is another thing that will "change". Educate yourself read about William Bradford. That is what our country was based on. Thumbs wayyyy down.

Brad G, Texas
posted 11:11 PM on 04/22/09

Obama inherited eight years of negligence from georgie boy himself. 8 long arduous suffering years the people of this country tolerated ol' W. So what do we expect Obama to do in just over three months? The talk showhosts trash him, like they never did Bush's behind the scenes lying ways. Bush enjoyed telling us what we wanted to hear, then doing the exact opposite when it really mattered. I wish all these radio jabborwockies would get off Obama's back and have a little faith in him. So he might get s few things wrong. Nothing an be as bad as what the previous administration has done to us Americans, our country, our image around the world and our economy. And, not one of those Bush boys care anythign about what happens to this country, as long as they fulfill daddy's dream of welciming in the New World Order, now a statement nearly eighteen years old. NOTHING could be as miserable and damaging as Georgie boy Bush. Thumbs up!

posted 9:37 PM on 04/22/09

The Commiecrats prevented drilling for oil 8 YEARS AGO which spiked gas to $4.00 per gallon, then decided to burn corn and other crops to make ethanol which spiked food prices, then FORCED banks to GIVE money to "low income" peolple who they KNEW could not pay it back which started the housing crisis and all we hear about is how Bush started this mess and capitalism has failed. If the Commiecrats didn't force us to run our businesses like government programs capitalism would do better than fine. There is no free lunch or free housing or free medical or free anything else in the real world and trying to force those things to be free leads to economic failure.

Richard Z
posted 9:08 PM on 04/22/09

Re: I will pray for you all that have placed your close-minded opinions.

Pray???? No, No!!!!

Please, don't pray, I have to remind you that the current administration despise prayers (specially Christian Prayers).

Do your own research before insulting people with hateful comments!!!


Gerardo Garcia
posted 8:28 PM on 04/22/09

This President has done a "change" for the worst.

He will pass in History as the biggest spender of all Time, so much that we are talking TRILLIONS!!!

In the International front, he's extremely weak, and it's doing all he can to weak our defenses.

Also, he's not willing to take any responsibility in today's economical situation (I have to remind you that he also supported President Bush rescue Plan), he's trying to excuse him self by blaming everything on the Past Administration.

I wonder if he will ever take any blame at all.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, I could mention a lot more things like full support to the killing of innocent human beings (abortion), friendly talking with dictators (Cuba's Castro brother, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez), tax evaders scandals on his cabinet, etc.

Gerardo Garcia
posted 8:25 PM on 04/22/09

I am glad I just retired from the Army after many years of serving the country. At least now he is NOT my Commander in Chief!!

Old Vet
posted 8:05 PM on 04/22/09

I will pray for you all that have placed your close-minded opinions. President Obama has stepped in this economical mess that has a long line of people we could hold responsible for their bad decisions. Instead, we choose to say he is leading us down a path of destruction; no, we as a people lead us to a path of destruction. We all are guilty of living beyond our means, skimming off the top, enjoying the fruit of others labor we have lived like our wrong doings would not catch up to to us. If you want to be mad at any one take a look in the mirror, we all played, apart. We can accept this and start to heal and rebuild our nation hand in hand. Some one has to lead and no matter what some one is not going to agree. If we come together as people, we could become the strongest nation. Let go of our prejudices and finds ways we can help instead of crucify. You need to do an internal check and deal with your hostilities and see were they originate and handle that. We can hold trial and jury on Obama, but he is The President of the United States until 2012, so thumbs up, and God Bless our Leader.

posted 7:12 PM on 04/22/09

Obama is doing his optimal best to get us out of Bush`s mess. Why did no one question Bush, when he and his cronies robbed the great old U.S.A blind? Then comes along a man, who can actually put grammatically correct sentences together (something Bush never quite mastered)who tries to help this country out and half of the U.S. population turns against him? Does no one see the error in that?
People should be relieved they are under the guidance of a smart leader, not one who graduated from college with a C average.

posted 5:45 PM on 04/22/09

Guys/Gals, Let us give President Obama Thumbs Up. He is trying to pick up the Country and the Economy from disastrous conditions which was the result of irresponsible behavior of reckless leaders/Opportunists over the last eight years. We have lost our prestige around the world by reckless decisions. Our economy is in shambles because of lack of oversight. Stop being partisans and let him do the most difficult job. Thanks!

posted 5:07 PM on 04/22/09

Hmmm.. lots of Prius cars driving around with Obama stickers but what has changed.... We've gotten weaker as a country internationally. He has no plan for the housing market. He's bowing to leaders and meeting w/ our extreme enemies.

I hope he can change things but besides the euphoria everyone felt on election day and on the inauguration, really, is your life better because of him?

posted 2:03 PM on 04/22/09

I give Obama a huge thumbs up. I think it takes a lot of strength both mentally and physically to embrace the crappy economic, social, environmental, and foreign relations situations that Bush left this country in. He wasn't given much to combat these crises with, yet he is doing the best he can to change things. Sure, he is raising taxes on the wealthy, and may have to make some hard decisions as far as borrowing funds, but the reality of the situation is that he would not have to do so were we in better economic standing, which we are not because of Bush.

I think people are losing sight of the fact that Obama did not plunge us into these dark times, but is only trying to alleviate them as much as possible. If people are angry with the decisions he is making, they need to direct their anger toward the former president, because had it not been for his irresponsible actions as leader, those being:

his financial policies that gave tax breaks to the wealthy and other orgs that he directly benefitted from

his illogical approach to Iraq that mirrors those of LBJ in the Vietnam war (both of which were wars fabricated by the leader in charge to get some kind of gain. For LBJ it was democratic power and for Bush it was the vindication for Desert Storm and for oil) and his blatant lack of regard for the people of this country

--we would not be in the situation that we are in today.

People need to remember that change doesnt happen over night. It took years to get us to this low point, and it will take years to get us back to the top. Obama cannot change everything in a day, 100 days, or even a year. And it's not like he promised that he would fix all problems in one day and magically America would be restored. People who oppose him or who are skeptical need to step back and think about the reality of the situation, and understand that he has four years to make a difference in the world. If after 4 years there are no changes then fine, dislike him as much as you want.

But before people are so quick to judge his actions in such a short time frame, they need to look back at the past eight years of the bush regime and reflect honestly on whether or not that atrocity can honestly be speeding thru recovery in just 100 short days.

Trenise, USC class of 2012
posted 1:37 PM on 04/22/09

I Give this president two solid thumbs up.

Not only was he left with wall to wall problems, he has to ignore the fighting retreat members of the right seem to feel they have to do.

The bottom line, however is that our standing in the world is being placed on a much higher footing than was ever possible under Bush, our financial institutions are finding their bottom and working up from it, and for the first time in years, the promise of better days seems possible when recently it appeared impossible.

The shrill bleating of naysayers is only proof positive that a change in course is well underway.. and "I" say.. GOOD! It's the stuff of pure change.

Thank you Mr. Obama...the majority of American's have your back, and are PROUD of your actions.

posted 12:55 PM on 04/22/09

I give President Obama two thumbs up. I like to call him the clean-up man because of all the problems George W. Bush left him to fix.

George W. Bush pretty much just sat on the problems of recession, global warming and so on, waiting for the next person to do the hard work.

The Obama administration is doing an excellent job trying to turn the economy around, building a better image of America abroad and positioning America to compete in a new global economy.

I am also pleased with the Obama administration's efforts on getting a new Healthcare Program passed and pusing for more green jobs and a greener economy.

