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On Veterans Day, which honors all American service members, the Los Angeles Times pays special trib­ute to the Cali­for­nians among them who have died in the wars in Afgh­anistan and Ir­aq. Below is a se­lec­tion of com­ments pos­ted over the last year by those who knew and loved them. Hun­dreds more can be read on The Times' data­base, Cali­for­nia's War Dead.

These memor­ies re­mind us of the great sac­ri­fices made in ser­vice to this coun­try.

More than 6,700 mem­bers of the Amer­ic­an mil­it­ary have died since the con­flict in Afgh­anistan began in late 2001. Among them are 743 Cali­for­ni­ans and an ad­di­tion­al 492 men and wo­men who were as­signed to bases in this state.

Jason William Moore, 21
Died May 19, 2003

Jason was the best guy even though I only was 3 years old when he died I was there when 2 marines came to the door with a photo of Jason, a flag ,and his camo hat I'm 13 now but I still think about him everyday my parents always tell me he treated me like a princess I miss him and his family so much! In my heart forever and always is Jason Moore. 10 years and I still think about him everyday he died a hero.

— Megan Thompson
November 3, 2013
Daniel P. Cagle, 22
Died May 23, 2007

Next month will be the 6 year anniversary of Daniel's death. He was a Hero, not all soldiers can live up to the title as a hero but Daniel is one that did. I had the pleasure of being a friend and serving with Daniel. I got to see both sides of of him and he was an all around good guy. He was the life of the party and the guy you could talk to if you needed to talk to someone. Daniel you are truly missed but never forgotten. Arrr

— Bobby Triplett
April 10, 2013
Allan K. Walker, 28
Died April 6, 2004

Wow its been 9 years since you were taken from us all... just sitting here thinking about when you and chuck, sean and I would all hangout and you would awe me the way you spoke... ALLEN YOU ARE VERY MUCH MISSED AND DEFIENTLY NOT FORGOTTEN!!! ILY..

— Deborah Herrera
July 16, 2013
David S. Perry, 36
Died Aug. 10, 2003

What can I say? Soon it will be ten years since your death. The world seems a smaller place without you.

— Hugh Robertson
August 4, 2013
Rafael Reynosa Suarez, 28
Died May 29, 2004

Its almost 9 years Since you Left us, oh how time flies by. We miss you with all our hearts. Watch over us primo. R.I.P Rafa. We Love you <3

— Xochilt Suarez
January 17, 2013
Avealalo Milo, 23
Died Oct. 4, 2007

You were my first Soldier as a Team Leader. I wish you could have stayed in my team and squad all the way through because you were a hard-working, driven, and loyal man. I think the world of you, bro. And I never miss sharing a drink with you on Oct 4th or Memorial Day. I miss you like family. But don't worry...we of 1st PLT, 2-2SCR keep your memory alive and well! Rest well, brother.

— SSG(r) Hall, Jon
October 4, 2013
Mark A. Stets, 39
Died Feb. 3, 2010

I will never forget you......

— Janine
July 24, 2013
Michael A. Estrella, 20
Died June 14, 2006

Never forget you mike almost 7 years feels like yesterday miss you and frank . See you soon mike I will never forget you. I know your in good hands .

— Peter
March 3, 2013
Daniel S. Noble, 21
Died July 24, 2007

This man will never be forgotten. My son does not speak of service. He speaks of loyalty, friendship,and brotherhood. He named his first born son Thomas Daniel out of love and honor to his fallen friend. May he rest in peace.

— Cheryl McDonald
May 29, 2013
Eduviges G. Wolf, 24
Died Oct. 25, 2009

Tomorrow being Memorial Day, we remember the people who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. I remember the day 1SG Ramerth called everyone down to the motorpool for a meeting. I was so confused with what was going on. To this day I remember hearing the crack in his voice when he told us you were gone. It was such a shock. You were always so bright and happy, even in the middle of a war torn 3rd world country. I remember how excited you were to go see your husband before you left on that convoy. All I could think about when I heard the news were your 2 little girls. They would never know their mother the way we all had. They wouldn't remember your laugh, your smile or your glowing presence. I still think about them and how your husband is doing with everything that happened. I know you've got a great seat up there in the skies above and I know you're watching everyone. We miss you Sergeant Wolf. Happy Memorial Day. You are not forgotten.

— Roy
May 26, 2013
Alex Oceguera, 19
Died Oct. 31, 2006

Hey cousin, today I thought of only you..thank you for your service I miss you so much! I remember when you would walk me home from school! Thanks for always taking care of me like a big you sooo much..God bless

— norma
May 27, 2013
Keith Yoakum, 41
Died Feb. 2, 2007

Keith is the reason why I became an Instructor Pilot rather than a Maintenance Test Pilot... The work ethic he brought to the table was truly second to none, and I knew I could never hold myself to the standard he set. He was a phenominal mentor, and a true professional to the core. I miss him deeply.

— Joe Belsha
August 22, 2013
Joshua M. Hardt, 24
Died Oct. 3, 2009

I miss you brother .... not a day goes by when i dont think about you man .....

February 17, 2013
Carlos Pineda, 23
Died June 24, 2005

Carlos, you're my cousin, but I was too young to really get to know you when I met you. In our blurred history I remember asking you for a crossword puzzle and your future wife had given it to me. I wish I could have got to known you better. You are the reason why I am joining the armed forces. I am in the process of joining the Air Force so I will be in after I graduate this year. My brother, Oscar Escobar, has already joined. Thank you for everything you did for this country, and for serving and protecting. You are my hero.

-Jose (Ozzy) Escobar

— Ozzy Escobar
November 3, 2013
Joseph C. Lopez, 26
Died Oct. 14, 2010

hey lopez
it been a honor to know you train beside u and deploy with u miss u man rest in peace youll be remembered by me and my wife forever see you when i get up there rest in peace brother

— lcpl palmer
April 20, 2013
Luis E. Gutierrez-Rosales, 38
Died July 18, 2007

SFC Gutierrez and I served together at FOB Dagger in Iraq. He was always there to listen and to bring a smile when one was needed. I am sorry for the loss of him, but know that they needed a kind heart in Heaven.

— Michael
November 15, 2012
Michael P. Bridges, 23
Died Nov. 2, 2006

Another year coming up, Wish you were here, you'd have a blast visiting me up here in Alaska. Love you P

— Ambur Kenyon
October 31, 2013
Andre D. Tyson, 33
Died June 22, 2004

Andre, I still have the photo of you and the troops right before leaving and you are still with me all the time. I miss you brother!

September 18, 2013
Kevin J. Hilaman, 28
Died June 26, 2011

I will forever remember my son for all of the joy he brought into my life and how very proud I am of what he has done for our country/family and him self, he will never be forgotten.

— Bernie Hilaman
May 22, 2013
Joselito O. Villanueva, 36
Died Sept. 27, 2004

Lito was a scrawny little kid in high school, but he earned his stripes in JROTC. He was my friend and it is awesome that he became a leader. I'm awed by his service and humbled by his sacrifice. I had only heard of his passing and just now got to someplace I could verify it. I salute you, my friend and may you rest in peace knowing you served your country with honor.

— Daren Chung
September 14, 2013
Carlo F. Eugenio, 29
Died Oct. 29, 2011

SGT Eugenio you always had a big smile on your face, you will never be forgotten you are forever in our hearts. Its good to know we have a brother up there watching our backs. RIP battle

— Sgt Ramos, Tina
June 21, 2013
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