Warning Signs
For fiscal years spanning
2000-2001 to 2007-2008
Failed to
develop land
within five
Spent more
than half their
money on
Spent at least
$100,000 of budget and built no units



in Poverty:


Source: Census 2000

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736 F St.

Arcata, CA 95521

Source: California Redevelopment Association

Website as of 2010; Address as of 2008

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Housing Units (back to top)

  • 1 used covenants
  • 0 used subsidies
  • 6 used funds allocated for mobile homes
  • 20 built
  • 26 rehabilitated
  • 2 destroyed

Land Holdings (back to top)

A state law requires land purchased for affordable housing to be developed within five years.

This agency has failed to develop:

  • 1 parcel of land (less than 0.1 acre) for more than five years
  • 1 parcel of land (less than 0.1 acre) for more than 10 years

Spending (back to top)

Expenditure data current as of 2008.


Percent of Total

Agency Average

At risk of becoming
$0 0% 4.76%
Debt payments $0 0% 28.33%
Land acquisition
and site preparation
$708,166 36.28% 20.70%
Mobile homes $0 0% 4.79%
New $477,159 24.45% 19.18%
Other $12,355 less than 1% 16.61%
Planning and
$71,633 3.67% 23.57%
$404,129 20.70% 13.02%
Rental subsidies $278,411 14.26% 19.33%
Total $1,951,853 100% N/A

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Source: California Department of Housing and Community Development

Credits: Kim Christensen, Jessica Garrison, Michelle Minkoff, Sandra Poindexter, Doug Smith

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About this project

This database tracks the expenditures of California city and county redevelopment agencies on housing.

During the fiscal years spanning 2000-2001 to 2007-2008, agencies spent property tax dollars mostly on planning, acquiring land and constructing, renovating and removing housing units.

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