Andrea Taylor
posted 12:11 PM on 04/22/09

I am really blown away at the clear partisan attitude in the comments. The truth is that in 100 days is not the best indicator but it does give a picture of things to come. The picture that is being painted is not pretty as both ideologies will see things they don't like.
For all of the promises made not one is being kept, which should be no surprise! If we can just look at the facts without emotions we would all be wiser.
The economic problem was a bipartisan effort handed down to Mr. Obama. Democrats in fact blocked attempts to bring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into control (Barnie Frank) and Republicans spent too much.
The war in Iraq was agreed upon by both parties based upon flawed intelligence giving to us by the best sources at the time. That is no ones fault and not a lie just bad information. The bottom line though is that a mass murderer and despot has been removed while a free people has been raised up. Yes it cost us some 5000 lives and that is a tragedy, but freedom always cost lives. (Millions died in WWII over 4500 allied troops just on d-day)(By the way we lose over 25000 people a year to drunk drivers in America).
The bail out plan that is currently in place doesn't bail out anyone but the banks and the Unions. This is a middle class taxation plan, so much for helping the middle class, because we will all eventually pay the bill not just the over $200,000 a year crowd.
The Executive orders allowing funds for abortions is nothing but a partisan statement to the base and not very wise as was many of the other Executive orders issued. Doesn't sound like the bi-partisan person who campaigned!
The recent speeches in Europe Mr. Obama made were aimed at a small group of supporters to keep the funds flowing nothing more. This has degraded our place in the world not enhanced it as it shows his lack of respect for what we are and what we have done as a nation.
I have traveled all over the world and the only thing I find is that while many put down America they all want to live here. When is the last time you heard of anyone fleeing the United States for a better life?
We have rebuilt Europe and Asia on our dime and were never paid back, we have sent our troops all over the world to keep peace when Europe and Asia refused because of the cost. Yes if the United States were like them the world would be a very different place today and we would not have the freedoms we now enjoy.
Just looking at the facts i have to say that over all the first 100 days have been mostly partisan politics with no real solutions. I only hope it gets better but so far the facts show otherwise.

posted 10:52 AM on 04/22/09

I have noted in many of the replies supporting a thumbs up position that people tend to admire and profess on his intelligence, poise, passion, desire, et cetera. People will stand behind his pledge for change and they never REALLY had that defined. If you are a healthy person, getting by day to day and then you get a disease, that is change (I say that from personal experience). Please look beyond the SYMBOLIC and CHARISMATIC aspects of this man and find the truth in the actions and the consequences of them, or have we forgotten. Change on economics, foreign policy, the welfare state and all of the other myriad conditions that make up this, the greatest country in the world, must be handled responsibly. (How many of you winced when you read THAT, for shame). We have been chastised by our president on three continents outside of our own. We have quadrupled the national debt, your children will thank you later, and put many companies under government control that should have been allowed to fail. (Market forces have always recovered from that occurring)We have been told that the government can take better care of us than being allowed our own free choices. None of you Obama supporters have really checked his background, or if you did, what must you have been thinking. Criminals have histories that made them, heroes do, and so did the president. You all forgot that too. We will be weaker, poorer, more divided and our future will be less within our grasp than it used to. Bush disappointed, Clinton disappointed and unfortunately I honestly believe Obama will be truly destructive if he keeps on his activist, big goverment, tax increasing course. Remember, once the rich (Over $250,000) have been taxed beyond their willingness and ability to pay, who will have the money that the government will need? However, through it all Obama will tell you how wonderful you all are, how hard you work, but how much more you need to do and contribute and how there is not enough being done to get us over, yet. The man is all promises and bad decisions, look at his cabinet, his misunderstanding of the effects of bailouts and how he reacts and talks to the rest of the world. Wake up, your future is here.

Mark G
posted 10:36 AM on 04/22/09

Goodness gracious! Can you all stop saying it's about race?? It might work in a LA courtroom, but you are living in a bubble if you think every criticism of the man is because he is black. His race was the one of the few things I actually liked about him when he ran for office! Please look closer at the direction in which he leads rather than how eloquently he speaks!

posted 9:39 AM on 04/22/09

I have never been more fearful for our country's direction. Borrowing such massive amounts of capital, at levels never before even contemplated, on a gamble that it will save us from the medicine we deserve to take for (in part) letting our leaders manipulate the financial markets so every citizen could have a home...it is just plain irresponsible. Then, let us pile on more deficit spending than ever before in history! It seems unlikely to me that it can end well.
Economies have natural highs and lows and if we let our government try to cushion or eliminate the lows by piling up (massive) debt, the economy's future will unavoidably suffer, and for a long, long time.
I want my president/congress to at least TRY to stem the public's growing reliance on our government to fix all of our problems. Too many of us are asking "what my country can do for me". The more we let our government do for us, the more it will do...but with an ever growing piece from each of us.
While I am proud that America has shown it can elect an African American to the presidency, I was gravely concerned for his inexperience. That inexperience is being demonstrated in almost personal interaction he has with foreign leaders. DVD's as an official gift for our most staunch supporter in the world; the bow; putting himself in a position to be demeaned and ridiculed by the likes of Chavez...it's embarrassing. It shows weakness and emboldens our enemies. And it's only been 100 days?

posted 9:25 AM on 04/22/09

He has done as much in 100 days as dictator Hugo Chavez achieved in two terms in Venezuela in terms of overthrowing freedom, and working to establish a "new foundation" of Statism to replace our Constitution.

posted 9:21 AM on 04/22/09

While I stand behind the President in his *intentions*, I worry about how they will play out in reality. While the GOP's rhetoric can be inflamed sometimes, their argument about the massive debt we are taking on can't be waved away. It has geopolitical implications (China) and implications for posterity.

I wanted to say these mini-portaits are amazing and I love how the cutaways give us glimpses of the person's larger life.

Michael R, Washington D.C.
posted 8:10 AM on 04/22/09

Notice the Obama supporters all say Obama is smart intelligent articulate handsome lol.That's what they voted for.They dont care if he's and ultra leftwing socialist As long as he's smart and handsome.Like if all that makes him make good choices.Obama is an Idiot without a teleprompter and no Im not a racist because I disagree with your messiah.

posted 6:42 AM on 04/22/09

Re Jim: Same way the previous LEAST EXPERIENCED baffoon stole the election in 2000 and 2004.

I am so glad to see that you do understand that the current president stole his office.( I said bought, you say stole-same thing)

Isn't it interesting that the way most Obama worshipers support his actions and policies is by cutting down the 'last eight years and George Bush'. How many of you are that simple-minded to think that just because the last eight years may have been a disaster in your minds ( and in many non-Obama supporters minds as well), that we need to change the way the greatest country of all time is fundamentaly run. I guess the answer to that is millions and millions! After all, those simple-minded voters are the ones now responsible for the 'new disaster' we are facing. The only problem is that this new disaster -an attempt by the current government to change how we have been living for the last 100 years - is SO MUCH BIGGER than anything the 'last eight years' brought that we will most likely be asking our grandchildren some day- "Is it over yet?"

My parents both escaped individually from a communist country in the late 50's, and almost died in several attempts, to come to this great country. They instilled hard work ethics and strong moral values in all their children. And the one thing that they both, even to this day, remind me of on a continuous basis is to never take my freedom for granted. Well my fellow Americans, especially those that look for the government to take care of their problems instead of being responsible for their own actions, I say the same to you. DON'T TAKE YOUR FREEDOMS FOR GRANTED At the pace that the current administration is going, by the time our children grow up, many of those freedoms will be gone.

posted 6:12 AM on 04/22/09

TWO THUMBS DOWN! Comrade Obama is a absolute duplicitous, anti-individual, anti-America, anti-capitalist. He's and obsessive compulsive control freak Communist. He, and his associates and fellow Communist, Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, and Saul Alinsky his mentors, teacher and tutors of the hate America mind set want to turn America in to not the land of the free of a land of slaves to Communist State of America.

He is the antithesis of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". His delusional Marxist/Communist economic and social policies will be the ruin of America.

