Top 100 "value-added" math teachers

Using teachers' "value-added" scores in math and English, The Times identified the top 100 Los Angeles Unified third- fourth- and fifth-grade teachers under the value-added measure in each subject.

For an explanation of these ratings, see our FAQ.

Acosta Reyn, Renata

Middleton Street Elementary, 2010

Aguilar, Miguel

Hillery T. Broadous Elementary, 2010

Aguilar, Willson

Ricardo Lizarraga Elementary, 2010

Amigo, Henri

Fair Avenue Elementary, 2007

Ash, Veronica

Manchester Avenue Elementary, 2010

Ashcraft, Ann

Western Avenue Elementary, 2005

Atienza, Frances

William R. Anton Elementary, 2007

Avila, Araceli

Ellen Ochoa Learning Center, 2006

Badawy, Manal

Corona Avenue Elementary, 2009

Ball, Patricia

Second Street Elementary, 2005

Banos, Alberto

Sylvan Park Elementary, 2007

Biderman, Phyllis

Stagg Street Elementary, 2006

Blowey, Philip

Noble Avenue Elementary, 2010

Brewer, Barbara

La Salle Avenue Elementary, 2008

Broussard, John

Grape Street Elementary, 2010

Burns, Ingrid

Hillcrest Drive Elementary, 2008

Butts, Steven

Broadway Elementary, 2010

Cabauatan, Jeffrey

Grape Street Elementary, 2009

Caple, Mark

Kittridge Street Elementary, 2010

Casquino, Ruth

Liberty Boulevard Elementary, 2010

Cazares, Rosa

Malabar Street Elementary, 2007

Chang, Cheryl

Lorena Street Elementary, 2010

Choe, Susan

Hobart Boulevard Elementary, 2009

Choi, Shinae

Hobart Boulevard Elementary, 2010

Cody, Thomas

Blythe Street Elementary, 2010

Coleman, Alexis

Seventy-Fourth Street Elementary, 2010

Cordova, Federico

Forty-Ninth Street Elementary, 2010

Crouzet, Didier

Hillery T. Broadous Elementary, 2010

Cullen, Rae

Broadway Elementary, 2009

Darrow, Meagan

Manhattan Place Elementary, 2010

Davis, Brian

Towne Avenue Elementary, 2010

Debellefeuille, Mary

Amestoy Elementary, 2010

Della Gala, Daniele

Cantara Street Elementary, 2010

Escalante, Gerardo

Sierra Park Elementary, 2009

Estrada, Samuel

Stanford Avenue Elementary, 2010

Garcia, Jesus

Parmelee Avenue Elementary, 2010

Garcia, Miguel

Sunrise Elementary, 2010

Goldberg, Murray

Del Amo Elementary, 2010

Gonzalez, Liliana

Russell Elementary, 2008

Hernandez, Juan

Fourth Street Elementary, 2009

Hollenbach, Dianne

Hillery T. Broadous Elementary, 2009

Huerta, Francisco

Trinity Street Elementary, 2010

Jackson, Kori

Compton Avenue Elementary, 2009

Kang, Yong

Ninety-Second Street Elementary, 2009

Keller, Renata

Fletcher Drive Elementary, 2006

Khachatouri, Alina

Erwin Elementary, 2010

Kirk, Rachel

Rowan Avenue Elementary, 2008

Langford, Jennifer

Plummer Elementary, 2008

Lauer, Debra

Toluca Lake Elementary, 2010

Lewis Gomez, Betty

One Hundred Sixteenth Street Elementary, 2007

Libaw, Leslie

Virginia Road Elementary, 2009

Lima, Carolina

Leo Politi Elementary, 2010

Machado, Leo

Corona Avenue Elementary, 2010

Madrigal, Miguel

San Fernando Elementary, 2010

Maquinana, Ryan

One Hundred Ninth Street Elementary, 2009

Morales, Margarita

Hart Street Elementary, 2010

Morales, Nadia

Commonwealth Avenue Elementary, 2007

Moreland, Amy

Hillery T. Broadous Elementary, 2007

Murillo, Julieta

Hoover Street Elementary, 2010

Neway, Michael

Fifty-Fourth Street Elementary, 2010

Newman, Lagra

One Hundred Ninth Street Elementary, 2007

Obiwuru, Ifeoma

South Park Elementary, 2010

Okorie, Dioka

Westport Heights Elementary, 2010

Olmos, Julie

Kingsley Elementary, 2010

Pachano, Alexander

Sunrise Elementary, 2010

Padilla, Xochitl

Heliotrope Avenue Elementary, 2010

Papazyan, Ripsime

Liggett Street Elementary, 2010

Perez, Jose

Woodland Hills Elementary, 2010

Petch, Deana

One Hundred Eighty-Sixth Street Elementary, 2010

Pinto, Aldo

Gridley Street Elementary, 2010

Portillo, Jaime

Selma Avenue Elementary, 2006

Quirk, Kellie

Dearborn Street Elementary, 2010

Randall, Linda

Los Angeles Elementary, 2010

Rankin, Jacqueline

Commonwealth Avenue Elementary, 2006

Ratcliffe, Garland

Leapwood Avenue Elementary, 2010

Rodriguez, Gabriel

Stanford Avenue Elementary, 2010

Rodriguez R, Eva

Columbus Avenue, 2010

Ruiz, Donna

Ramona Elementary, 2008

Rundquist, Lehi

Braddock Drive Elementary, 2007

Santillan, Gabriela

Ninety-Second Street Elementary, 2009

Santos, Veronica

Broad Avenue Elementary, 2010

Sardashti, Jilla

Parmelee Avenue Elementary, 2010

Savala, Alexander

Victoria Avenue Elementary, 2010

Schoenkopf, Donna

Sixty-First Street Elementary, 2007

Shery, Mary

Shenandoah Street Elementary, 2010

Solis, Antonio

Hooper Avenue Elementary, 2008

Stark, Anna

Amestoy Elementary, 2010

Steinmetz, Helen

Carthay Center Elementary, 2009

Tan Jordan, Zenaida

Morningside Elementary, 2010

Tapanes, Mirna

Miles Avenue Elementary, 2009

Tarabotto, Maria

Napa Street Elementary, 2005

Taylor, Velma

Miramonte Elementary, 2005

Thomas, Lillian

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, 2006

Thomas, Heather

Granada Elementary, 2010

Ulloa, Ana

Walnut Park Elementary, 2007

Webb, Floyd

Baldwin Hills Elementary, 2010

Wieland, Douglas

Buchanan Street Elementary, 2010

Williams, Suzette

Lomita Math/Science/Technology Magnet, 2010

Williams, Malinda

Baldwin Hills Elementary, 2010

Yoshida, Judy

Bryson Avenue Elementary, 2006

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