Vincent Price

Vincent Price


Vincent Price
Film: North side of the 6200 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Vincent Price
TV: North side of the 6500 block of Hollywood Boulevard
Born May 27, 1911 in St. Louis, MO
Died Oct. 25, 1993 of cancer in Hollywood Hills, CA

Vincent Price, art historian and collector, gourmet cook, author, raconteur and multifaceted "Merchant of Menace" is best known for his blood-curdling roles in horror films.

Tall, graceful, worldly and well-spoken (he was educated at Yale and the University of London), Price became a popular lecturer on college campuses and guest on television talk shows, passing along such non-bloodthirsty tidbits as how to cook fish in a dishwasher.

But unlike most actors who gained fame in their younger years, Price retained box office appeal well into his 70s, when he was still reaching into new entertainment venues, performing briefly in Michael Jackson's music video "Thriller" and as the voice of the rat in Disney's animated "The Great Mouse Detective."

In 1937, Price joined Orson Welles' famed Mercury Theater, with a role in "The Shoemaker's Holiday."

In 1939, Price began establishing himself in horror films, appearing with Basil Rathbone and Boris Karloff in the "Tower of London."

Price also dabbled in radio theater, portraying Simon Templar on "The Saint" (later done on television by Roger Moore). Television audiences may remember him as Egghead, archvillain of the television version of "Batman" in the 1960s, or the host of PBS' "Mystery" series in the 1980s. He also appeared on more than 300 episodes of the television game show "Hollywood Squares."

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