But then again that's what the delusional left in this country wants...
Tear down America and replace it with one giant commune.

Michael Faraday
posted 5:50 AM on 04/22/09

Well, of course Obama hasn't done anything uin the first 100 days of his presidency. All of you guys sound so suprised that he hasn't done one single thing. He's not, Obama was the worst decision America EVER made. He's just leading us down the slipppery slope to.........SOCAILISM.

posted 5:46 AM on 04/22/09

Guys really comeon obama is screwing us over. ( at least morally) He will bow to a saudi king. he releases restrictions on cuba ( chavez is about to die) hes passed like 20 executive orders he passed over the graves in normandy and he has one of the most corrupt cabinet and senet cmon look at the facts. And for everyone says was bush better. Yeah a bit. He was still a horrible pres. but hes gone get over it focus on are new one. Oh and obama is doing the same thing as chavez anyway nationelizing are industries cmon get your head out of the clouds

posted 3:54 AM on 04/22/09

not only the thumbs up, but the whole hand. My respect for Mr Obama, He is intelligent,educated, he worked is way out,to have what he has. And he probed that he can lead this country. But do not forget that he needs every body help to succeed. Eight years with bush, it was HELL, he manage to destroy the image and the economy of USA. do not judge Mr Obama in less then 100 days, what are you afraid of: equal opportunity for every human been to live a decent life?, or you prefer to have millions of dollar like bush?, no brain and you neighbor dying?

posted 2:18 AM on 04/22/09

I think everyone can agree that Barack has had some very hard decisions to make. He's made some mis-steps, but he's shown poise, dedication, and resolve. It seems to me that he is trying to make decisions that are best for the country as a whole, and not for a particular subset of the group. (E.g., releasing interrogation technique memoranda, but assuring the CIA that he will not allow prosecution of agents for doing what they believed was within the law to protect our citizens.) He's taken some very dramatics steps in dealing with the economy, but he's borrowing from lessons learned in the history of capitalism. Note, this is not "economy roulette." Though we'll (hopefully) never get back to the false sense of security that the industries surrounding over-valued homes, and hedging brought us, there are some small signs that our economy is beginning to rebound. At best, it would be a tenuous case that could attribute these signs to actions taken during the previous administration. Overall, I think Barack Obama and the members of his administration have done an incredible job in the short amount of time that that they've had to acclimate, and engage.

posted 12:10 AM on 04/22/09

The guy is a clown. I can't wait until the 2010 election where we can get it back in Republican hands, and we can stop his march towards socialism. George Bush kept America safe for 8 years. Obama has shown our enemies how weak he is as a leader. He is a weaker leader then Clinton ever was. 9/11 happen because Clinton was weak. America will be hit again under Obama, because he has shown our enemies how weak he is.

posted 10:40 PM on 04/21/09

Thumbs up !
The president doing a good job to return America in good shape. Lets give him a time. BIG UP OBAMA!!!!!

posted 9:42 PM on 04/21/09

I think the President is doing a great job amidst all the trash that he gets thrown at him like an ex-Vice President that is determined to keep Fox News afloat for four more years. One administration should not go on TV at weekly intervals trashing our government. I think it is he, Cheney, that is the one making America look weak. However, President Obama has held his head high and will not be trodden down by the likes of those who do not realize they are looking at his face and making a judgement, easily and quickly becoming dissatisfied because he just isn't the right color. We should not forget those of the other Administration who spied on us, killed over 5,000 of our sons and daughters by perpetuating a war the President himself admitted was a lie... Yes, Obama has done great these 100 days. We Americans should be glad there is someone new in the White House and stand with him not lay down so he can trip over you. AJ

Yvonne Jones
posted 8:47 PM on 04/21/09

uh - It was/has been a democratic congress for the last two years. And they are the ones responsible for setting policy that have an effect on economy. You folks conveniently forget that part.

posted 8:41 PM on 04/21/09

re: Obama signs national service legislation--(One hundred days out,this man has accomplished more than most other presidents do in their entire 4 year term.)

I have written to many folks, including most of those mentioned in today's volunteer legislation articles, concerning a basic community based solution to both harness the renewed volunteerism and our home-foreclosure problem. Most nonprofits cannot hold assets however, a 509(a)1 can, and if it is also mission driven around housing, which means it can hold both the house asset and the mortgage paper,against houses.
This makes it a quasi-bank; it can hold the house going into foreclosure, “modify” the loan around the current owner’s ability to make monthly payments. The reduced dollar amount on the first mortgage would be held as a “soft” second mortgage, to be repaid through volunteerism (e.g. for every hour worked/volunteered, would reduce the second mortgage by $20).

There is only one organization that I am familiar with that fits this bill, the Affordable Housing Center (AHC), 509(a)1; it has the potential to be the hub for HUD foreclosures and the vehicle for (a broader) volunteer coordination.
Duplicate postings of my response will be made to other articles, in hopes to begin a larger discussion.

By the way, I submitted AHC to Google’s project 100, the one for great ideas to change the world; perhaps the cyber world can create an online demand to sway voting, via Google inquiry/search.

PS (Some of you smart, network savvy and compassionate people must recognize the potential here and use your skills to promote.)

William Blake
posted 8:20 PM on 04/21/09

Two big thumbs up!

The previous administration drove this country to the ground. To all those Fox News watching, Rush Limbaugh listening, right wingers, stop the hate. Let the man the people voted in do his job. Bush certainly didn't!

Mark L
posted 5:59 PM on 04/21/09

Please stop hammering Obama! He is what he is. Our expectations are and should be low.

Rocky LaB
posted 5:30 PM on 04/21/09

Everyone needs to remember that God is in control and the bible tells us that all of this will come to pass. While I give Obama more thumbs down than I actually have, I have to keep the faith. In a nation with so many people my opinion will not sway or unite others around me but, I will keep praying that God will keep his hand on this great nation and get it back to unity and prosperity.

posted 5:16 PM on 04/21/09


posted 4:16 PM on 04/21/09

This guy is SCARY. All of wars and years to build this country, and he can turn us into a spineless socialistic country in less than 100 days.

See if he makes it through the term...

posted 3:01 PM on 04/21/09

posted 10:55 AM on 04/21/09
Do you know the meaning of fascist? It is a policital philosophy , movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual. Do you not think that Mr. O's bailout plan exalted the nation and left the individual holding the bag?
posted 9:52 AM on 04/21/09
Good call, but there is no peace in Mr. O's national presence?

Sharron S, Washington
posted 2:19 PM on 04/21/09

I pray every day that the robbery of America by the corrupt government led by PBO will end soon.

This government is not the solution they are the PROBLEM! We are already seeing 20 criinal investigations into the way the bailout money is being handled. The people making the decisions (PBO and his Administration) are so out of touch with the average person that they believe $1 billion is not very much money. So they can throw on as many $1 billion programs as they want without ceasing.

The DHS right wing extremism memo published by PBO's administration is designed to stifle and demonize all political opponents of the president. He publicly treats dictators and their actions with more respect than his own country and those who protect it.

This president is a polished liar and his policies depend on you falling asleep to be successful. He doesn't have any moral values and rewards failure and punishes success. This is evident in the company he keeps and the people he has offered cabinet posts. Tax cheats and pay-to-play schemers.

I think he is the worst president since Carter and maybe the worst ever!

posted 2:18 PM on 04/21/09

"the man is a inept

dennis s"

a inept what ???

posted 2:07 PM on 04/21/09

Articulate, Brilliant, Courageous!
One hundred days is not sufficient time to dig our country out of the ditch the last administration drove us into. I stand behind him 100%, unless and until he give me reason to do otherwise.

posted 1:56 PM on 04/21/09

Thumbs Up.

posted 1:42 PM on 04/21/09

Definitely two thumbs up! It about time we get a common sense President in there!

