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Morgan Hill

Warning Signs
For fiscal years spanning
2000-2001 to 2007-2008
Failed to
develop land
within five
Spent more
than half their
money on
Spent at least
$100,000 of budget and built no units



in Poverty:


Source: Census 2000

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17555 Peak Ave.

Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Source: California Redevelopment Association

Website as of 2010; Address as of 2008

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Housing Units (back to top)

  • 0 used covenants
  • 0 used subsidies
  • 430 used funds allocated for mobile homes
  • 289 built
  • 8 rehabilitated
  • 26 destroyed

Land Holdings (back to top)

A state law requires land purchased for affordable housing to be developed within five years.

This agency has failed to develop:

  • 0 parcels of land for more than five years
  • 0 parcels of land for more than 10 years

Spending (back to top)

Expenditure data current as of 2008.


Percent of Total

Agency Average

At risk of becoming
$475,000 1.09% 4.76%
Debt payments $2,550,000 5.83% 28.33%
Land acquisition
and site preparation
$4,014,159 9.18% 20.70%
Mobile homes $1,442,881 3.30% 4.79%
New $23,132,574 52.88% 19.18%
Other $508,261 1.16% 16.61%
Planning and
$6,953,282 15.89% 23.57%
$2,476,795 5.66% 13.02%
Rental subsidies $2,192,842 5.01% 19.33%
Total $43,745,794 100% N/A

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Source: California Department of Housing and Community Development

Credits: Kim Christensen, Jessica Garrison, Michelle Minkoff, Sandra Poindexter, Doug Smith

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About this project

This database tracks the expenditures of California city and county redevelopment agencies on housing.

During the fiscal years spanning 2000-2001 to 2007-2008, agencies spent property tax dollars mostly on planning, acquiring land and constructing, renovating and removing housing units.

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