Andre Noble

A 4th / 5th split teacher at Nueva Vista Elementary in 2008

These graphs show a teacher's "value-added" rating based on his or her students' progress on the California Standards Tests in math and English. The Times’ analysis used all valid student scores available for this teacher from the 2002-03 through 2008-09 academic years. The value-added scores reflect a teacher's effectiveness at raising standardized test scores and, as such, capture only one aspect of a teacher's work.

Overall value-added effectiveness

Math effectiveness

English effectiveness

Compared with other Los Angeles Unified teachers on the value-added measure of test score improvement, Noble ranked:

  • Average overall.
  • Less effective than average in math. Students of teachers in this category, on average, lost about 4 percentile points on the California Standards Test compared with other students at their grade level.
  • Average in English. Students of teachers in this category, on average, did not gain or lose significantly on the California Standards Test compared with other students at their grade level.

Noble's LAUSD teaching history

2002-03 through 2008-09 academic years

Andre Noble's Response:

My math rating takes a hit due to the fact I taught a split grade level 4th grade / 5th grade classes, not only in 2008, but also at least one other year not acknowledged in my profile for some reason. Still, I thought my math rating would be higher. OK, I will work on that more.

I feel my overall rating would be higher too if students were tested on their essay writing skills. Compositional writing skills is the main focus of my humanities instruction because it integrates all the critical Language Arts components.

Finally, I bring artistic appreciation, critical thinking, and many life experiences to the classroom as a 'second career' educator that are not measured with this California CST exam value added analysis.

nevertheless, objective evaluation like this is sorely needed inside the LAUSD Stull (teacher evaluation) process.

More importantly, making such OBJECTIVE value-added info public will spur competitive people such as myself to work twice as hard. I am human after all. If my principal were to whisper in my ear that I am a great/awful teacher, it's still just an OPINION without objectivity to support it. I thrive on objectivity. BRING IT ON!

The Times gave LAUSD elementary school teachers rated in this database the opportunity to preview their value-added evaluations and publicly respond. Some issues raised by teachers may be addressed in the FAQ. Teachers who have not commented may do so by contacting The Times.

Do the ratings in this database reflect your experience or your child's experience in the teacher's classroom? Do you believe this is a helpful tool for parents?
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