The Sabster
posted 1:41 PM on 04/21/09

Bush = 700 Billion Bailout
Obama = 700 Billion Bailout

Change? What change?

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb... they are both Republicrats = big government, out of control spending, and constitution offenders.


posted 1:41 PM on 04/21/09

Obama embarrassing the US around the world? I don't think so. After traveling to over 50 countries I couldn't begin to tell you the hatred the world (excepting the French, enough said) had toward Bush and the Bush/Cheney war in Iraq (and no, it wasn't about terrorists and MWD or Saddam Hussein treating people badly - if that were the case, we'd have gone to Somalia!).

The Bush family is practically owned by the Saudi's (read your history people).

So Obama bowing to the King and giving the Queen an iPod ~ no harm done. Bush on the other hand... tens of thousands of lives lost, jobs lost, money lost, integrity lost, and Halibuton rich.

posted 1:05 PM on 04/21/09

1340 days to go?! That's a LOT less than the 2920 days we had to live with the last president! Geez people, glad you're finally using your expression of speech. Here we thought you didn't have any speech when Cheny (I mean Bush) was running the show.

Get a life, please.

posted 12:58 PM on 04/21/09

For the short time he's been in office, he's been on it!!! Outstanding, so far!

Ervin Whitfield
posted 12:58 PM on 04/21/09

I'm so amazed with all the "socialists" responses that i'm reading throughout this message board. Is it because you guys enjoy Rush Limbaugh and Fox News so much? Possibly.

The GOP has to find SOMETHING to label Obama. And it's okay. You'll see in the end that we'll be on the top end rather than on the bottom end like we were with Bush.

posted 12:38 PM on 04/21/09

Re Jack: I hope all you Obama voters have learned from your mistake. How the heck the LEAST EXPERIENCED person was elected to the highest position of power in the world still baffles me.

Hi Jack. Same way the previous LEAST EXPERIENCED baffoon stole the election in 2000 and 2004. Voters. Americans. The majority of electoral college voters. The American process.

Suck it up like the rest of us had to do for EIGHT YEARS. You people have only had to live in new hell for 12 weeks and you're crumbling.

All I can say is, finally glad to hear from all you Bush fans (talk about insane).

Long live the Ayatolla Limbaugh ~ the new Republican leader!

posted 12:35 PM on 04/21/09

It's really hard to judge what a president can or can't do in 100 days. A lot of the changes implemented need a little bit longer to take effect. From the ways he's handling domestic and foreign affairs, I'd give him a thumbs up.

posted 12:29 PM on 04/21/09

Realizing that a U. S. President is hostile to the unborn is what saddens me most. Beyond that, he has put us on a path that will result in the wheels coming off very soon, but he will never admit he was wrong.

L J. Pelfrey
posted 12:17 PM on 04/21/09

President Obama can think for himself. Unlike the Bush-Cheney fiasco. Cheney made the decisions and Bush went along accordingly. President Obama will do what is right for our country. We must try to get along with other nations in order to succeed. We can't have the attitude that we are "all that". Other countries will not accept those negative tactics.

posted 12:16 PM on 04/21/09

A big thumbs up for President Barack Obama! He can finally turn our country around from the devastation of Bush Republican rule. What the losers fear the most is our President's and our country's success, because it would keep the right wing from taking control for a long time to come. Here's to 30 years of Republican minority rule.

posted 11:59 AM on 04/21/09

HUGE thumbs down. His first act was to spend US money on supporting abortions abroad. The US should be extending a diplomatic hand by bolstering economies or providing food and health care but instead, we have chosen to go into other countries and encourage them to kill their babies. On our dime. NO THANKS. Can't wait until he is out of office and America can start being proud of our cultural and social identity once again.

posted 11:42 AM on 04/21/09

Thumbs up. We're in the best hands ever. It seems caucasions are embarassed the smartest president ever was not white.I see America is still full of uneducated idiots and racists. Reading these posts, it's embarrassing. Read some books, take some history classes, learn to spell. No wonder the rest of the world is ahead of us.

posted 11:40 AM on 04/21/09

Obama is going to turn this country into the biggest divorce country ever, if his bill passes on anyone under $60,000 a year don't have to pay taxes. Married couples that make $60,000 or more will be getting divorced so that they will be under $60,000.
With Obama, where are we going to be in the next 3 years and 252 days? He already hurt people who receive donations. We give donation to help people in this world and it helps us on our taxes. But thanks to Obama, he has lowered our write off amounts for donations. Which would make us not give so much to places that need our help. Obama keeps spending, and we are the ones that is going to have to pay for it. I could go on and on, but I need to get back to work so that Obama can take my money later..........LOL

Karen Ferguson
posted 11:32 AM on 04/21/09

I give Obama a big fat F. While I did vote for McCain in the election, I was open to some of Obama's changes, but handing out money to companies like candy to children is just ridiculous, especially during this recession. Also, making friends with tyrants (i.e. Amedinijad and Chavez), is not good foreign policy. We can't be all happy happy joy joy with the world now, we have to watch our backs, especially after 9/11.

Andy S
posted 11:09 AM on 04/21/09

Fascist? Nonsense. Socialist? More nonsense from the right wing. Out of power for 3 months and they are already foaming at the mouth.

To all of you who are screaming socialism, do you or your parents collect Social Security benefits? How about Medicare? Those are socialist programs, folks.

President Obama gets a big thumbs up from me. I proudly voted for him and the only way he has disappointed me is his (so far) refusal to go after W and the other war criminals.

posted 10:55 AM on 04/21/09

Two big thumbs up for Obama!

Obama Fan
posted 10:45 AM on 04/21/09

What CHANGE??? I voted for this man to help bring some of my family home from Iraq/Afghan and guess what... after 100 DAYS not ONE has come home. War and combat missions are continuing regardless. What a JOKE Obama has become and to think I actually contributed and campaigned for this LIAR!!!

Sunny Smoothe
posted 10:43 AM on 04/21/09

"I am not impressed" This guy is way over his head and he is showing it everyday. He has a big bulls eye on him from the leaders of the socialist nations. He is apologetic to everyone who he sees. This guy should by no means been the President of this land. He is not worthy. I hope people start opening their eyes and see what this guys, Nazi Pelosi and Harry Reid are up too and finally vote them out. How can you sign a bill that is going to cost the American Citizen trillions of dollars with out reading the darn thing? This is the guy you want to lead!

posted 10:42 AM on 04/21/09

Obama managed to accomplish, in less than 100 days, what Bush couldn't do in 8 years.....Make Bush look good !!

posted 9:52 AM on 04/21/09

There was only one reason that i would have considered voting for Obama. Because he is a man of mixed race-and especially African American. So beautiful to see an elegant,educated man representing so many and busting through any stereotypes that still exist here and there. What an opportunity to heal some of America's wounds and ugly past and demonstrate that we have indeed, overcome. And it still is a land for all, always had been and was founded with that principle. But what i fail to understand is why intellects are the easiest to fool. Behind an attractive, and well spoken man with incredibly glib language, lies actions and associations. Are we trading actions for image? Communication is not action. I am afraid the majority of Americans today do not know or understand history, or even worse are being fed revised versions thereof.
The gentlemen above that described himself as poor and wants a raise on his welfare check said it best....more money please, so i can buy beer!!!
How do we grow good people, good civilization,good communities, good work ethics in the absence of good character, good ethics,good moral code and conduct? Have we not seen civilization rise and fall on these principles? What is being produced? What is He calling people to do? BTW - I believe Congress has been and still is one of our biggest problems. they have ignored the warnings of pending economic doom. So much to say here, but to end it- I do appreciate the spirit of the gentleman that wants an undivided nation. I want that too, i think we all do...sadly, I do not see us heading in that direction.
God has blessed America for so long. My prayer is that he humble us,forgive us and heal us mind, body and spirit.

posted 9:12 AM on 04/21/09

Hey Don Jones ("Obama is on a pre-planed, swift track to socialisim and economic ruin..."), why don't you learn to spell before joining a grown-up discussion. The word you were seeking, and misspelled twice, is "planned," not "planed." Any third-grader can tell you that. I imagine the thought processes behind your conclusion reflect the same level of understanding: Sean Hannity says Obama's a socialist. OK, he's a socialist.

posted 9:05 AM on 04/21/09

Three thumbs up. Obama is engaged in his job, working hard, listening and thoughtful: IMHO a big contrast with Bush.
If you don't like Obama now 100 days is not enough time to judge, our framers had it right, let's check back in in 1200 days or so.
Just when I think he has made a mistake (not prosecuting those who tortured) the situation starts to play out to prove him right. As he was on the Iraq War in 2002.

Graham P.
posted 9:03 AM on 04/21/09

The most telling fact about America today is that only ~50% of us pay Federal Income taxes. Eventually this fact alone will bring down this country.

posted 8:59 AM on 04/21/09

Obama's lack of experience is showing. Give him another 6mos and they will be considering impeachment.

Michelle considers herself a 'princess'.

No pound dog for her family. She wants a purebread and damn the cost.


posted 8:57 AM on 04/21/09

he showed us his direction, that is taking the USA toward the Chavez socialism regime....making us a Latin American country.. Moving us to big government, control, tax, anti business. Blaming the USA for all the injustice in the world. We are not against Islam, Communism, Socialist, Dictators, Nazism, Darfu, Abortion, Gay Marriage. What are we?

Sam Odishoo
posted 8:51 AM on 04/21/09

thumbs way down lets print up play money then decide what we want to do with it when we feel like it (WHAT ) having veterans pay for part of their war injuries ,amnesty to all illegals ,calling terrorist pirates , at least he wants to stop the bcs and start a college football playoff on a scale of 1 to 10 a 2

posted 8:48 AM on 04/21/09

BO accomplishments: The First President to have lawsuits pending, not to mention a strong start on destroying our Country. As Americans we must not allow this to happen, show him we are not going to accept this.

Why now would we need such a bill?
H.R. 1503 - To amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require proof of citizenship for presidential candidates.

We must get the word out before it's too late!

Petition him regarding a "real" birth certificate, spread the word and get signatures. Time to take back our country!


posted 7:06 AM on 04/21/09

I hope all you Obama voters have learned from your mistake. How the heck the LEAST EXPERIENCED person was elected to the highest position of power in the world still baffles me. But after watching his current spending spree ( like a teenager with a new credit card and no limit), it reminds me how he did win it - by spending and spending and spending! I just never realized that there would be so many of you out there who would fall for it. You got what you wanted!

posted 5:00 AM on 04/21/09

Good Job

posted 4:48 AM on 04/21/09

100 days and many posters here expect miracles.

The conservatives spent the past 8 yrs deregulating everything in site and ignoring working Americans. The conservatives whine about President Obama being welcomed and adhored by hundreds of millions of people around the globe.

I guess the conservatives feel an America and its President are stronger when we are hated. Sick sick sick!

"A Conservative Government is an organized hypocrisy".

--Benjamin Disraeli

posted 3:07 AM on 04/21/09

People, let us understand that all our leaders are great each one of them love his country and tries very had to do what is good for the nation, but it is obvious that someone will be hurt or enjoy regardless of whatever policies the president enact, it is ok to get disapointed sometimes but when it turns to serious bitterness accompanied by calling the president of the freeworld socialist, communist etc. it becames unamerican, stand by your president and do what you can to move this nation forward. God bless America.

posted 2:30 AM on 04/21/09

He promised change and we got it. He promised transparency and we are getting it. To say that he has a full plate is an understatement, every morning is a "pick an issue" moment. He has handled the job wonderfully, I couldn't be more proud. At every meeting he attends, he explains the American point of view with clarity and gives us, the American people, hope that this period of history will go down as something special, different than the ego driven presidents before him. Despite the old-fogies in congress that attack him daily, he continues to work on a better country, a better government and peaceful and well thought out solutions. I respect that he admits his mistakes (something I always admire in great leaders). I only wish more people would step up and help him, the partnership he so needs to get this country back to it's previous greatness. I don't jump on any bandwagon quickly, but here is something I can put my heart and soul into and the future looks bright from where I stand. And I didn't even vote for him! There is no better guarantee today than "made in America". We are still the best country on the planet to live in. Pitch in, fix the wrongs, support the rights and look proudly at our American Flag. I know that Mr. Obama is doing just these things every day.

posted 2:29 AM on 04/21/09

President Obama is doing an EXCELLENT job. Now he has to get us out of Dubya's and Cheney's crap.

With Bush and Cheney, they:
1. Brought in John Yoo to rewrite the definitions of torture - - where were the Republicans?
2. Started a criminal war in Iraq trying to attach it to 911 - - where were the Republicans?
3. Started up torture camps all over the world - - where were the Republicans?
4 When Bush/Paulson handed Wall Street 800 BILLION - - Where were the Republicans?
5. When Bush/Paulson socialized Wall Street, banks, insurance - - Where were the Republicans?
6. When people lost their homes, jobs, and life savings - where were the Republicans?
7. Bush failed to tell us there was a recession for 1 1/2 years - - where were the Repubs?
8. When part of America was destroyed (New Orleans) by Katrina - - where were the Repubs?
9. When Bush was trashing our Constitution in the name of security - where were the Republicans?
10. When Bush and Cheney were above the 3 branches of govt. - - where were the Repubs?
11. When taking a stand against to rtu re wasn’t it the Repubs. who called everyone ter rorist loving?
12. When taking a stand against the war, wasn’t it the Repubs. who said “you DON’T support the troops?
on and on and on
So - just what did the Repubs do? They were on the hunt to prove Obama was a ter r o rist involved in a 20 year plot with those in Hyde Park!
2. They seem to take every Bush crisis and try to blame it on Obama…like the economy, war, Wall Street, Detroit, on and on
3. They orchestrate a scenario where Obama is more of a crimiminal than Bush/Che

posted 1:48 AM on 04/21/09

Let’s see. . .Start by asking 10 anti war, tree hugging, lawyers, naturalists and one (scared by propaganda) retired woman what they think of Obama. Finish by not asking them one question about policy or anything Obama has actually done, and this equals reporting a consensus of the people?
The LAT is floundering in itself. I guarantee you, even in the west cost loonytoons society of LA, they had to struggle to find these eleven people who fell lock and step with this lying, deceptive administration that has not even lived up to its own LIBERAL policies! The truth is, liberals, conservatives, and most in between are disgusted with the first 100 days of corruption of this regime. You just have to ask people the right questions. Say, how do like paying for abortions of overseas prostitutes?
Or how about this one? So you have no problem with your pastor and Sunday school teachers being censored on what they can teach? Or how about first telling them how: now that Obama has started fining the power plants to force them to implement technologies that aren’t even invented yet, how do they like the idea of paying a tripled electric bill? Hmmm, somehow I think, if we just informed people whats in the pike, this administration first one hundred days would have triggered a demand of resignation or even a coup. Oh wait; that has begun hasn’t it, you just can’t find anything about it in this government polished newspaper.

posted 1:37 AM on 04/21/09

"biggest mistake in the history of the free world"?? what is this, an episode of Alias? grow up people. obama is working hard to undo years of mistakes. give him a chance! he hasn't even been around for 100 days and already the critics come out. do you criticize your plants when they don't grow into trees within a week? geez.

posted 1:05 AM on 04/21/09

I studied FDR for 20 years, so when journalists become pop historians and compare him with Obama, my eyes roll.

And when I scan such stories and see some bird say they are about the same I am like a man listening to some preacher say an elephant and a mouse are about the same.

Which is bigger, these pontificators' ignorance or arrogance?

To cite but one difference. When FDR faced a financial house riddled with corruption and insolvency -- HE CLOSED THE BANKS AND CHOSE JOSEPH KENNEDY TO REFORM WALL STREET!

posted 11:50 PM on 04/20/09

thumbs way down.
(this after running through all the reasons I didn't vote for him in the first place, not that I wanted good old Mac either... Well hell, he is living proof that American pride can't get any lower... or can it?)

posted 10:08 PM on 04/20/09

I had high hopes for the Obama presidency. During the campaign, he promised transparency, and fiscal responsibility. So what is the first thing that he does? He surrounds himself with tax cheats and shady characters, he signs a 'stimulus bill' for $700 billion plus that he didn't bother reading that is loaded with goodies for his supporters, and continues with all of the Bush financial policies (execpt that he added some redistribution of wealth and free cash for the fiscally irresponsible who got in over their heads with their mortgages). I'm worried that the train we are on headed downhill just picked up new momentum. Just like all of the right-wingers conveniently ignored the disaster Bush was putting together, the left is now rationalizing away the even bigger disaster that Obama is cooking up for us. God help us all - Citizen Zane http://timeforpitchforksandtorches.blogspot.com/

Citizen Zane
posted 9:29 PM on 04/20/09

We have risked our lives and many others made the ultimate sacrifice for a country that today does not care to know how much freedom cost, Obama has nominated individuals to his cabinet that accused us vets as right wing radicals and extremist while shaking hands with dictators and countries that sponsor terrorism, I do believe in the old saying, to keep your friends close and your enemies closer but that does not stop me from defending my country when the enemy is trashing it.
I do not want my children’s children paying for the stupidity of someone else’s stock buying misfortunes, mortgage payments, banks bellying up and government officials that have their agendas loading every bill with millions in pork barrel spending, and a President just giving their future earnings away to see IF it works, the founding fathers would be starting a revolution over this, but then again what do you expect from a President with no business knowledge and surrounds himself with incompetence individuals, that in one case can’t even pay his taxes and runs the Department of Treasury.
Obama holds the most powerful office in the free world but yet gives a queen an I-pod and our best ally Prime minister a collection of DVD’s now that is real diplomacy, while bowing to a Muslim king, and shaking hands with Dictators and human rights violators, tell me he is not way over his head, and to say this is only 100 days may GOD help us for the next 1360 more.

Proud Vet

Proud vet
posted 9:18 PM on 04/20/09

the man is a inept

dennis s
posted 8:51 PM on 04/20/09

Jason - (is this my nephew in Florida??) You are mistaken. The lack of health care is one of the things that is bankrupting this country. It's not re-distribution of income, although in the past 8 years the gap between what you make as someone in the military, and what the guys on Wall Street make dramatically widened. It's okay if we close that gap some.

posted 3:50 PM on 04/20/09

I am deeply concerned with the performance of Obama. He has already spent well over 4 trillion within his first 100 days as the leader of the free world. My generation, and my children's future will be waged on the spending practices of this administration. The redistribution of income that is written within his new tax code is a perfect example of the socialist ideas of this man. I for one am at the crossroads: why would I continue to serve this country as a member of the armed services? I am also wondering why I should continue to press forward to complete my education, when I can just kick back and wait for the government to take care of me with nationalized healthcare or a bailout for my home mortgage, or even now, my car payment. What will motivate me now?

posted 1:21 PM on 04/20/09

And if Obama has some ideas that seem socialistic - like health care for everyone, I think that's great! After 8 long years of the most disgusting rapacious capitalism that brought the world's economy to the brink of ruin, I for one am ready for a little relaxing socialism and a cold beer.

And besides that, Is he a Socialist? A Communist? A Fascist? there are too many "-ists" here ....the right-wing posters should look up the definitions of these terms before blathering on.... or maybe they could use a little of that free-education-for-all Mr. Obama is working towards!

Julia in Los Angeles
posted 9:10 AM on 04/20/09

Obama was swept into the White House by a huge majority of voters who were sick of Republican right-wing ideology. The Neo-Cons purposely tried to bankrupt the government, (Big Government is Bad) and consequently Obama inherited a s@#&t storm, to put it mildly. He's doing a great job and it's so refreshingly wonderful to listen to "Hopey", a President who is intelligent, informed and articulate after eight years of "Dopey".
I love my Islamo-Socialist-Fascist-Fidel Castro-lovin'- Hugo Chavez-hand-shakin' President!!!
(And just for the record folks, he can't be a socialist and a fascist ar the same time, hahaahah.)

Proud American
posted 8:57 AM on 04/20/09

Obama has failed those who voted for him on at least two major issues: the financial crisis and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's business as usual -- the same business as during the Bush administration on these two critical areas.

Our financial structure needs total overhaul, not bandaids from the likes of Geithner and Summers. We need to stop destroying countries that we say are critical to democracy. Ours is not a democracy; ours is an oligarchy. It is hypocritical and cynical to claim that we want to make Iraq and Afghanistan more democratic.

Where are the billions for rehabilitating the US? For creating jobs and healthcare and education for the vast majority of Americans who are still being neglected?

Susie Q
posted 8:27 AM on 04/20/09

Never has a President received so much uncritical, glowing adulation from the media than Barack Obama.
The media's love affair with this guy is ridiculous.
How's Obama doing? Well, gee. The stock market is still tanking, unemployment is now over 10 percent (and shows no sign of letting up), and states are now raising taxes like crazy.
Otherwise, Obama and his wife look soooo sweet on the cover of 'InTouch Weekly'!

posted 7:37 AM on 04/20/09

OBAMA IS A LIAR ... period.

Big Easy
posted 6:14 AM on 04/20/09

As an Australian, I like him. He comes across as a man who is trying to care about what happens in his country.

If he does have a team of people who make him acceptable to the American man on the street, I say good on him. Maybe the past 5 or 6 Presidents should have employed similar people.

If you people don't want him, send him over here. He will be a breath of fresh air.

And if he is really as bad as some people portray him, maybe after the end of his term you should vote - it might make a difference.

posted 10:41 PM on 04/19/09

Obama is an unqualified disaster. Arrogant, naive, and a socialist. May God protect our country; Obama certainly won't. He was totally rolled by the European heads and is a laughinstock in the Americas. Hugo Chavez likes me, right? NObama he's laughing at you.

Welly Helly
posted 4:57 PM on 04/19/09

President Obama THUMBS UP...... He has a big mess on his hands thanks to George Bush!

posted 4:39 PM on 04/19/09

I laugh at some of these responses...Obama is a socialist, leading us in the wrong direction, misguiding us in regards to taxes etc etc...Again I ask..where were all these complaints in the Bush tenure?? it has nothing to do with Obama,..it's all about the fact that he is Black..PERIOD...someone says he is too young..how come you did not hear that drumbeat about Clinton?? is it ok for a white person to be young but not anyone else?? Taxes?? Bush tax polices HURT the middle class and poor..not my view it's been proven..so where were these fool tea baggers then?? no one gave at hoot about how Bush ran this country to the ground..FOR EIGHT YEARS...now Obama has been in office for less than three months and it's revolution time...give me a break.....and all these people who sat on their hands as Bush "created" a war..stole an election..watched as a american city was destroyed..tortured people, turned a surplus left by Clinton to a deficit etc...had every country in the world hate us etc...and not one of you haters were ready to grab the pitch forks as you are now..what a joke..that's why it has nothing to do with taxes, policies etc..it's about race..the fact that a black man is in charge is under your skin and will always be..regardless of what he does..

posted 3:08 PM on 04/19/09

Imagine the possibilities of having a smart, competent and intelligent person as President of the United States. We are seeing that in Barack Obama. I feel so much better for my country.

Armando Bernal
posted 12:10 PM on 04/19/09

People who voted for Obama, will not change their opinion. In their eyes, he is great. They listen to every word and even when he has an excuse to go back on his campaign promises, they understand and forgive him. That is the biggest worry, he is becoming a dictator.

Mary Lopez
posted 11:33 AM on 04/19/09

Obama-The Rule of Law/Not the rule of men.government run amok


I would suggest you read the U.S. Constitution.Constitutional Chaos.What happens when the government breaks its own laws

Ric hard Ahern
posted 11:16 AM on 04/19/09

Obama is a fascist and surrounds himself with fascists who want to conscript our children into "civilian defense" forces and widen our military presence overseas.

Although his style is certainly different, his policies are substantively a continuation of Bush II and Bush I. As a matter of fact, you could even call his administration Clinton II because he's recycled a lot of slippery figures from that regime.

On issues where it really matters, Obama has wimped out. He's failed to launch any kind of investigation into our financial collapse. He's given immunity to torturers. He's upheld Dick Cheney's domestic spying laws (even before becoming President!). And he's appointed to the highest positions people who've clearly taken bribes or who've failed to pay their taxes.

The only area in which Obama has succeeded is in getting away with his bad behavior. But even here you cannot give him full credit because he's being propped up by America's news agencies which are owned and controlled by the wealthy ruling elite, who Obama serves most faithfully.

This is the reason why Obama will probably come out of this poll with flying colors, because people have been distracted from the news that really matters. Instead of paying attention to all the bankers who surround Obama (who are now getting lucrative pay-offs from tax payer bailouts), we're treated to a weekly deluge of stories about Michelle Obama's fashion makeover or the First Dog.

It's all illusion people.

Dan Miller
posted 10:24 AM on 04/19/09

Obama has exceeded my expectations.
I thought he would be awful.
As it turns out, he's horrible.

terry quinn
posted 8:44 AM on 04/19/09

The ONLY thing Obama's done right is his decision to let the U.S. Navy do it's job with the Somali Pirates. Other than that, he's killing the economy with his outrageous spending; he's disgraced the U.S.A. in foreign countries ("The Bow"); he's appointed Tax cheats, Socialists, and other misfits for high positions in his Administration, and now, he's become "friends" with the likes of Hugo Chavez, Fidel and Raul Castro, and that Crazy S.O.B. in Iran.

Grade for the first 100 Days: D

P.S. The Tax Day Protests were just the beginning!

posted 7:29 PM on 04/18/09

Unlike all the smart folks running this nation (college professors and such) I didn’t go to Harvard or Yale so I am sure they know what they are doing and I, being a simple man, don’t understand as does Elinor Miller.

I do, however, have a question.

Our new president (along with madam speaker and others) want to provide us with free education from pre-school through college, free health care for all who can’t afford it, bail out those with overextended mortgages, bail out banks, car companies and others and increase spending for the rest of this fiscal year by 8 per cent over last year and cure cancer.

They also promised to reduce the federal deficit.

At the same time they are giving a tax cut to 95 percent of us.

So exactly now does this work Professor?

Mojave Jim
posted 4:28 PM on 04/18/09

I think he's doing great. In my opinion, the people crying that he'll ruin our nation with socialism are just bitter that their party did not win the election. It's basically alarmism to try and win back the White House in 2012.

happy american
posted 4:14 PM on 04/18/09

"No Sanctuary" post hit the nail on the head. I had high hope that Obama would rule from the center but have now given up all hope of that. It does appear more and more that we have elected another Hugh Chavez. No wonder they are suddenly pals. Shame on us for getting fooled. I only wish I could change my vote.

posted 4:06 PM on 04/18/09

What a breath of fresh air Obama has been. After 8 years of the opposite, we have a President who talks to us, who listens to all the people, who is working twice as hard as Bush ever did, who has raised our international prestige, who is down-to-earth and not arrogant and yet determined and focused. All these cries about socialism and taxes (hey folks, most of us just got a tax cut, not just mainly the rich) is just smoke and mirrors from those who cannot accept they lost the election. As a gay man, I feel once again that I am included in the process, a part of the government, respected (even if I don't completely agree with Obama 100% of the time). Yes, I am concerned about the costs of all this, but what has the GOP offered: nothing but more tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy, the very thing that helped get us in this mess. I see in Obama a strong leader, not afraid to admit his or our country's mistakes. I feel safer at night, like we are moving forward. Like I said, a breath of fresh air.

Lee Bowman
posted 4:01 PM on 04/18/09

Biggest mistake ever made in the history of the free world. What in God's name were people trying to prove by electing a man who hates his own country, his own people, and his Constitution - the one document that separates us from ever other nation in the world - which is why we are the most advanced, prosperous, magnificent, generous nation in the world?

He is poison.

posted 3:55 PM on 04/18/09

Obama's number one job is to undo just about everything the Bush admin did, which is the biggest service he can do for the nation. Bush and his team put out very little that was well thought out or compassionate. W. was nastier and stupider than dad.
I can't believe how the more virulent right wingers bandy about the word "socialism." The Dems and Obama are trying to correct the messes made by the GOP, particularly in the business and finance field of incompetent and abandoned oversight. Since the advent of the mortgage securities debacle, the government has had to become a backstop, and government spending is an attempt to fill in a gaping GDP hole caused because the financeers Bush unreined were rotten crooked. Now you say the people cleaning up the mess are "socialists." Not fair. This mess was due to conflicts of interest, dishonest falsification of assets, (unbridled behaviors, aka abuses)., under Bush. Include the Iraq War, which was also a giant lie generated by his team, driven by ambition and conflicts of interest.

Todd L
posted 3:41 PM on 04/18/09

Let me see...turn your back on our military..consider them all threats....buddy up to the communists...golly...does anyone see a pattern here...he will go down in history as the biggest mistake this country has ever made....hopefully, it does not cost us our freedom, or our lives...

posted 3:17 PM on 04/18/09

I am encouraged that we have a President who speaks to the American people as though they are adults. He and I are college professors so every moment is a teaching moment. I hope the American people are taking from his numerous pressers that we have to get smart about credit, education, fuel, etc. I campaigned for Obama. I am encouraged that that there have been so few surprises so far. My big disappointment: his kinship with Wall Street and the Big Banks; my biggest worry: Central Asia. I have nightmares about Vietnam redux. My biggest disappointment: the joke the GOP has become. We really need a vibrant two-party system. If the GOP doesn't wake up pretty soon, it will go the way of the Whigs. Obama has the makings of a Great President. I worry about Pakistan/Afghanistan; though I greatly respect Richard Holbrooke.

posted 2:59 PM on 04/18/09

Obama gets a HUGE thumbs down from me. I don't understand why American's can't see that his policies are leading this country into socialism - and ultimately - economic ruin. This country is not coming together as someone previously posted - Obama is propelling us apart at an alarming rate. He is targeting free speech and anyone who disagrees with his policies. God help us all! The America we have always known will be gone long before he leaves office!

posted 2:46 PM on 04/18/09

I see Obama and Hugo Chavez becoming very close behind the scenes. Obama is so impressed with Chavez' rule that he's obviously adopted Chavez' playbook:
1. initiatiate class warfare by painting the successful as the 'evil rich' stealing from the common folk;
2. grow the entitlement class by handing out welfare in the form of 'tax cuts' so at least 50% of the population pay no taxes, and many of those receive checks for their 'tax cuts' in addition to other benefits; increase dependence and loyalty of the masses through socialized health care and myriad of other free benefits funded by taxing the 'evil rich'.
3. build government funded 'community organizations' composed of street thugs and operatives available 24/7 to intimidate any opposition, steal elections, turn out for rallies, etc (ACORN, La Raza, et al).
4. start to insinuate government into the private sector through financial control of banks and major industries; coopt private enterprise with bailouts and loans leading to direct control and/or nationalization.
5. stigmatize any opposition as 'extreme' and 'dangerous'; put them on watch lists as potential terrorists; start to put regulatory squeeze on any media voices not in lock step with the regime (talk radio).
6. Grant amnesty to 20 million illegals including a family reunification program that will generate an influx of an additional 20-30 million of the poor, uneducated and unskilled of Mexico's and Central America's peasant class. Millions of the grateful new citizens will vote 99% (1% error rate) for Obama and progressive Dems, permanently shifting the electorate in favor of Obama and the Dems and assuring them unchallenged power in perpetuity.
Oh, and the amnesty bill will allow only 24 hours for authorities to find reason to bar an amnesty applicant from citizenship. With the INS, already hopelessly swamped, this should assure that all of our worthy MS-13, and other disadvantaged undocumented immigrants will achieve full citizenship and unquestioned rights to welfare and countless other benefits of American society.
Note: #5 will be an Obama exclusive, Chavez can only dream of such an opportunity to stack the deck.

no sanctuary
posted 2:10 PM on 04/18/09

It's not easy, quick, or fun to clean-up the mess made by the last administration. The enormous scope of harm and destruction caused by their policies and practices has significantly damaged our economy and system of private enterprise, our democratic institutions, and our reputation. It is likely to take a generation or more to heal some of these wounds, and many will leave lasting scars. May they remind us of our vulnerabilities; greed, overconfidence, and self-righteousness. They are the enemies within, and we should guard against them always.

I give this administration high marks for leading the way but it will take all us working together to rebuild our American house. We must never take for granted the "support beams" upon which our democracy rests--equal opportunity and protection for all, shared responsibility, and an unwavering concern for the good of others that is equal to or greater than our concern for ourselves.

May we continue coming together as a nation until anyone who seeks to divide us sees only an impenetrable wall of American brotherhood and sisterhood, undivided, beloved, and more powerful than any threat or power.

Together we will rise (again) perhaps because we have fallen together.

John H, Los Angeles
posted 2:02 PM on 04/18/09

The Obama folks continue to amaze me.

Before him we had a president who spend, spend, spend. They hated him. We now have a President who spend more money (that we don't have) in his first days in office then all the presidents before him, sighing a bill no one read. Yet, they love him.

We had a Presient who got us into open ended wars and they hated him. We now have a President who is keeping us in those same wars and they love him.

Things may appear to be getting better but just wait until the full impact of this policies hit the fan.

Obama, If he continues on this course (and it appears he will) is on his way to being the worst president (even worst than Bush) in our history.

Most of the folks who voted for him are the same one's who vote for American Idol.

Jim Ramsdell
posted 2:02 PM on 04/18/09

Obama is on a pre-planed, swift track to socialisim and economic ruin. He wants government control of everything. He wants to make everyone have the same standard of living, regardless of their contributions to society and the economy of the United States. He is on a course to destroy America as it was planed by the Founders.

Don Jones
posted 1:56 PM on 04/18/09

I think Obama is doing a great job, he is giving us poor people some money so we can buy some beer like the rich folks. I hope he gives us a raise in our welfare checks.

posted 1:52 PM on 04/18/09

In less than 100 days he has taken on what others chose to ignore for years. He also acts like a real human being and not some stone faced inflexible robot that has been the usual act we have seen. Gone is the stupid cowboy cliches and the heavy handed veiled threats. In a word he is trying to show the country has grown up and needs to talk and not just bully the rest of the planet

posted 12:50 PM on 04/18/09

When Obama announced his candidacy, I was dismayed. I was a Hillary supporter, and I thought Obama was an upstart who could afford to wait 8 years and still be a young president. As his campaign wore on, I felt his nebulous "change" message would come back to haunt him, as it was so vague that everyone would assign their own meaning, then be disappointed when "their" reality didn't come to pass. With time, though, I have come around. Although still a Clinton admirer, I think that, at the time he came to office, Obama was more the medicine that America needed. He really was the "change" in tone that we needed in this environment, and has been able to get away with audacious stimulus actions for which Clinton probably would have been pilloried. While I may not agree totally with his every move, I am inspired by his thoughtfulness and particularly his refreshing, pragmatic approach to foreign policy. His efforts to extend the olive branch in the Middle East and Latin America are brilliant and long overdue. The attempts to reshape the "ugly American" image in Europe are desperately important. But, most of all, it is electrifying to see once again an intelligent, eloquent American leader of whom I am more proud than ashamed.

Larry Andrick
posted 12:45 PM on 04/18/09

Man,1340 days may not be enough time to get our once happy and prosperous America back on it's feet and a feeling of safe again if the first 100 days is any indication. Soooooooo sad!!!
I only wish he would choose cabinet members we can have trust and respect towards. I guess the saying is true, "you are who you hang around".

dasha vue
posted 12:42 PM on 04/18/09

I think Obama is doing a great job. Be honest, and this is for all the "haters" ..in eight years did you ever see Bush have this much interaction with the american public..trying to explain why he is going in a certain direction, trying to explain policies? Bush basically did what he wanted..without regard of what his bosses "we the american people" thought...create a war without facts..check, let the banks run amuck with regulatuon, tranperancy..check, torture people..check..and the list goes on...I see people complaining..how come they sat on their hands the whole time Bush was in office?? Obama has alot of issues ro deal with..IT WILL TAKE TIME...we are so impatient as a people we want answers to complicated problems in a day..it took EIGHT years to get into this mess...GO OBAMA...YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT

posted 12:25 PM on 04/18/09

Obama apparently does not understand US Presidents DO NOT BOW TO ANYONE! By bowing to the Saudi King he did more damage to US foreign relations in 5 seconds than Robert Hanssen & Aldrich Ames combined!

posted 11:59 AM on 04/18/09

I'm deeply encouraged by many outcomes of Barack Obama's election. On the Iraq war front, I think he's chosen a viable exit strategy by declaring a date that provides sufficient time to gauge the ability of the Iraqi people to handle their own self-defense. I think his decision to fight more forcefully in Afghanistan is the correct one, and while not assured of success, I believe the chance of success is much improved by deployment of additional troops. On the economic front, it's my sense that housing prices have stopped falling, or will very soon. I have been able to make a small amount of money on the six-week run of the stock market. Also, I think the nation is feeling better about itself. On foreign poilicy, today's Trinidad summit and yesterday's overtures by Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez are critically significant in their opening of a new era of dialog with these nations, and of better relations with South America. Even the appearance of heroes like Richard Phillips and "Sully" Sullenberger have given us a lift, and for all Americans, a greater sense of possibility - of hope. These are great achievements in a short time.

Joe Shea
posted 11:50 AM on 04/18/09

What a joke! Obama (who I supported) wants to revamp government and make it efficient. He's cutting out a few million here and a few million there. Wow! No new logos and presidential seals. That's funny considering he hired those hot shot designers for his own website and for the White House site. Let's talk real money. He could start by eliminating the Federal Reserve and issuing money INTEREST FREE directly to community banks for distribution to real people. Remember, the FED is the one providing $4 trillion worth of loans and loan guarantees, so that Wall Street can continue to suck the lifeblood out of this country. He could support single-payer health insurance which would save lives, cut health care costs in half, and prevent personal bankruptcies. In revamping his tax code by next December, do you think taxes will be raised on the rich? Fat chance. The tax code is written by and for Wall Street and the bailout banks don't even pay taxes. Don't expect any CHANGE here. This is all a set-up to take away your Social Security benefits for - wait for it - Wall Street! I like some of Obama's priorities, but most of the "change" we've seen is cosmetic. The fundamentals of our economy (finance and defense) will remain in place and stronger than ever, unless we do something about it.

Carole Beverly
posted 11:36 AM on 04/18/09

Only 1340 days to go. :O)

Frank W, New Mexico
posted 9:58 AM on 04/18/09

Do you give President Obama a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

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